Never-Ending Hallway
Basic Info



Kura Puzzle #44


Madotsuki's Room

Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Bowling Zone, Art Gallery NoReturn


sound3d (Main Area), yume d3a (Room Event)

Map ID

0267, 0268

The Never-Ending Hallway (フロア, Furoa, Follower) is an area accessible from the Bowling Zone.


This hallway loops endlessly, as its name suggests. It contains several windows with silhouettes of dark figures in them. Some have small handles on them which, if you interact with them, open up to reveal some blue and purple eyeballs.

When you first enter, a shadow lady is seen walking to the left. Following her, the hallway gradually becomes desaturated, and a copy of yourself appears and also walks to the left. After this point, if you turn around and go to the right, your copy will come after you. If she catches you, she will send you to a sectioned off area of Yukata's map in the Invisible Maze.

While walking down the hallway you will eventually come across a smiling blue man in a suit. After passing the well-dressed man, you may come across two windows with both silhouettes and a handle. Interacting with it takes you to the Art Gallery.

You may also come across another window which is entirely black, with a yellow shine. This links to a room that closely resembles Madotsuki's room from Yume Nikki, drawn in a colorful vector style. A glitchy and distorted rendition of the soundtrack from NASU, the little minigame of Yume Nikki, plays in the background, and as long as you stay in the room the screen will constantly flicker with static.

Eventually the screen will be covered with static for a few seconds, and you will be taken back to the Never-Ending Hallway.


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