White Fern World
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WP #126



Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Apartments, Mushroom World, Power Plant NoEntry


bgm-o (Main Area), bgm-o 2 (Up the tower)

Map ID

0302, 0309, 0310

White Fern World (辺境, Henkyō, Remote Region) is an area accessible from both the Apartments and the White Mushroom Field.


White Fern World is a large area featuring waterlogged white ground, covered in pools of pitch black water.

It is constantly snowing in this area, and using the Teru Teru Bōzu effect here will make it snow even harder. Using it a second time will stop the snow completely.

From the two main entrances, there is a long path leading downwards with many multicolored spheres along it.

When you reach the end of the path, you will be transported to a small sub-area that is shaped like a large eye. Stepping into the center of the iris will transport you to a larger area with gray buds on stalks and withered plants scattered around.

In this part of the world there is a tall cylindrical tower that appears to be made from rough stone resembling basalt to the southeast of the entrance, surrounded by gray plants that have their mouths open like Venus Flytraps.

Going into the tower will automatically send you up to the top, where a gigantic creature with glowing eyes can be seen rising from the waters surrounding white fern world. Another smaller creature can also be found up here, hanging from the side of the tower, who will give you the Tissue effect when interacted with.

There is also an entrance to this area from the Power Plant that leads you down a path with monsters resembling the Henkei Shita from Yume Nikki. Reaching the end of this path will place you on a small platform branching off from the eye-shaped area.


Nexus → Mushroom World → White Fern World