Old Train Station
Sepia station
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Complex, Cosmic World



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0541, 0543, 0545



The Old Train Station (閉塞C, Heisoku C, Obstruction C) is an area that is reached from the Complex.

Old train station2A

Map of Old Train Station

Old train station1

Pathway to Cosmic World


The Old Train Station is a small and fairly linear world, filled with traffic cones, railways, and other objects fitting for the setting. This world has a constant sephia tint, making it completely monochrome. Once you reach the station, you can go on the rails by a ladder. Going west takes you to more rails blocked by traffic cones. Going east, you'll find some arrows pointing down to the wooden platform.

Crossing it takes you to the next part, blocked both left and right by traffic cones, with more platforms to cross. Going west of these rails then north you'll find a door which you can enter. In this area, the second culvert from the right can be chainsawed open to reveal a "Culvert Surprise", a small area where the background resembles an old (now unviewable) channel in the TV Room. The background is skull-like, and much of it can be chainsawed.

Into the next part to the west, there's a tunnel leading to an area with static screen flashing, made of green blocks and ladders. Going up all of the ladders brings you to a bright cave. If entered, Urotsuki will unequip any effects and ascend to Cosmic World.


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Equipping the Lantern effect will not make the world brighter, per se, but will instead remove the sepia tint, allowing you to see the world in full color.


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