Location Red Streetlight World
Role Full screen event, Grants wallpaper
Size Standard
Killable Yes
Odorika is an oriental-styled cyclops dancer, located in the Red Streetlight World, in the center of a large circle of streetlights.


Odorika is shown wearing a red oriental dress, with bandages covering where her eyes should be and a large third eye in the middle of her forehead. Two small white rabbits in pastel dresses dance beside her under a lone streetlight in the center of a large circle of streetlights.

Using the Maiko effect to bow in front of her triggers a full-screen event, in which you can see her dancing side-to-side with her two rabbits. Viewing this event will unlock a wallpaper.

Chainsawing any of them (either Odorika or one of the rabbits) causes the other two to stop moving suddenly.

Odorika's dress can be worn by Urotsuki in the Dressing room, in Urotsuki's Dream Apartments, by combining the Maid Outfit with the Stretch effect.


The animation of Odorika dancing seems to have been made with Flipnote Studio, along with a few minor edits (such as adding color).