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Urotsuki's dreams are home to many different characters. This page is for the more significant minor characters in the game: those who react to Urotsuki. Note that nearly all the names are non-canonical.


Effect Get Characters[]

These are NPCs that will give Urotsuki an effect when she interacts with them. Most of them appear when she looks out from The Monster's Jaw that lies in Forest World.

Boy Outline

A walking outline of a Boy. Summoned by interacting with the "flower" in a lone doorway in Geometry World. It gives you the Boy effect.


A fairy in a cage in the Black Building's main office. Gives you the Fairy effect.


A silver-haired boy found at the White Beach area of the Teleport Maze. He gives you the Wolf effect when interacted with.


A spinning cyclops bomb, found in the Mini-Maze. It gives you the Eyeball Bomb effect.

Pet Telephone

A walking telephone found in the Dark Room's southernmost room, who appears to be Oni Musume's pet. It gives you the Telephone effect.

Maiko Ghost

A walking maiko outfit with no face, located in the Shinto Shrine. Gives you the Maiko effect when interacted with.


A small round pink bug at the Altar, which gives you the Insect effect when interacted with.

Bane Jack

A green-haired jack with a spring for legs found in the Apartments. He gives you the Spring effect.


A purple-gradiented silhouette of Urotsuki found in The Invisible Maze that gives you the Invisible effect.


A purple-skinned boy found in Japan Town who is a quadrupal amputee. Killing him will spawn chasers in his area. He gives you the Plaster Cast effect.

Dead Figure

The purple corpse of an unknown creature, found at the end of the Graffiti Maze and also in the Urban Street Area. Gives Urotsuki the Stretch effect.

Grey Haniwa

A grey hopping haniwa statue found at the Haniwa Temple, which gives you the Haniwa effect.


AKA: Candy-chan, Cake Girl
A girl with a cake on her head found in Cutlery World. She gives you the Cake effect.

Pole Man

A purple man in the Bazaar. Using the Telephone effect will make him answer you, giving you the Twintails effect.


A blue-skinned boy with purple hair roaming around on an island in Monochrome Feudal Japan. Gives you the Gakuran effect.

Flashing Trombonist

A strobing trombonist sitting in one of the zipper chambers in The Baddies Bar. He will give you the Trombone effect if interacted with.

Marginal Vivid Worker

AKA: Strangler Eyes
A three-headed creature crying blood in the Broken Faces Area. Gives you the Marginal effect.


AKA: Koumori-kun
A bat girl found sitting in front of a totem in the Tribe Settlement's River Area. She will die permanently if killed but will still give the effect. She gives you the Bat effect when interacted with.

Walking Grave

A small walking gravestone in Graveyard World. Gives you the Grave effect.


A pink rabbit head found in the Eyeball Archives' moon ledge. It has no eyes and walks on what looks like its ears. Gives you the Bunny Ears effect.


A pink, cycloptic dice in Acerola World. Standing in his way will make him roll towards the opposite direction. Gives you the Dice effect.

Non-Effect NPCs[]

These are some of the many characters that scatter Urotsuki's Dreams. They all have some form of significance, from unlocking wallpapers and puzzles to interesting reactions from effects.

Npc-bsisters.png The Black and Blue Twins (Beret Sisters)[]

Two twins that serve as portals. The Black Beret Sister is located in the Dark Room's theatre and transports you to the Snowy Pipe Organ upon interaction, leading to her blue twin, who stands in the way of a door to reach Atlantis. The only way to get pass her is by using the Boy, Gakuran, or Wolf effect, or using the Chainsaw on her. Her beret will be left on the ground if chainsawed. Alternatively, interacting with the Blue Beret Sister will cause her to swap places with you, allowing you to pass. Interacting with the Black Beret Sister will grant Kura Puzzle #14.

Oudn-Charset02.png Elvis Masada[]

Found at Elvis Masada's Place. If you interact with them, they'll play a lovely tune for you. If you try to harm them with the Chainsaw effect, they will sound very frightened by playing a mangle of notes on their piano. If you interact with them using the Trombone effect, they'll play a duet with you.

Seishonen.png Seishonen (Blue Boy)[]

A boy found in the room under the stairs in Urotsuki's Dream Apartments. He reacts to many different effects. There is also a 1 in 31 chance that the he and his room will glitch up upon entering (it's reset everytime you enter the room) and his sprite turns into a mass of eyeballs. He is most likely the 2kki equivalent of Poniko. Seishonen reacts to the following effects:

  • Boy - Follows you around and looks at you when he catches you.
  • Rainbow - Causes him to jump;
  • Fairy (when pressing action) and Penguin - Makes him look around;
  • Glasses - Causes him to turn into a red-schemed girl and run away from you;
  • Telephone (when pressing action) - Makes him look around fast;
  • Invisible (when turned invisible) - Makes him look around for a few seconds before changing into the same red-schemed female seen when Glasses effect is used, only this time she does not run away;
  • Child - Follows you around at a fast speed.

Odorika.png Odorika[]

Odorika is an oriental-styled cyclops dancer located in Red Streetlight World, in the center of a large circle of streetlights. She is shown wearing a red oriental dress, with bandages covering where her eyes should be and a large third eye in the middle of her forehead. Two small white rabbits dance beside her under a lone streetlight.

