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Yume 2kki music 0.106a full WavyUp

Sound Room as of 0.106a version.

If you have the time and energy feel free to contribute and modify the list, especially since it will change with future game versions.

This is a list of all the music available for playback in the Music Room, accessible from Urotsuki's Computer.

Each track is initially locked, but after hearing it at least once in the dream world it will become unlocked and listenable.

If you unlock a certain amount of tracks, the 'Watch SRED' option will be selectable when you try to exit to PC. The term 'SRED' is short for 'Sound Room Ending'.

As of 0.105a, you can access 'Old SR' (same as Music Room Track Listing) by selecting 'Enter Old SR Room' option.

Track list Edit

There are 371 tracks and 647 patterns in total.

001-030 Edit

001 A ym2-00_ano deskwork Title Screen
001 B qs0UrDFJ-title Oni Musume's Room
001 C Black Building It's played faster than 001 B.
001 D qs0UrDFJ-title_Rv Sofa Room
It's played the slowest of BGM 001.
002 A OP曲「ゆめ2っき」By音師竹内 Intro
Translates to "OP Music "Yume 2kki" By Otoshi Takeuchi".
002 B Ending #2
002 C VANEGI_3je_reMIX03 Ending #6
002 D VANEGI_3je_reMIX04 Computer Piano theme
It will be unlocked after watching Ending #6.
003 A yumeorugo_arr2 Computer Default theme
Translates to "Dream Music Box Arrange 2".
003 B Ending #1
003 C Bleak future
Background image BGM is slower than 003 A and B.
003 D 夢オルゴールFC Computer FC theme
Background image Translates to "Dream Music Box FC".
003 E PC_音源差し替え Ending ---
Translates to "PC_Sound Replacement".
003 F CAI06VPX Ending ---
004 A 626-ryukyu Geometry World
004 B Twintails Room
It's played slower than 004 A.
005 A 626-seagull White Beach
005 B Realistic Beach Near an entrance from Pastel Blue House.
005 C Next to a location which can be unlocked 005 B. Originally, music volume from 005 B is slightly quieter than 005 C but there is no such change in Music Track.
005 D Near an entrance from The Reef.
005 E The Reef
005 F Scorched Wasteland
It's played the slowest of BGM 005.
006 A yumepo6 Sakura Path
Originally, the music volume from Sakura Path is slightly louder than Forest World but there is no such change in Music Track.
006 B Forest World
007 932-warm Marijuana Goddess World
008 A 626-tb303 Marijuana Goddess World (Buddha Rave)
008 B The Underground Bar
It's played slower than 008 A.
009 803-1 Snowy Pipe Organ
010 A 903-suna001 The Sewers
"Suna" translates to "sand".
010 B The Monster's Jaw
010 C Rough Ash World
010 D Stone World
It's played slower than 010 A,B and C.
011 A base Monochrome Feudal Japan: Entrance
011 B Monochrome Street
012 2_21 Shield Owl World
013 yumepo3 Crocodile Dog Party
Background image shows 3 green monsters from Garden World.
014 A bgm038 Atlantis
It is played 50% slower than original track.
014 B The Hand Hub
014 C Digital Hand Hub
It is played 50% faster than original track.
015 A bgm052 Garden World : Night time
015 B Garden World : Day time
016 A bgm055 Hospital Outskirts
016 B Vomiting Mark Festival
016 C Monkey Mansion's Veranda
Background Image. It's played slighty faster than 016 A&B.
017 A yumepo1 Highway
017 B Highway : large intersectioned area
It's played faster than original track.
018 By音師竹内_626-ryukyu-sasikae Red City
Translates to "By Otoshi Takeuchi _ 626-ryukyu Replacement".
019 Color Japan Town
Background image shows Urotsuki wandering around Japan Town.
020 dedp_12 The Bosun Freaked Concrete World B
021 A dedp_63 To Blip Space
021 B Space: The lunar playground
021 C Mansion : Terrace
It's played 50% slower than original track.
022 A 626-india Forest World : Underground
It's played the slowest of BGM 022.
022 B Tribe Settlement
It's played faster than 022 C.
022 C The Konami Room
023 yumenikkig_uljp00129 no name 2- 169 Tapir-San's Place
024 A yumenikkig_uljp00128 Maiden Outlook
It's played the slowest of BGM 024.
024 B Riverside Settlement
024 C Daily Toy Box
It's played slower than 024 B.
025 dedp_e3 Museum
026 ym2-19_kuruwasiimonohahaieguru Graveyard World
Translates to "ym2-19-Maddening things are crawling and scooping".
027 A uti-a2 Bug Maze Jukebox
"Uti" translates to "inside".
027 B uti-b
027 C uti-c
028 ループ「深海」By音師竹内 Between Flooded Baths and Atlantis
Translates to "Loop "Deep Sea" by Otoshi Takeuchi".
029 2_2 Shield Owl World : Monochrome Staircase
030 tom Odorika's Dance

