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Red Streetlight World
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Original Name(s)

Akagaitō no Tsūro
Red Streetlight Passage




WP #20, Puzzle #18


Odorika's Dance

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Connecting Areas

The Nexus
Gray Road
Red City
Monochrome Street
Magnet Room
Bridged Swamp Islands
Red Rock Caves
Bleeding Heads Garden
Amorphous Maroon Space
Hot Air Balloon World
Simple Street NoEntry


tom (Odorika)

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Red Streetlight World is one of the main areas accessible from the Nexus.

Map of Red Streetlight World


The world is dark and filled with red streetlights, some of which have more than one lamp on them. These multi-lamped posts serve as portals to other areas. Also, the streetlight serving as the portal to and from the Nexus is notably shorter than the other streetlights.

  • There is a streetlight with two lamps on its right side and one lamp on its left side that can be found by travelling southeast from the entrance. This streetlight functions as a portal to Monochrome Street.
  • Southwest of the Monochrome Street entrance, you can find a streetlight whose light is flickering, which takes you to the Hot Air Balloon World.
  • A streetlight with an elongated arm can be found by traveling further southeast from the entrance, which will take you to the Red Rock Caves.
  • If you travel due south of the streetlight with two lamps on its right side and one lamp on its left, you'll encounter a streetlight with three lamps on its right side and one lamp on its left side. Interacting with this streetlight will transport you to the Magnet Room.
  • A streetlight with one lamp on both its left side and its right side can be found by heading south from the streetlight with the elongated arm. This streetlight will take you to the Red City.
  • Traveling due east of the entrance will bring you to a streetlight with four lamps on its left side. This streetlight, when interacted with, teleports you to the Gray Road.
  • By traveling southeast from the streetlight with four lamps on its left side, or east from the streetlight with one lamp on the left and two on the right, you will encounter a streetlight with three lamps on the left side and two on the right side, flanked by two ordinary streetlights with just one lamp each, that will take you to the Bridged Swamp Islands.
  • Further east of the lamp to Bridged Swamp Islands is two streetlights forming an arc, where going between them leads to Bleeding Heads Garden.
  • Southeast of the streetlight arc is a long streetlight with a small one protruding right near the ground, leading to Amorphous Maroon Space.
  • If you travel northwest from the main entrance, you will hit the rim of a large circle of streetlights. Odorika can be found in the center of this circle. A full-screen event can be triggered by interacting with Odorika while the Maiko effect is equipped.


  • The background of this world somewhat strongly resembles Giygas, the final boss in Earthbound.


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