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Uro relaxes with some awesome tunes.

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This is the old track listing page, which covers the older
music system in versions up to 0.104h. 
For the track list in current versions the game please
refer to the Soundtrack page!

This is a WIP page! Track listing for the completionist in YOU!

(Also for one of the endings)

If you have the time and energy feel free to contribute and modify the list, especially since it will change with future game versions.

This is a list of all the music available for playback in the Music Room, accessible from Urotsuki's Computer.

Each track is initially locked, but after hearing it at least once in the dream world it will become unlocked and listenable.

Upon changing to a track, the title will display along with a star, and in some cases a number/number value (eg: 1/4).

The number denotes multiple versions of the same song are used in different areas, which can be heard by repeatedly reloading the song, and the star denotes that you have collected all versions of the song.

As of 0.105a, you can access this old music room via PC.


001 ym2-00_ano deskwork Title Screen
002 OP曲「ゆめ2っき」By音師竹内 Intro & Ending #2
Translates to "OP Music "Yume 2kki" By Oto Shichiku-nai"
003 yumeorugo_arr2 Ending #1/Computer Default theme
004 626-ryukyu Geometry World
005 626-seagull The Reef/Realistic Beach
006 yumepo6 Sakura Path/Forest World
007 932-warm Marijuana Goddess World
008 626-tb303 Buddha Rave/The Underground Bar
Masutaa's Bar is played 50% slower than the original track.
009 803-1 Snowy Pipe Organ
010 903-suna001 The Sewers/Rough Ash World
011 base michi/Monochrome Street
012 bgm1
013 yumepo3 Green Monster Party
Sound r 13.pngBackground image shows 3 green monsters from Garden World.
014 bgm038 Hand Hub/Atlantis
Atlantis's track is played 50% slower than the original track.
015 bgm052 Garden World
016 bgm055 Hospital Outskirts
017 yumepo1 P-Zone/Highway
The P-Zone is played 10% faster.
018 By音師竹内_626-ryukyu-sasikae Red City
019 Color Japan Town
Sound r 19.pngBackground image shows Urotsuki wandering around Japan Town.
020 dedp_12 The Bosun Freaked Concrete World B
021 dedp_63 To Blip Space
There are two versions of this track, one played 50% faster.
022 626-india Tribe Settlement / Underground
Tribe Settlement's track is played 50% faster.
023 yumenikkig_uljp00129 no name 2- 169 Tapir-San's Place
024 yumenikkig_uljp00128 Maiden Outlook/Riverside Settlement
Riverside Settlement's track is played faster.
025 dedp_e3 Museum
026 ym2-19_kuruwasiimonohaieguru Graveyard World
027 uti-c Bug Maze Jukebox
028 uti-b Bug Maze Jukebox
029 uti-a2 Bug Maze Jukebox
030 tom Odorika's Dance
031 heart beat Valentine Land/Mother's Room
032 hi Theatre World
033 oudn-02 Scenic Outlook
034 soto-C8 The Hotel
The music changes in speed depending on where you are.
035 loda_Music_01 Shinto Shrine
036 loda_Music_02 The Circus
037 loda_Music_03 The Docks / Namakubi Path
038 Merrygo Toy World (Big Urotsuki/Small Urotsuki)
Sound r 38.pngBackground image shows various structures on an isometric grid.
039 qs0UrDFJ-title Black Building/Oni Musume's Room
040 qs0UrDFJ-bgm054 Chocolate World
Pc yumegamen 03-38.pngBackground image shows a rabbit girl eating chocolate. Oni Musume's track is played slower.
041 qs0UrDFJ-bgm060 Blue Forest
042 qs0UrDFJ-bgm007 Teddy Bear Land / Eyeball Ladder
043 qs0UrDFJ-bgm041 Dark Room/Painter-kun's Room
Painter-kun's Track is played at a higher pitch
044 qs0UrDFJ-bgm047 Getting Drunk / Wilderness
045 152-organ33 Console Menu
046 zaza The Nexus/Urotsuki's Dream Apartments
047 ym2-02_chii gensyou Library / Word World
048 rec2 Sign World
The music changes in speed depending on where you are.
049 bgm8 Bug Statue Room
050 piano2 Scared Elvis Masada


