Train Tracks
The place where nonexistent trains live
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Notable NPCs

Mysterious Maid

Connecting Areas

Closet Pinwheel Path, Gray Road, Underwater Amusement Park



Map ID

0312, 0313

The Train Tracks (廃線, Haisen, Abandoned Railway) is an area accessible through the Gray Road.


Map of Train Tracks


A large path with several train tracks all going in one direction. Buildings are also visible here, as well as many bloody, crawling babies. Interacting with any baby will cause it to temporarily stop crawling and make a face of disgust. A second set of tracks to the south has an underpass nearby leading to the subway platform, and the Gray Road. There is a break in the barbed wire fence at the very top of this area leading to a Back alley.

Subway UnderpassEdit

The underpass houses a subway platform that connects the streets of the Gray Road with the Train Tracks. Inside the station there is a small turnstile entrance and a large blood splatter to the left of the platform. The Mysterious Maid may randomly appear here and give you 500 when interacted with.

The Back AlleyEdit

The back alley is located at the top of the train tracks area, through a break in the barbed wire fence. In the alley either an anteater-like creature will appear on the wall, who will twitch his ears to various effects, or a silhouetted blob will appear in the waterway below. At the end of the alley an eye-boat is floating in the water, riding in it will take you through the tunnel of the Underwater Amusement Park's water ride, and bring you out into the associated area.


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The design of the buildings in this area is based on the famous tower of the Shime coal mine in Fukuoka Prefecture. The tower is also visible on the horizon in Japan Town.