031-050 Edit

031 A heart beat Valentine Land
031 B Mother's Room
It's played slower than 031 A.
032 hi Theatre World
There are no tempo changes.
033 tm2_bird002 Apartments : Balconies
034 A soto-C8 The Hotel : Entrance
"Soto" translates to "outside".
034 B The Hotel
It's played the slowest of BGM 034.
034 C Halloween Forest
It's played slower than 034 A.
035 A loda_Music_01 Shinto Shrine : External area
035 B Shinto Shrine
036 loda_Music_02 The Circus
037 A loda_Music_03 Namakubi Path
It's played faster than 037 C.
037 B The Docks
It's played the slowest of BGM 037.
037 C River Road
038 A Merrygo Toy World
038 B Toy World (Small Urotsuki)
It's played slower than BGM 038 A.
039 oudn-02 Scenic Outlook
040 A qs0UrDFJ-bgm054 Chocolate World
Background image shows a rabbit girl eating chocolate.
040 B Heart Room
040 C Wavy Up (School)
You have to beat ↑V↑ in order to unlock 040 C.
041 A qs0UrDFJ-bgm060 Blue Forest
041 B Mosenite
It's played slower than 041 A.
042 A qs0UrDFJ-bgm007 Eyeball Ladder
042 B ↑V↑
Those are played slower than 042 A. You have to beat ↑V↑ in order to unlock 042 B.
042 C Teddy Bear Land
043 A qs0UrDFJ-bgm041 Dark Room
It's played slower than 043 B.
043 B Painter-Kun's Room
043 C Fairy Tale Woods : Grandma's House
It's played faster than 043 A.
043 D Abandoned Apartments : Woods
It's played the slowest of BGM 043.
044 A qs0UrDFJ-bgm047 The Underground Bar : Drunken Urotsuki
Background Image
044 B The Underground Bar : Even more drunken Urotsuki
Background Image. It's played faster than 044 A.
044 C Wilderness
It's played slower than 044 A.
045 152-organ33 Console Menu
046 A zaza The Nexus
046 B Stone Maze
047 ym2-02_chii gensyou Library, Word World
048 A rec2 Sign World
048 B Sign World : Sign path
It's played faster than 048 A, C and D.
048 C Sign World : Second layout
048 D Tesla Garden : Hospital Room
049 Oudn-06 Bug Effect Room
050 A piano1 Elvis Masada Interaction
050 B piano2 Scared Elvis Masada
050 C trom_piano Duet with Elvis Masada

051-080 Edit

051 A 2_18 Shield Owl World (Purple Pillars)
051 B Deserted Town : Near the Town Square
It's played slower than BGM 051 A.
052 kura_title Penguin Game (title screen)
053 A oudn-07 Sky Kingdom
053 B Sky Kingdom - Elevator
It's played slower than BGM 053 A.
054 A dedp_qs0UrDFJ_bgm077 Graffiti Maze (Tree)
054 B Plated Snow Country
It's played slower than BGM 054 A.
055 A dedp_qs0UrDFJ_bgm076 Concrete World A
055 B Realistic Beach stairs
055 C Flying Fish World (Laughing Man's Place)
055 D Passage between Pillars World and Chaotic Buildings
It's played slower and more quiet than original track.
056 A dedp_qs0UrDFJ_bgm082 Dream Scene mountains
056 B Sunken City (Dark Passage)
056 C Ocean Floor : Near the submarine It's played the slowest of BGM 056.
056 D Mirror Room (Mountain Beach) It's played faster than BGM 056 C.
057 A 7-9 Elvis Masada's House
It shows us a ghost sprite which became unused as of 0.104e.
057 B Poker Zone
It's played faster than BGM 057A.
058 A dedp_qs0UrDFJ_bgm081 Graffiti Painting
058 B Graffiti Maze
058 C Overgrown City : Deeper section
058 D Despair Road
059 dedp_bgm-orgel002 Pink Tanuki Road
060 A bgm9 Skull Entrance
060 B Overgrown Condominium: Interior
It's played slower than 060 A.
061 ループ「空中飛行」By音師竹内※ほうき・乗り物等のエフェクト時 Flying Event
Translates to "Effect during the "air flight" loop by Otoshi Takeuchi ※broom, vehicle, etc."
062 A kikai004 Hospital (Aoshiru's room)
Translates to "Mechanism004".
062 B Onyx Tile World It's played the slowest of BGM 062.
062 C Guts World It's played slower than 062 A.
062 D Guts World : Gray building It's played slower than 062 A. Background image shows us one of the room of Gray building. Sometimes, it can be unlocked when you've entered Purple World at least once, even you haven't entered Gray building on Guts World yet as of 0.105.
063 tiriri Simple Street
064 dedp_ann Eyeball Shop
065 A dedp_932氏スクラップ ↑V↑ - Chase section
Translates to "dedp & 932's scrap." You have to beat ↑V↑ in order to unlock 065 A.
065 B Urotsuki's Dream Apartments (monster party event)
066 A bgm075 Forest World (Shadow Women Forest)
066 B Pink Tanuki Road - Scrolling
066 C Bleak Future - Beginning
066 D Tulip Lamp World
067 yumepo8 TV Room
068 soto-C5 Glasses path
"Soto" translates to "outside".
069 otoshitakeuti-ankoku Big Eye Tree
Translates to "Otoshi Takeuchi - Darkness"
070 error Mini Maze
071 A x-air-Chukka library book : book txt bekurotu
071 B library book : book txt syousou
072 A Newitorikawamakkusu Mask Shop
072 B Mask Shop : Rear entrance It's played slower than 072 A.
073 ym2-20-chiukoushin Art Gallery (Wrecked house painting)
074 A pipoq Graveyard World (Sculpture Room) It's played slower than BGM 074 B.
074 B Graveyard World (Sculpture Room Chase scene)
075 7 Penguin Game
076 dine Day & Night Towers
077 bgm-a Spelling Room
078 A bgm-c bass Bowling Alley
078 B bgm-c Bowling World
078 C bgm-c Saturated Eyeball Zone
It's played slower than 078 B.
078 D bgm-c bass Overgrown City : Gold Statue
It's played slower than 078 A. There's a glitch where it can be unlocked if you've entered any parts of Overgrown City at least once.
079 oudn-08 Pastel Blue House
080 A bgm-d Visine World (Maze Area)
080 B Spelling Room hole It's played faster than BGM 080 A.

