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The UFO (UFO内部, Yūfō Naibu, UFO Interior) was an area accessible from the Broken Faces Area through the hexagonal entrance.


The small entrance to the UFO has a strange creature in it that covers its eyes when the UFO appears. Once inside, the UFO is a white area with a few multicolored humanoids walking around and two doorways. This area slightly resembles Masada's ship from Yume Nikki.

The doorway on the left is the control room. By walking all the way to the left and interacting with the computer, you can choose where to go by selecting from three pictures. If you select the apple, you can go to the Fairy Tale Woods. If you select the question mark, you will be sent to a part of White Fern World. If you select the UFO, you will be sent straight back to the Broken Faces Area.

Once you select one of these options, you will here a beeping noise and the staircase will be blocked off. If you go through the right doorway, you will see a counter that counts down the seconds before landing. When it reaches zero, you are free to exit the UFO.

Another entrance to the UFO occurs in an event near to the Apartments. You will spot a silhouette of a UFO near the zebra crossing between the Pastel Blue House and the Apartments. If you go to the Apartments, there should be a path of glowing circles on the ground. If you follow it, you can go to an area where Urotsuki will get abducted and will end up on board the UFO.

As of Version 0.103i, the interior of the UFO is no longer available. To teleport, Urotsuki must interact with the UFO; there are no options as to where to teleport; she must continue interacting with the UFO in order to teleport to other areas. The UFO can still teleport to the Fairy Tale Woods and the Broken Faces Area, but cannot teleport to White Fern World, instead going to the zebra crossing near the Apartments.