Underground TV Complex
What channel is this complex under?
Basic Info



WP #147



Notable NPCs

Mouth Girl

Connecting Areas

Forest World, Jigsaw Puzzle World, Mailbox



Map ID

0411, 0417, 0420

The Underground TV Complex (狭同集合住宅,  Kyōdō Shūgō Jūtaku, Narrow Shared Housing Complex) is an area accessible from the Underground area of Forest World


The Underground TV Complex is a large system of caves connected by doors, with various types of furniture, TVs and NPCs in each room.

There are several NPCs that can be interacted with, notably the girl with long black hair and a mask on her face who will become a chaser and trap you if you chainsaw her, and the pink haired nurse who will heal you instantly if you use the Plaster Cast effect.

There is also a door that leads to a separate room with a giant chicken-man NPC. You can reach this room by finding the area with a red and black couch and an upper door that does not have a visible connection in the room above. The chicken-man makes a chicken noise if you chainsaw him, and you can burn him using the Lantern effect.

Urotsuki can also access Jigsaw Puzzle World from one special room in the complex, featuring a circle of light on the ground and a sign pointing up. Standing on the circle and using the Bat effect will let you fly upwards into Jigsaw Puzzle World. This can also be done with the Spring effect.

Interacting with the red mailbox in this area will take you to the Mailbox.


Nexus → Forest World → Underground TV Complex


  • Is impossible to use the Invisible effect in this area.