081-100 Edit

081 A bgm-g Apartments
081 B Dressing Room
It's played slower than 081 A.
082 A bgm-i Underwater Amusement Park
082 B Underwater Amusement Park : Entrance from Train Tracks It's played slower than 082 A.
082 C bgm-i_w Underwater Amusement Park (Lonely Urotsuki Event)
083 oudn-09 Pastel Blue House (Shadow on the groung)
084 A bgm-l Underwater Amusement Park (Inner Rooms)
084 B Abandoned Apartments : Duck ride Those are played slower than 084 A.
084 C Tesla Garden : Building Rooftop
085 A e4 Red Brick Maze
085 B e4b
085 C e4 Daily Toy Box (Moon room)
It's played slower than 085 A.
086 A e5 Kura Puzzle Game (Puzzle completion)
086 B The Ash Settlement: Ash Field
It's played slower than 086 A.
087 A kousyo Apartments (Bane Jack hallways)
Translates to "High place".
087 B Construction Frame Building
It's played slower than 087 A.
087 C Dark Alleys
Those are played the slowest of BGM 087. Track 087 D also plays louder.
087 D Polluted Swamp (Misty island)
088 A gyoushi_Anon Buried City
Translates to "Stare_Anon". It's played the slowest of BGM 088.
088 B Red Road
088 C Container Forest It's played slower than 088 B.
089 oudn-01 Bug Maze
090 oudn-03 Apartments interior
091 A oudn-04 Zebra Crossing
091 B Pastel Blue House : Entrance It's played slower than 091 B.
092 oudn-noisy Apartments : White Drooling Creature Event
093 oudn-noisy2 Urotsuki's Dream Apartments : Bane Jack's workshop
094 A Yeris_Electronic_Sea Binary World (Blue Area)
094 B Binary World (Green Area)
095 ym2-18_nounai_matusyou Library (book txt 草 1)
Translates to "ym2-18_Intracranial Erasure".
096 A tm Nail World
096 B Japan Town: Heishi-kun's Alley
It's played slower than 096 A.
096 C Monochromatic Abyss
097 A wa Monochrome Feudal Japan: Gakuran's Island
097 B Maple Shrine
098 A kana08 The Invisible Maze
098 B Cutlery World
It's played slower than 098 A.
098 C Panel Passage It's played the slowest of BGM 098.
099 A yume b2 Blood World
099 B Visine World
100 ライト Warhol Smilies/Pink TVs Area
Translates to "Light".

101-120 Edit

101 A ループ「海」By音師竹内 Kura Puzzle Game
Translates to "Loop 「Sea」 by Otoshi Takeuchi".
101 B Red Sun
101 C Realistic Beach : Sheep Area
It's played faster than 101 A & B.
102 A ループ「青光」By音師竹内 Teleport Maze
Translates to "Loop 「Blue Light」 by Otoshi Takeuchi".
102 B Fountain World
102 C Shinto Shrine : Red Tree Passage Background image shows Red Tree instead of Red Tree passage.
103 Yeris_Coulomb_on_Board Circuit Board
104 ループ「機械音」By音師竹内 Library (book txt 20-1)
Translates to "Loop 「Machine Sound」 by Otoshi Takeuchi".
105 152-you TV Room (Old Channel)
106 A 無重力散歩@アノン Sugar World Translates to "Zero gravity strolling@Anon".
106 B Sugary Depths
It's played slower than 106 A.
107 Crime_Anon Burial Desert
108 RIMA-bgm-farm002 Scenic Outlook : Flaming Wasteland
109 8 Farm World
110 bgm-h_m Underwater Amusement Park (Brown Eye Floor Area)
111 bgm-j_m Underwater Amusement Park : TV Rodeo
112 bgm-l_m Underwater Amusement Park (Troll Event)
113 A yume d12a Pyramid Dance
113 B yume d12b
113 C yume d12c
113 D yume d12d
113 E yume d12e
114 985_m_1 Lavender Temple
115 moseni_luna The Ceiling
116 moseni_leaf Rapeseed Fields
117 moseni_lotus Lotus Waters
118 Yeris_Morse_Chord Binary World (Fairy Room)
Complete Version
119 deepsleep TV Room
120 pinu_heart Heart World