051 piano1 Elvis Masada Interaction
052 kura_title Penguin Game title screen
053 oudn-06 Altar
054 dedp_qs0UrDFJ_bgm077 Graffiti Tree/Plated Snow Country
Plated Snow Country's track is played slower
055 dedp_qs0UrDFJ_bgm076 Realistic Beach stairs/Concrete World A
056 dedp_qs0UrDFJ_bgm082 Dream Scene mountains/Mountain Beach
057 7-9 Elvis Masada's House
058 dedp_qs0UrDFJ_bgm081 Graffiti Painting
059 dedp_bgm-orgel002 Pink Tanuki Road
060 bgm9 Skull Entrance
061 ループ「空中飛行」By音師竹内※ほうき・乗り物等のエフェクト時  Flying Event
Translates to "Effect during the "air flight" loop By Oto Shichiku-nai※broom, vehicle, etc."
062 kikai004 Aoshiru's room
063 tiriri Simple Street
Music box here shows images of all the locations Urotsuki can be transported to.
064 dedp_ann Eyeball Shop
065 dedp_932氏スクラップ Wavy Up chase section
066 bgm075 Shadow Lady event in Forest World
Sound r 66.pngBackground image shows Urotsuki with a shadow consuming her.
067 yumepo8 Highway TV Room
High-pitched screeching.
068 soto-C5 Glasses path
069 otoshitakeuti-ankoku Big Eye Tree
070 error Mini Maze
071 x-air-Chukka library book
072 Newitorikawamakkusu Mask Shop
073 ym2-20-chiukoushin Art Gallery picture of Urotsuki
074 pipoq Graveyard World building
075 7 Penguin Game
076 dine Day/Night Towers
077 bgm-a Spelling Room
078 bgm-c bass Bowling Alley
079 bgm-c Bowling World
080 bgm-d Visine Maze, Spelling Room hole
081 bgm-g Apartments exterior/Dressing Room
The Dressing Room's track is played slower
082 bgm-i Underwater Amusement Park
083 bgm-i_w Lonely Urotsuki Event
084 bgm-l Amusement Park's Inner Rooms
085 e4 Red Brick Maze
086 e5 Played when a Kura Puzzle is solved.
Image is of a night sky and small, Famicom-esque table and chairs.
087 kousyo Bane Jack hallways
088 kura_title2 pressing ENTER on the Penguin Game menu
089 oudn-01 Bug Maze
090 oudn-03 Apartments interior
091 oudn-04 Pastel Blue House Entrance/Crosswalk
092 oudn-noisy White Drooling Creature Event
093 oudn-noisy2 Bane Jack's workshop
094 alarma beat UFO
095 ym2-18_nounai matusyou Library book
096 tm Nail World/Heishi-Kun's Alley
Heishi-Kun's Alley is 40% slower
097 wa Gakuran's island
098 kana08 The Invisible Maze/Cutlery World/Panel Passage
Cutlery World is 40% slower

Panel Passage is 50% slower

099 yume b2 Blood World
100 ライト Warhol Smilies/Pink TVs Area
Translates to "Light"


101 ループ「海」By音師竹内 Kura Puzzle/Shadow Room/Red Sun/Realistic Beach
|Translates to " "Sea" Loop By Oto Shichiku-nai
102 ループ「青光」By音師竹内 Fountain World/Teleport Maze
Translates to "Blue light" Loop By Oto Shichiku-nai
103 予兆
Translates to "Herald"
104 ループ「機械音」By音師竹内 Library Book
Translates to " "Machine Sound" Loop By Oto Shichiku-nai
105 152-you
106 trom_piano Trombone Piano Duet
107 dedp_noizu TV Room
108 RIMA-bgm-farm002 Flaming Wasteland
109 8 Farm World
110 bgm-h_m Brown Eye Floor
111 bgm-j_m TV Rodeo
112 bgm-l_m Troll Event
113 yume d12a Pyramid Dance
114 yume d12b Pyramid Dance
115 yume d12c Pyramid Dance
116 yume d12d Pyramid Dance
117 yume d12e Pyramid Dance
118 Music File is lost ... you cannot listen it. Original music is "dedp_BBPSampleKit3 - Nu Skool Breaks 095 140 BPM'.
119 Music File is lost ... you cannot listen it. Original music is "dedp_BBPSampleKit3 - Nu Skool Breaks'.
120 pinu_heart Heart World
121 pinu_muyu Dizzy Spirals World
122 pinu_soshitsu The Deciding Street
123 2_23 Sand Desert Land
124 2_28 Plated Snow Country
125 camellia-japanish2 Monochrome Feudal Japan
126 camellia-themepark Clown Area
127 bgm6 Window Room/Desu-chan & Onee-chan's part of the Highway
128 bgm-m 2 Zalgo Event
129 sounda Submarine
130 soundb Red Eyeball Shop
131 soundc
132 soundc_2
133 soundd Broken Faces Area
134 pseudosound2 Fairy Tale Woods chase
135 bgm-r Mushroom World
136 bgm-r melo White Mushroom Field
137 bgm-m Bubble Man Hitogata
138 bgm-o White Fern World
139 bgm-o2 Fern Tower
140 bgm-n Haniwa Dance Event
141 yume a Blood World Ghost Event
142 2_13 Fairy Tale Woods
143 2_39 Ecstasy World Blue Platform
144 2_40 Power Plant
145 2_45 Ecstasy World
146 2_47 Fairy Tale Path
147 2kki bgm 02
148 2kki bgm 06
149 2kki Ending #3
150 6_3 Floating Red Tiles World


