Red City
Red city
Rainy days must really suck in this place.
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Connecting Areas

Red Streetlight World, Intestines Maze, Head Wasteland



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0182, 0278

The Red City (赤い町, Akai Machi, Red Town) is an area accessible through Red Streetlight World, by interacting with the streetlight with one lamp on both its right and left side.


The Red City is a lone road in a dark city late at night, with billowing fog in the foreground and a very sinister, oppressive atmosphere.

The area consists of a main street, lined with red streetlights and metal fences in between red warehouses on either side of the road.

There are nine warehouses in total (although more can be seen in the background), each with five windows, one rectangular door and no roofs whatsoever. Only three of them can be entered, and each time you enter one a light flickers twice before turning on completely. Going right from the main entrance, these warehouses are open:

  • The second warehouse contains a purple blob which acts as a portal to the Intestines Maze.
  • The sixth warehouse contains a stairwell to the Head Wasteland.
  • The eighth warehouse is seemingly empty, but when you enter, a silhouette of a man being hanged can be seen briefly while the light flickers but disappears after it turns on.

The area loops, and if you travel left from the entrance instead of right, you'll pass by the same warehouses.


Nexus → Red Streetlight World → Red City


  • The main street of Red City is lined with the same streetlights found in Red Streetlight World.
  • Many copies of the same streetlight that's used to teleport from Red Streetlight World to Red City can be seen in the background.
  • The interiors of all three available warehouses are technically the exact same place, made to appear different through scripting.