The Invisible Maze
Basic Info



WP #61 & #95



Notable NPCs

Yukata, Shiruetto

Connecting Areas

Bowling Zone



Map ID

0237, 0238, 0239

The Invisible Maze (宇宙迷路, Uchū Meiro, Space Maze) is a series of different themed locations Urotsuki must travel through to get to the Invisible effect. It is accessible from the Bowling Zone.


Entering from the bowling zone, you will be transported to a dark area with a yellow and purple plant-like object at the top of the screen. You can either use the Penguin effect to slide straight to it, or you can simply move upwards, which will teleport you around on different sides of the screen, but you will eventually reach the plant.

Interacting with the plant will take you to an area atop an over-saturated cliff where a girl in a beanie can be found looking out over the vast ocean below. If you use the Chainsaw effect on her, the music will go silent and the scene will darken.

After killing her, traveling back downwards through the dark teleporting area will instead take you to a snowy monochrome area surrounded by a multitude of geometric patterns where an NPC called Yukata can be found.

There are 4 pathways here leading off in different directions from the initial circular area. All of the paths appear to loop back around to the same area, but if you travel in the direction that Yukata is facing each time you return to the circle you will eventually reach a different area to the north where there is a purple silhouette of Urotsuki that will give you the Invisible effect if you interact with it.

If you travel back down to Yukata after obtaining the effect, there will be a small wormhole in the center of the circular area which will take you back to the beginning of the Bowling Zone.


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