Monochrome GB World
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Connecting Areas

Stone World NoEntry, Apartments, Sunken City


2012_0513_2 (Main area), 2 (Dungeon)

Map ID

0432, 0433, 0434, 0435

Monochrome GB World (グレーボーイ, Gurēbōi, Gray Boy) is an area accessible from the Apartments.


Green arrows show shortest route to Sunken City.


The graphics in this area resemble a Game Boy game, complete with the screen resolution. The area has a green tint to it, much like an original Game Boy, but you can change it to black and white by talking with an NPC in the area.

When entering this area, Urotsuki's sprite changes to a 8-bit sprite. Although every effect can be equipped, most of them are useless in this world, due to the effect action sprites not having an 8-bit version.

This area mainly consists of a forest, crossed by a river and two roads.

Using the ladder entrance from Stone World places you in a small room, close to the road. After coming out of the room, it's impossible to get in again, since the three doors to the building you were in seems to be locked.

Entering through the Apartments' sewers has you climb out of a well, and places you above an underpass that takes you to the other half of the area. Here, you can find the main building. There is not much inside the building, since most of the doors and stairs are blocked by boxes (possibly the area will be expanded in later releases).

Going up the elevator in the main building will take you to hall with some doors. Going through the door on the back wall brings you to an area with a TV you can turn on and off, and an NPC who can change the color scheme of the area. Taking the stairs going up will bring you to the roof, and the down stairs take you outside the main building where you can go to another building with a room similar to Urotsuki's.

Inside the room is an NPC who reacts only to the Glasses effect (you can't even use the Chainsaw on him) and the patio door is locked. To unlock the patio door, you will need to turn the TV in the main building on and off until a picture of a giant eye appears on it. Leave it on, then go to the back building. The NPC will be gone and you can leave through the patio door.

This will take you to a monochrome maze similar to the FC World Dungeon in Yume Nikki. After navigating through the dungeon, a portal can be found that will take you to the Sunken City.


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