121-150 Edit

121 pinu_muyu Dizzy Spirals World
"Muyu" is probably an abbreviation of "muyūbyō", meaning "somnambulism".
122 pinu_soshitsu The Deciding Street
Translates to "pinu_loss".
123 2_23 Hourglass Desert
124 A 2_28 Plated Snow Country
You have to beat the minigame in order to unlock 124 A.
124 B Hidden Egg Room You can unlock this BGM by visiting one of three hidden 'Egg' room. The picture shows us the hidden room on Green Neon World. Track is played slower than 124 C.
124 C Fabric World Track is played slower than 124 A.
124 D Nail World : Red Nail passage Track is played slower than 124 B.
124 E Head Wasteland It's played the slowest of BGM 124.
124 F River Road : Large Complex It's played the slowest of BGM 124.
125 A camellia_japanish Danger Panic Zone
125 B camellia-japanish2 Monochrome Feudal Japan
126 A camellia-themepark Underwater Amusement Park : Clown Area
126 B Underwater Amusement Park : Clown Area event
It's played slower than 126 A.
127 A bgm6 Window Room
127 B Desu-chan & Onee-chan's part of the Highway
It's played slower than 127 A.
127 C Highway (Upper East Road)
Those are played the slowest of BGM 127.
127 D City Limits
128 bgm-m 2 Zalgo Event
129 sounda Submarine
130 soundb Corrupted Eyeball Shop
131 Cosmic Cosmic World
132 noise1 Purple World
133 A soundd Broken Faces Area
It's played slower than 133 B.
133 B Guts World (Balcony)
134 pseudosound2 Fairy Tale Woods chase
135 A bgm-r Mushroom World
135 B bgm-r melo White Mushroom Field
135 C Aquatic Cafe
It's played the slowest of BGM 135.
136 A bgm029 The Aquarium
136 B Rainbow Silhouette World
It's played the slowest of BGM 136.
136 C Underground Laboratory Outbacks
It's played slower than 136 A. 
137 bgm-m Bubbleman Hitogata
138 A bgm-o White Fern World
138 B bgm-o 2 Fern Tower
139 RIMA-bgm-Chip002 Bathhouse
140 bgm-n Haniwa Dance Event
141 yume a Blood Sacrifice
Translates to "Dream A"
142 2_13 Fairy Tale Woods
143 A 2_39 Ecstasy World : Near the bench
143 B Neon Highway It's played slower than 143 B.
144 A 2_40 Power Plant
144 B Power Plant : Transfer room It's played slower than 144 B.
145 2_45 Ecstasy World
146 2_47 Fairy Tale Path
147 A e31 TV Room
147 B Mutant Pig Farm
It's played slower than 147 A.
148 A gr@ネコノハ TV Room
148 B Paradise
It's played slower than 148 A.
149 2kki Ending #3
150 6_3 Floating Red Tiles World

151-180 Edit

151 0109BGM3 Developer Room (Slot Machine Mini Game)
It's unclear how to unlock the music. You can unlock BGM 151 even you haven't played Slot Machine Mini Game on Developer Room.
152 bgm080 Monochrome Eye Room
153 A bgm-j Stairs to the Haniwa Temple
153 B Haniwa Temple
It's played slower than 153 A.
154 985_m_2 Galactic Park
155 camellia_hysar2 Pyramid Maze
156 yume d8b TV Room
157 Cave_2 Realistic Cave
158 yama-loop1 TV Room
159 owari2 by.sakai RGB Passage
Translates to "Ending 2 by Sakai".
160 A e29 False Shoal
160 B Monkey Mansion : Marquise's Hall
It's played faster than 160 A.
161 dedp_x_r036_4_120 Urban Street Area
162 A enter_2 Realistic Cave
162 B Highway (Convenience Store)
It's played slower than 162 A.
163 A for Flying Fish World
It's played the slowest of BGM 163.
163 B Gray Road
163 C Sunken City
163 D The Rooftops
It's played slower than 163 B & C.
164 yukihi1 Jigsaw Puzzle World : Mermaid Moon Lake
165 A n3-AoF Fairy Tale Woods : Apple House
It's played slower than 165 B & C.
165 B
165 C Bridged Swamp Islands
166 n3-BoM Green Neon World
167 A n3-CaSP Floating Stones World
It's played slower than 167 B.
167 B Fountain Church
168 A n3-ELP Boogie Street
168 B Grass World (Dried tree room)
It's played slower than 168 C. Unlocking BGM 168 B will make you unlock 168 C as well.
168 C Grass World (Pond room)
It's played slower than 168 A. Unlocking BGM 168 C will make you unlock 168 B as well.
168 D Forest Pier
It's played the slowest of BGM 168.
169 A n3-FiT Dark Stairs
Those are played the slowest of BGM 169, along with 169 E.
169 B Abandoned Factory (Strange Door Area)
169 C Industrial Maze (Large Amber light room)
It's played louder than original place. It's also played slower than 169 D.
169 D Victorian Drains
It's played louder than original place.
169 E Riverside Waste Facility
It's played the slowest of BGM 169, along with 169 A&B.
170 A n3-iFF Grass World Studio
170 B Transmission Tower World (Hidden room in sewer)
It's played slower than 170 A.
171 A n3-Kt0 Cog Maze
171 B Cog Maze (End)
It's played slower than 171 A.
172 A n3-LaW Forest Carnival
172 B n3-LaW_yugami Forest Carnival

