Ocean Storehouse
There's a lot less water than I imagined.
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Woman and the Mirror

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City Limits, Water Reclamation Facility


kappa_13, sound2d (Woman and the Mirror)

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Ocean Storehouse (地下室, Chikashitsu, Underground Room) is an area accessible from the pier in the City Limits.


The Ocean Storehouse starts off in a set of sewage drains, where the puddle of filthy, green water serves as an entrance and exit. Going eastward is a hall with a series of vending machines next to a spiral staircase.

Ocean storehouse map

Map of the Ocean Storehouse, rearranged to illustrate connections between floors.

Going downstairs from the aforementioned spiral staircase is a corridor with numerous posters on the wall, featuring a green creature and some numbers. From the left staircase of this floor, going downstairs leads to a small room with some vending machines and a gate that cannot be opened, while taking the right staircase leads to a cross-shaped room which is a dead end.

By going upstairs from the entrance, then going downstairs from the right side of the two succeeding corridors, and going downstairs from the left staircase on the third corridor that you encounter, you will encounter a lobby and an inaccessible door next to some windows. Taking the staircase on the right side of this area leads to the Water Reclamation Facility.

As you explore the area, there is a chance that you may encounter ghosts on the wooden walls, and interacting with them will make them disappear. In the room downstairs from the staircase next to a set of posters forming a left arrow, there is a chance that a ghost will appear in the double door of the room's western wing, which triggers a static flash when interacted with, before an event which depicts a woman in a red-walled room, sitting in front of a mirror with static, where the woman and the mirror twitch as chewing noises and creepy music play.


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