Wilderness 1
The entrance from the Head Wasteland
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Green Stone

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Head Wasteland, Hourglass Desert, Crystal Caves



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0294, 0300

The Wilderness (異世界, Isekai, Parallel Universe) is an area that can be accessed from the Head Wasteland by traveling through the open eyeball UFO and up the staircase, or from the Hourglass Desert from the portal in the Pyramid Maze's lower floors. It is named after the Wilderness area in Yume Nikki due to the similarities in the shape of the growths that dot the area and because of the atmosphere of emptiness that both environments share.


Annotated map of the area, with both plant arrangements.


This world's soil is brick-red in color, and its surface is scattered with strange, tentacle-like organisms. It features two main states which determine the shape of these organisms, the initial state determined by which area you enter it from. If you enter from the Head Wasteland, the tentacles are red like the ground with greenish spots, shriveled up as if they are in fear. However, if you enter from either the Hourglass Desert or Crystal Caves, the tentacles are a vibrant yellow-green and stand tall and proud, with odd sponge-like organs protruding from their ends.

Somewhere on the ground is one of these sponge-like organs sitting without a stalk. If you interact with it, you can switch the two states. As the cave leading to the Head Wasteland is only visible when the tentacles are shriveled up, and the portal to the Hourglass Desert, along with the ladder to Crystal Caves, is only open when they stand tall, switching the state of the planet is required to travel between the Hourglass Desert, Crystal Caves, and the Head Wasteland.


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  • There has been speculation that this area is another planet, considering that you have to enter the eyeball UFO to get there. There is also speculation that the connections between this world is a reference to the movie "Stargate", as the route you take from the UFO leads you to the Pyramid Maze.
  • When shriveled up, the tentacles are identical to those on the Ocean Floor.