(High Priestess Event)

Translates to "n3-LaW_distorted".
172 C n3-LaWos Cultivated Lands
It's played the slowest of BGM 172.
173 A n3-LI Grass World Underground (Vine Corridor)
173 B Deserted Town (Secret garden at Northern District)
It's played slower than 173 A.
174 A n3-NiT Abandoned Factory
It's played slower than 173 B.
174 B Chaotic Buildings
175 e28 Nostalgic House
176 A n3-Tcs Alley Robot’s Room
176 B Deserted Town (Coffee Man Room)
Picture shows us coffee drawing which is used in Coffee Man event. It's played slower than 176 A.
177 A n3-tSP Grass World
177 B Riverside Waste Facility : Exterior
It's played faster than 177 A.
178 A n3-WeR Dark Forest
It's played slower than 178 B.
178 B Forest Carnival (under the floor)
178 C Bottom Garden
It's played the slowest of BGM 178.
179 nami Realistic Beach (Cave Entrance)
Translates to "wave".
180 oudn-05 Spider’s Web

181-210 Edit

181 RIMA-bgm-Chip003 FC Basement
182 short_bgm2 Magnet Room
183 A sound2a_ Ocean Floor : Main area
183 B sound2a Polluted Swamp : Primary area
Track is played slower than 183 A.
183 C sound2a_ Polluted Swamp : Secondary area
It's played the slowest of BGM 183.
184 A sound3d Warehouse : External area
Track is played slower than 184 B.
184 B Never-Ending Hallway
185 A sound3e Exhibition
Those are played slower than 184 C.
185 B Florist
185 C Industrial Maze Track is played slower than 184 D.
185 D Warehouse Track is played slower than 184 E.
185 E Pillars World Track is played slower than 184 F.
185 F Deserted Town (Near the Town Square) : Beyond the traffic corn
185 G Industrial Maze : The Core Track is played slower than 184 A.
185 H Abandoned Apartments : Upper apartments Track is played slower than 184 G.
185 I Wind Tunnel It's played the slowest of BGM 185.
186 sound3f Closet Pinwheel Path
187 A sound4d Fisherman’s Hook
187 B Bathhouse : Entrance
188 twen20ty-7 Ocean Floor (Child Effect Room)
189 under a cloak of snow Christmas World
190 A yoi Dark Museum
Translates to "Evening".
190 B Underground Laboratory
It's played slower than 190 A.
191 yume d3a Never-Ending Hallway : Madotsuki Room
192 yume d4b The Baddies Bar
193 yume d11b Intestines Maze
194 A yumepo5 Train Tracks
194 B Abandoned Factory (Big Red)
195 ヴォー Seishonen’s Room
Translates to "Vaud" or "Vaux".
196 ゆめ2っき Ending #3
Translates to "Yume 2kki".
197 屋敷内BGM Wavy Up (Mansion)
198 A 0722_3 Black Cat Room
198 B Marina's House : Lights on
199 A 185Go_Sea_map1 The Trench
199 B 185Go_Sea_map2
199 C 185Go_Sea_map3
199 D 185Go_Sea_map4 Star Ocean
200 A Dream Beach
Translates to "Wind".
200 B Dojo : Balcony
201 pararell Urotsuki's Dream Apartments: Apartment Amoeba
202 ゆめ2っき風? Ending #3
Translates to "Yume 2kki Style?".
203 yama_noisy Nostalgic House: Closet event
204 2 GB Dungeon
205 bgm-s Jigsaw Puzzle World : Main area
206 A toji Underground TV Complex
It's played slower than 206 B.
206 B Underground TV Complex : Chicken Room
Translates to "close" or "closed"
207 水族館@ネコノハ Cyber Maze
Translates to "Aquarium@Nekonoha".
208 A 2_37 Jigsaw Puzzle World : Ocean
208 B 2_38 Lorn Tower
208 C 2_37 Strange Plants World : Main Area
It's played slower than 208 A. 
209 2_46 Jigsaw Puzzle World : Battle with magician
210 2_52 Jigsaw Puzzle World : Night Sky

