Visine World
Basic Info



WP #50, #92 & #115; Kura Puzzle #12 & #26



Notable NPCs

Megusuri Uri, Hakoko

Connecting Areas

Art Gallery, Guts World, Spelling Room NoEntry


yume b2 (Main Area), bgm-d (Eyedrop River), dedp_ann (Eye Shop), soundb (Red Eye Shop)

Map ID

0241, 0242, 0243, 0245

Visine World (目玉薬, Medama Kusuri, Eyeball Medicine) is an area accessible from the Art Gallery.


Map of Visine World


The world is filled with many, many eyeballs on the ground that are sometimes bloodshot or have water dripping onto them. There are also a number of eyeball monsters either floating in the air or on the ground where you can chainsaw them. It slightly resembles the Broken Faces Area.

If you step on the two floating eye monsters' shadows that are surrounded by four large eyeballs, you will be sent to a maze-like area with pulsating walls. In this area, you can find the Eye Shop, which is a small gray building with an eye painted on it and a sliding door. Inside, there are a number of what look like water coolers or distillation equipment in there. If you're lucky, you may see Megusuri Uri- if he is not there, he can be found wandering through Visine World proper. Going through the doorway will send you to a small room that houses Hakoko that will peek out if you interact with her. If you kill both Megusuri Uri and Hakoko, the area will become twisted and red, and the place where Hakoko was will have a large monster in it. When you leave the shop, you won't be able to go back in.

If you killed Megusuri Uri and Hakoko in the eye shop, you can revive them (and re-unlock the shop) by interacting with the boy NPC in the Bleak Future event.

When continuing through the maze, you will see two more floating monsters that are sewn together. Stepping on their shadows takes you to Guts World.

Chainsawing any of the creatures and eyeballs in this area at least 44 times will send you to the room with a face and a rapidly twitching eye, similar to the clown in Guts World. (Proof of concept). After a whole minute of unstoppable laughter Urotsuki will wake up in her room, quickly getting out of bed.


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