Realistic Beach
Realistic Beach1
Where dreams meet irony
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WP #190



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Connecting Areas

Atlantis, Pastel Blue House, The Docks, Teleport Maze


dedp_qs0UrDFJ_bgm076 (Stairs) Nami (Entrance) 626-seagull, enter_2 (Under the barriers), cave_2 (Inside the glowing cave) ループ「海」By音師竹内 (Fast, Sheep area)

Map ID

0321, 0322, 0323, 0324, 0325, 0326, 0327, 0328, 0329, 0330, 0331, 0332, 0333

The Realistic Beach (砂浜通路, Sunahama Tsūro, Sandy Beach Passage) is an area accessible from the Pastel Blue House.


The area is made up of seemingly real photographs of a beach. In the background of many of these pictures, strange things appear, like a giant monolith structure and huge deformed animals. In the middle of the area, A series of tetrapods form a barrier. You can enter the barrier through a hole in the side, using the Child or Fairy effect. This path leads you to a cave-like area with glowing scenery and a different soundtrack, walking towards the branch in the center will take you to an upside down version of the barriers. On the other side the large creature will be closer by. In this area there is a black sheep moving up and down, if you chainsaw this creature it will bleat and after a few seconds a picture of a decapitated Urotsuki, with a chainsaw stuck vertically through her neck will flash on the screen, and Urotsuki will wake up laying on the floor.

Further to the right of the cave, is another cave-like area. Using the Wolf or Glasses effect here will make a giant goat head appear. At the other side of the barrier is a ferryman, who transports you to The Docks, and going off further to the right leads to the Teleport Maze.

Moving past the barrier, you will come to a path with a pile of branches at the end of it. Using the Rainbow, Maiko or Fairy effect here will make pink flowers bloom from the branches.

Further on, you'll see a silver beached jellyfish that dances when you use the Fairy or the Rainbow effect, or have the Penguin effect equipped. Interacting with the jellyfish while you have the Penguin effect equipped will let you access Atlantis.


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