211-240 Edit

211 A 2_24 Jigsaw Puzzle World : Mirror event
211 B Bleak Future : Prelude
It's played slower than 211 A.
212 A yama-loop2 GALAXY Town
212 B Library Book
Those are played slower than 212 A.
212 C Graffiti City
213 innuendo Boogie Street : Music box
214 A tech3 Urotsuki's Dream Apartments : Flight Area
It's played slower than 214 B.
214 B Sea Lily World
215 2012_0513_2 Monochrome GB World
216 ねおん@ネコノハ GALAXY Town : Ice cream Shop
Translates to "Neon@Nekonoha".
217 A youyake_anon Industrial Towers (day)
217 B Industrial Towers (night)
It's played slower than 217 A.
218 e17 Red Rock Caves
219 A 0109BGM4 Netherworld
219 B Tatami Room It's played quieter in-game.
219 C Overgrown Condominium
It's played slower than 219 A&B.
220 A 0109BGM5 Flying Fish World : Helmet Girl's Apartment
It's played slower than 220 B.
220 B Maple Shrine : End of maze
221 celeb High Priestess Event : Circus scene
222 drm_loop_30 Laboratory: Hallucination event
There's a glitch that it can be unlocked when you entered Laboratory at least once, although you haven't watched Hallucination event.
223 怪奇工事_Anon Chaos Exhibition
Translates to "Bizarre Construction _Anon".
224 2_27 Flooded Baths
225 drm_oop_135 Soldier Row
226 2_31 Deserted Town : Ladders
227 2_48 Flooded Baths : Red Moon
228 e9 Black Building : Fairy effect Room
229 bgm7 Downfall Garden
230 e11 Flesh Paths World
Background image is wallpaper #177.
231 A bluetile_moon Shield Owl World : Prismatic Tent
231 B Monkey Mansion
It's played slower than 231 A.
232 RIMA-bgm-acid001 Flooded Baths : Red Plant-like Creatures
233 2_32 Cosmic World : Inside of Black Box Building
234 RIMA-bgm-Accordion001 French Street
235 A bgm008 Forest Pier : Entrance from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments
Those are played slower than 235 C.
235 B Old Train Station : Ladders
235 C Strange Plants World : Entrance from Rusted City
235 D Tesla Garden : Blocked Path
It's played faster than 235 C.
236 2_49 Sea of Clouds : Inside of Building
237 e6 Hidden Shoal
238 noie TV Room
239 e38 Red Rock Caves : Second Area
240 A drm_kan_ge_doupicho01 Laboratory: Cave System
240 B Bottom Garden : Garden
It's played slower than 240 A.

241-270 Edit

241 A drm_kan_ge_kaze_kouya01 Abandoned Chinatown
Translates to "drm_kan_ge_Wind_Wasteland01".
241 B Bottom Garden : Upper area
242 drm_kan_ge_machi01 Laboratory
Translates to "drm_kan_ge_Street01".
243 Cave Square Ruins
244 A umoreru@アノン Highway : Bedroom
Translates to "To be buried@Anon".
244 B Highway : Bedroom (Lights Off)
It's played slower than 244 A.
245 2_byふーた Square-Square World : Giant event
Translates to "2 by Fuuta".
246 ded_ED Ending -1
247 meri- Eyeball Archives
Translates to "Merry".
248 185Go_Seasponge_map1 Star Ocean : Sea Sponge Path
249 tonny02 Othello Board
250 風化 Rusted City
Translates to "weathering".
251 loop_74 Cocktail Lounge
252 tonny05 Square-Square World
253 tonny06 Flying Fish World : Moonlit Balcony
254 Yeris_Sky_blue_Tone Cloudy World
255 e39 Red Rock Caves : Blue Rose Lake
256 Mary's song for Ib byYASUpochi Eyeball Archives : Music event in bar
257 sakai_4 Ending ?
258 RIMA-bgm-elepi002 Mailbox
259 A e40 Red Rock Caves : Blue Rose Event (Bright)
259 B Red Rock Caves : Blue Rose Event (Dark and bloody)
260 A bgm011 White area between Overgrown City and Chaotic Buildings
260 B Seaside Village : Beach
260 C Arc de Pillar World Those are played slower than 260 A&B.
260 D Passage between Deserted Town and Abandoned Apartments
260 E Deserted Town : Town Square It's played the slowest of BGM 260.
261 A 2_51 Transmission Tower World
It's played the slowest of BGM 261.
261 B Abandoned Apartments : Upper Middle Part
It's played slower than 261 C. 
261 C Butterfly Passage
262 A Yeris_WhiteTree_Sun White Tree from Pencil World
262 B Yeris_WhiteTree_Moon White Tree from Broken City
263 A Yeris_Home_L_1 Broken City : First section (near Rough Ash World)
263 B Yeris_Home_L_2 Broken City : Second section
263 C Yeris_Home_L_3 Broken City : Third section
263 D Yeris_Home_L_4 Broken City : Fourth section
263 E Yeris_Home_L Broken City : Entrance
263 F Yeris_Home_R Broken City
263 G Yeris_Day_Dream_Park Broken City : Daytime
263 H Yeris_Home_L_1 Library : Yeris Book Dictionary
264 A Yeris_Scratch_1 Pencil World
264 B Yeris_Scratch_2
264 C Yeris_Scratch_3
264 D Yeris_Scratch_4
265 Yeris_SaiBAR_Slip Cyber Bar
266 Yeris_SaiBAR_Smile Cyber Bar
267 A bgm021 Complex
267 B Complex : Deeper section
267 C Old Train Station : Deeper section
268 A bgm042 Old Train Station
268 B Mansion : Basement
269 Sea Depths : Main area
270 A bgm048 Neon City
270 B Abandoned Apartments : Lower Middle Part (Elevator passage) It's played slower than 270 A.
270 C Square Ruins : Entrance from Depths It's played the slowest of BGM 270.

