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Overgrown Condominium
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Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Han'ei Su
Prosperous Nest




Kura Puzzle #56



Notable NPCs

Sad Jellyfish

Connecting Areas

Whipped Cream World
Sugar Road
Container Forest Twintails


bgm9 (interior)
2i9-mus3 (outside)
e10 (roof)

Map ID

0810, 0857, 1403

Primary Author


Contributing Author(s)


The Overgrown Condominium is an area accessible from Whipped Cream World.


Upon entering Overgrown Condominium, Urotsuki is confronted by a dark area dense with grass, flowers, and trees, as well as a shade. On the other side of the shade, there is a storehouse in the northern section that is barricaded, and a door in the eastern end. The door leads to what resembles a storage room with muted gray tones, which itself leads into a pathway heading east, with a door at the end to the lobby, which includes a desk and a unique vending machine. Behind the desk is a red-ish NPC that makes a sound when interacted with. To the northwest is an opening to the next floors, and to the south is an area that leads to another, slightly brighter outdoor section with ominous music. This area has a ladder going underground, which has a portal to the Sugar Road.

The next room is a series of staircases with doorways on each floor. The first room contains a contorted pink and yellow creature, and the second leads to a watery room with large cargo crates and an unusual-looking construction sign blocking the way, which can be kicked with the Twintails effect equipped, with the open crate leading to Container Forest, while the third features arcade machines, as well as two claw machines, and is also populated with a gigantic, green smiling blob. Interacting with the ticket dispenser will give Urotsuki a ticket decorated with stars and a smiling blob, unlocking a Kura Puzzle. The fourth room leads to a storage area, filled with crates. Going through the topmost door will take Urotsuki to a hallway leading to another area with a ladder which brings Urotsuki to the exterior of this area. Just near the ladder is a mutant creature that sheds blue blood when chainsawed.

The exterior has multiple horizontal paths and many ladders, as well as the same large butterflies as in the Butterfly Passage. Upon entering, the platform is blocked by a red construction sign to the west. East of this is an open door which leads to a balcony.

Making her way up, Urotsuki will come to the roof, where a gargantuan monster floats on the fenced hole. In the northeast corner is a couch for her to sit on, as well as a doorway that is blocked by traffic cones, just beside it.


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