151 0109BGM3 Slot Machine Mini Game
152 bgm080 Monochrome Eye Room
153 bgm-j Stairs to the Haniwa Temple
154 bin10011216461000101 Clock Room
155 camellia_hysar2 Pyramid Maze
156 camellia_japanish Danger Panic Zone
157 Cave_2 Realistic Cave
158 dedp_no name5
159 dedp_no name7
160 152-woo
161 dedp_x_r036_4_120 Urban Street Area
162 enter_2 Realistic Cave
163 for Flying Fish World
164 yukihi1 Mermaid Moon Lake
165 n3-AoF Apple House/Bridged Swamp Islands
166 n3-BoM Green Neon World
167 n3-CaSP Floating Stones World/Fountain Church
168 n3-ELP Boogie Street
169 n3-FiT Teru-Teru Bozu Area of the Dark Alleys
170 n3-iFF Grass World Studio
171 n3-KtO Cog Maze
172 n3-LaW Forest Carnival
173 n3-LI Grass World Underground (Vine Corridoor)
174 n3-NiT
175 n3-RtH
176 n3-Tcs Alley Robot’s Room
177 n3-tSP Grass World
178 n3-WeR Dark Forest
179 nami Realistic Cave Entrance
180 oudn-05 Spider’s Web
181 RIMA-bgm-Chip003 FC Basement
182 short_bgm2 Magnet Room
183 sound2a_ Ocean Floor
184 sound3d Hotel Transformation / Warehouse
185 sound3e Exhibition / Warehouse (Interior)
186 sound3f Closet Pinwheel Path
187 sound4d Fisherman’s Hook/Bathhouse
188 twen20ty-7 Child Effect Room
189 under a cloak of snow Christmas World
190 yoi Dark Museum
191 yume d3a Madotsuki’s Glitch Room
192 yume d4b The Baddies Bar
193 yume d11b Intestines Maze
194 yumepo5 Train Tracks / Ending #4
195 ヴォー Seishonen’s Room
Translates to "Vaud (?)"
196 ゆめ2っき Ending #3
Translates to "Yume 2kki"
197 屋敷内BGM Wavy Up
Translates to "Inside Mansion BGM"
198 0722_3 Black Cat Room
199 surroundings_13_Cascade Penguin On Hook
200 Dream Beach


201 parallel Dream Apartments - Amoeba’s Room
202 ゆめにっき風? Ending #3
Translates to "Yume Nikki-style?"
203 電車止まる Ending #4
Translates to "Stop the train"
204 2 GB World Dungeon
205 bgm-s Jigsaw Puzzle World
206 toji Underground TV Complex
207 2_12 Apple Room
This music is like Mars-san's area in Yume Nikki.
208 2_37 Jigsaw Penguin Path
209 2_46 Jigsaw Witch
210 2_52 Jigsaw Night Pier
211 2_24 Glitch Ending/Magician in the Mirror
This music is from the save/load screen of a certain game, but reversed.
212 ao
213 innuendo Boogie House
214 tech3 Flying Event Rooftop
215 2012_0513_2 Monochrome GB World
216 夢オルゴールFC Computer Options - alternate FC theme
Taitoru2.pngBackground image shows an FC-like title screen.