271-300 Edit

271 A in Christmas World : Elevator (Leads to River Road)
271 B River Road : Elevator (Leads to Christmas World)
It's played slower than 271 A.
272 kuukann_bgm_01 Inside of the Bus
Translates to "Empty Space BGM 01".
273 A bgm039 Rose Church
It's played the slowest of BGM 273.
273 B Mansion
273 C Whipped Cream World
It's played slower than 273 B.
274 A bgm016 Mansion : Corridors
274 B Rainy Docks
It's played faster than 274 A.
275 bgm020 Mansion : Upper room
276 A bgm013 Overgrown Gate : Entrance from The Garden of Industrial Maze
It's played the slowest of BGM 276.
276 B Overgrown City It's played slower than 276 C.
276 C Flooded Ramparts
277 e16 Overgrown City : House section
278 e20 Overgrown City : City section
279 partz@anon Victorian Drains : Underground Maze
280 e14 Victorian Drains : Neon Street
281 A bgm044 Victorian Drains : Abandoned Park
281 B Deserted Town It's played slower than 281 A.
282 bgm059 Bioluminescent Cavern
283 A himits@アノン Flooded Baths : Small room
Small room is inaccessible as of 0.105, however, you can unlock this BGM by entering Flooded Baths at least once.

Translates to "Secret@anon".

283 B Abandoned Apartments : Tunnels
It's played slower than 283 A.
284 A tonny31.6 Constellation World
284 B Abandoned Apartments : Lower Apartments
It's played slower than 284 A.
285 A n3-RoW Planetarium : Starry Cave
285 B Abandoned Factory : Deeper part
286 A sound4b Planetarium : Reception
286 B Abandoned Residence
It's played faster than 286 A.
287 A se018-0016 Planetarium : Theatre
287 B Sepia Clouds World
It's played faster than 287 A.
288 n3-tWW Planetarium : Shooting star event
289 e25 French Street
290 2_11 Red Brick Maze: Giant Cloning Room
There's a glitch where you can unlock BGM 290 if you entered Cloning Room at least once.
291 loop_146 Butterfly Forest (Green Butterfly)
292 A RIMA-bgm-orgel004 Bottom Garden (Musical Creature)
292 B RIMA-bgm-orgel005
292 C RIMA-bgm-orgel006
293 Fireplace Butterfly Forest
294 2_8 TV Room
295 2_35 TV Room
296 A bgm012 Depths : Falling scene
It's played slower than 296 B.
296 B Depths : Falling scene
297 bgm015 Rose Church : Hallways
298 A bgm019 Old Train Station B : Inside of train
298 B Guts World : Pumpkin inside of Gray Building
299 A bgm023 Flooded Baths : Red Pool
299 B Flooded Baths : Red Pool from Botanical Garden
It's played faster than 299 A.
300 A bgm036 Black and white passage to Transmission Tower World
300 B Transmission Tower World : Sewers
300 C Mirror Room : Stairs

301-330 Edit

301 bgm043 River Road (basement)
302 bgm045 Deserted Pier
303 bgm051 TV Room
304 bgm-b Onyx Tile World : Red Tile version
305 botabota@アノン Seaside Village
306 digi TV Room
307 A DropDrop_Anon Candy World
307 B SlowDrop_Anon Candy World (Red Object)
308 A e10 Toilet Corridors
308 B Overgrown Condominium: Roof
It's played faster than 308 A.
309 electro room Highway : Cafe
310 factoria Old Train Station B : Outside of the train
311 june Abandoned Apartments
312 Lhakkyouloop TV Room
Translates to "L Insanity Loop".
313 n3-HRiS Radiant Ruins
314 A n3-NaT Abandoned Factory
314 B
314 C The Rooftops : Underground It's played louder than 314 A&B.
315 A n3-tFS Pinwheel bridge
It's played slower than 315 C.
315 B Town Maze
It's played the slowest of BGM 315.
315 C The Slums
316 A SONG1 TV Room
316 B Aquarium
317 sound3a TV Room
318 sound4a TV Room
319 sound4e TV Room
320 spelude-9 Cloud Floor
321 spelude-29 Blue Orb World
322 A spelude-30 White Butterfly Room
Blue room
322 B
Yellow room
322 C
Black and white room
323 A spelude-7-1 Firefly World
No fireflies on the lake
323 B spelude-7-2 Picture Book
When interacting with piano girl
323 C spelude-7-3 Firefly World
323 D spelude-24
323 E spelude-444
323 F spelude-21-2
323 G spelude-21-3
323 H spelude-24 Titan's Pier
It's played slower than 323 D.
324 Ainokatachi_Anon Chaos World (Xylophone path)
325 A Yuri_Drone Red Lily Lake (Normal)
325 B Red Lily Lake (Red)
325 C Red Lily Lake (Inverted)
326 A Yuri_Marinesnow S Botanical Garden
326 B Yuri_Marinesnow M Botanical Garden : Flower Path
327 kko_Anon Vase World
328 A 心の呼び愛_Anon Vase Interior
328 B Vase Path
It's played faster than 328 A.
329 ループ「雅狂楽」By音師竹内 TV Room
330 まっしろの音色@アノン Sea of Clouds
Translates to "Pure White Tone@anon".


331 夜のイメージBGM Depths (ocean floor)
332 no limit_Anon Chaos World
333 spelude-5 Picture Book
334 spelude-18 Picture Book
After killing the piano girl
335 A spelude-8-1
335 B spelude-8 Character Plains
336 spelude-13 Red Cliff
337 spelude-16 Innocent Library
Reading the top book with Child effect
338 spelude-28 Picture Book
339 spelude-21-1 New Library ???
340 A spelude-27-1 Innocent Library
Reading the top book without the Child effect
340 B spelude27-2
Possible music upon entering
340 C spelude-27-3
Possible music upon entering
341 spelude34 Picture Book
After killing the piano girl
342 A Anon_kaikonotokei Dream Mexico (Honoring the dead event)
342 B Undersea Temple
It's played faster than 342 A.
343 loop_39_n Dream Mexico
344 spelude-26 Hidden Library in Butterfly Forest

345 A

spelude-13-1 Splash Streetway
345 B spelude-13-2 Splash Streetway (crossroads)
346 A Music_domiso Hand Fields
346 B オルゴール Hand Fields (house of twintails girl)
Translates to "Music Box".
347 A PLin_loop02 Cloud Tops
347 B Cat Cemetery
It's played slower than 347 A.
348 spelude-40 Scrambled Egg Zone
349 e26 Neon Candle World
350 A woodl Dojo : Space
350 B Dojo : After lighting the candle in space
It's played faster than 350 A.
350 C Dojo : Space after the fire
It's played slower than 350 A.
351 A An_491 Mare Tranquillitatis
It's played slower than 351 B&C.
351 B Mare Tranquillitatis : Void
351 C Neon Sea
352 bgm049_2x Symbolon
353 yumepo4 Dark Warehouse
354 985_m_4 Jade Sky Hamlet
355 DNA Room
Translates to "House".
356 kuro9 kyoku DNA Room : "Game Over"
357 bgm-q Polluted Swamp : Building interior
358 light-1 House Over the Rainbow : Interior
359 light-2 House Over the Rainbow : Rose Field
360 A bluetile_sun Tesla Garden
360 B Tesla Garden : Bedroom
It's played faster than 360 A.


361 3 Tesla Garden : Industrial Waterfront
362 bgm057 Tesla Garden : Building
363 2kki bgm 02 Tesla Garden : Robot Storage Room
364 kappa_08 Gray Relic World
365 e24 Escalator
366 kappa_02-2_2 Container Forest: Park
367 VANEGI_奇 Matoran Keyboard
Translates to "VANEGI_Strange".
368 sound3g_ Snowy Apartments
369 mypn_ice_8bit CMYK Tiles World
370 2_16 Marina's House : Lights off
371 Yuri_Earth_tremor Graffiti City : Clothes shop
372 rnt_furo

Unnumbered TracksEdit

Sometimes when new tracks are added in an update, they are not added to the music room's track listing. This section is for music in new areas that has not yet been added to the in-game music menu.

yumeorugo_arr2 Wallpaper Album
You can access Wallpaper Album after watching Ending #1. This music was used as default setting on the album, and is also played slower than 003 A.
surroundings_13_Cascade Penguin On Hook
It used to be listed on initial 0.104i, however, it became unlisted as of 0.105. You can hear the music on Dream Beach.
kappa_10_1 GALAXY Town (Phonograph witch)
yumenikkig_uljp00106 Developer Room (AC in the balcony)
Hist3 This track is actually a recording of an SSTV broadcast. When played through an SSTV decoder, it's revealed to be an image of Urotsuki watching Kamen-san at work.
White Out Gallery of Me
This track will automatically play in the Music Room upon opening it if the player has been to the Gallery Of Me at least once.
Blue Cactus Islands

Unused TracksEdit

This section is for tracks that appeared in previous versions of the game that have since been removed or replaced.

dndnstep_anon Doll Factory
fuwafuwa-byzetsu Factory Entrance
rnt_akarusugi Clothes Shop
sound2a (slow) Fantasy Library
The Fantasy Library's version is slower than the original.
spelude-4 Fantasy Library
光のオルゴール@アノン Cake House


  • There is another version of "Merrygo" with a different pitch, however, it hasn't been put on the list.

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