Translates to "Dream Music Box FC"

217 0109BGM1
218 0109BGM2
219 0109BGM4 Netherworld
220 0109BGM5 Maple Shrine-Egg
221 celeb High Priestess Event
222 drm_loop_30 Hallucination
223 drm_loop_44
224 drm_loop_107_2
225 drm_loop_135 Soldier Row
226 drm_oop_135 yugami Soldier Row Radio
227 e8
228 e9
229 e10
230 e11 Flesh Paths World
231 e4b Red Brick Maze
232 n3-LaW_yugami_radio Carnival Radio
233 n3-LaW_yugami High Priestess Event
234 setunai
235 yumepo4
236 yumepo7
237 yumepo9
238 yumepo10
239 0426
240 drm_kan_ge_dupicho01 Laboratory Caves
241 drm_kan_ge_kaze_kouya01 Abandoned Chinatown
242 drm_kan_ge_machi01 Laboratory
243 2_38 Lorn Tower
244 PC_音源差し替え Ending ---
Translates to "PC_Sound Replacement"
245 2_byふーた Giant
Cubegiant.pngBackground image shows the giant from Square-Square World.
246 ded_ED Ending #6
247 meri- Eyeball Archives
248 tonny01
249 tonny02 Othello Board
250 tonny03


251 tonny04
252 tonny05 Square-Square World
253 tonny06 Purple Balcony
254 VANEGI_3je_reMIX03.wav Ending #6
255 White Out Gallery Of Me (1/818 chance teleport when waking from dream)
256 Mary's Song for Ib Book Return event
257 sakai 4 Ending #?
258 RIMA-bgm-elepi002 Mailbox

Unnumbered Tracks[]

Sometimes when new tracks are released in an update, they are not added to the music room's track listing. This section is for music in new areas that has not yet been added to the in-game music menu.

2_18 Deserted Town-Deeper
2_2 Monochrome Stairs
2_21 Shield Owl World
2_27 Flooded Baths
2_31 Deserted Town-Ladders
2_48 Flooded Baths-Passage
2_51 Antenna World
Anon_kaikonotokei Honoring the Dead Event
bgm011 Arc de Pillar World
bgm012 Stairs after The Aquarium
bgm013 Flooded Ramparts
bgm016 Mansion-Corridors
bgm021 Complex
bgm029 Depths-The Aquarium, Rainbow Silhouette World
bgm039 Mansion-Lobby
bgm042 Underground Storage, Old Train Station
bgm044 Deserted Town
bgm045 Deserted Pier
bgm048 Neon City
bgm059 Neon Aquatic Cavern
botabota@アノン Seaside Village
Cave Square Ruins
Cosmic Cosmic World
dndnstep_anon Doll Factory
e14 Victorian Drains
Played 50% slower in the Park
e20 Overgrown City
e6 Hidden Shoal
fuwafuwa-byzetsu Factory Entrance
himits@アノン Maze Room
june Boat Tunnel
loop_39_n Dream Mexico
moseni_leaf Rapeseed Fields
moseni_lotus Lotus Waters
moseni_luna The Ceiling
n3-HRiS Radiant Ruins
n3-NaT Abandoned Factory-Waterways/Forest Pier
Forest Pier's track is played 50% slower than the original track.
n3-LaWos Cultivated Lands
n3-RoW Abandoned Factory (Deeper)
n3-tFS Pinwheel Bridge
n3-tWW Starry Night Event
oudn-07 Sky Kingdom
rnt_akarusugi Clothes Shop
Sea Depths
Song 1 The Aquarium
sound2a Fantasy Library
The Fantasy Library's version is slower than the original.
sound4b Planetarium
spelude5 Cloud Floor
spelude7 Innocent Library
tonny31.6 Lower Apartments
yama-loop2 GALAXY Town
Yeris_Another_Electronic_Sea Binary World-Green Sea
Yeris_Coulomb_on_Board Circuit Board
Yeris_Day_Dream_Park Day Dream Park
Yeris_Electronic_Sea Binary World-Blue Sea
Yeris_Home_L Broken City
Complete version
Yeris_Morse_Chord Binary World-Fairy Room
Complete Version
Yeris_Sky_blue_Tone Sky Mirror
Yeris_WhiteTree_Moon Tree Scene (Moon)
Yeris_WhiteTree_Sun Tree Scene (Sun)
yumenikkig_uljp00106 n/a <File goes here, yumenikkig_uljp00106.ogg> Hist3.png This track is actually a recording of an SSTV broadcast. When played through an SSTV decoder, it's revealed to be an image of Urotsuki watching Kamen-san at work.
Yuri_Drone Red Lily Lake
まっしろの音色@アノン Sea of Clouds
光のオルゴール@アノン Cake House
水族館@ネコノハ Cyber Maze
無重力散歩@アノン Sugar World (Purple)