Using the Maiko effect to bow in front of her triggers a full-screen event, in which you can see her dancing side-to-side with her two rabbits. Viewing this event will unlock wallpaper #20.

Odorika's dress can be worn by Urotsuki in the Dressing Room, by combining the maid outfit with the Stretch effect.

Odorika's dance event

20 Charset 04.png Oni Musume (Demon Girl)[]

Found in the southernmost room in the Dark Room. Each time you enter, she is found either sitting in her chair and reading a book or standing up, looking at the books in her bookcase. The Telephone effect can be found here, thanks to her moving pet telephone. If you use it on her while she is reading, she'll leave her book on the chair and fly away. Interacting with the book takes you to the Art Gallery. If you chainsaw her and interact with the left side of her bookcase, you can look at a page in a book that features pictures of her.

She is visible from The Monster's Jaw by using the Telephone effect and looking off the edge. She and her telephone will be sleeping, and Oni Musume will have her book on her face while lying down on her couch.

Oni Musume also seems to strongly resemble Remilia Scarlet from Touhou Project in terms of appearance only with pigtails or with some sort of hair accessory in her hair (which could either be bows or hairclips going by the sprite). Her location and behaviour seems to be based on another Touhou character, Patchouli Knowledge.

20 Charset 02.png Yume[]

Found sitting on a chair in the Dark Room, and turns his head if you use the Telephone effect. He can also be seen for a second time in the room to the left of Tapir-San's Place, sitting in a chair and sometimes watching a ghost of Urotsuki sleeping on the floor.

Twintailsmonster.png Twintail Monster[]

The Twintail Monster is an NPC that has existed since old versions of Yume 2kki, in which it used to give out the Twintails effect. It is hidden in the Broken Faces Area, nearby Marginal Vivid Worker and Surimuki. Using the Glasses or Twintails effects near them will make the Twintail Monster appear.

Kamen.png Kamen Eshi (Masked Painter)[]

Kamen Eshi (alternatively named Painter-kun) is a character found through a painting in the Art Gallery, or through an area of the Red Brick Maze that you are sent to by interacting with one of the Shadow Ladies in the Day & Night Towers.

Kamen is usually found painting a large mural of something that looks like a road or a path. He has blonde hair and wears a multi-colored shirt/smock, a black dog-like mask and jeans. The only paint color that is seen on his brushes is red. He is busily painting and never seems to have enough time to talk to you.

If you try to interact with him while he isn't doing anything, he will simply look at you. If you kill him with the Chainsaw effect, his blood will be splattered over his art, and his mask will fall to the ground. This death is permanent, and he never will come back. Doing this unlocks Kura Puzzle #28.

A CharSet 02.png Aojiru/Aoshiru[]

Aojiru (roughly translates to "green juice") is a patient in the Hospital that can be found through a minor event in the middle room of the Hospital's last hallway.

They are found wearing a buttoned shirt with bandages around their head, hooked up to an IV with a green substance being fed through it. Aojiru reacts to nothing, and trying to interact with them will automatically make Urotsuki kill them with the Chainsaw, even if you haven't collected it.

Aojiru can also be seen sleeping in their hospital room when Urotsuki equips the Chainsaw and looks out of The Monster's Jaw.

20 Charset 09.png Bartender/Masutaa[]

Found behind the counter of The Underground Bar, he is visually similar to KyuuKyuu-kun from Yume Nikki. He is interactable and serves you drinks. Drinking too much unlocks an event, and buying at least one drink unlocks wallpaper #103.

Japantown.png Japan Town's Inhabitants[]

All located in Japan Town, only two of the four are interactable. If you try to interact with the Wheel Girl and News Man, they disappear. You can go inside the Box Shop Keeper's shop by going through the wooden door and using the Glasses effect to find a hidden door near the pile of garbage. The Geisha Shop Keeper allows you to change the style of your menu, and if you sit with her she will begin laughing silently. The Geisha also bears a resemblance to Urotsuki when using the Maiko effect.

20 Charset 18.png The Commando and Provost-san (Kenpei-san)[]

The submarine's crew, which can be found from The Docks. Both wear red, military-like uniforms, which is similar to Russian uniforms. The Commando wears a gas mask and does not talk nor respond if you interact with him. The Assistant, when on the submarine, will make the outer shell invisible so you may see if you are on the bottom of the sea or not. Provost-san's gender has yet to be determined (though a majority of the western fanbase proposes Provost-san is female, the Japanese fanbase proposes male), and their confirmed Japanese name is "Kenpei-san", aka "Provost" or "Military Police-san".

Dedp syoutaihuemi2.png Smile-san[]

Smile-san is found in Flying Fish World. He is in the doorway that is boarded up so you need to chainsaw the boards to get in. If you use the Telephone effect on him, his laughs will be played overlapping one another at different speeds. Waking yourself up will cause one final laugh. Using the Rainbow effect will also shut him up.

2kki-makewayfordarkelmet.png Helmet Girl[]

A pink-haired girl in a spacesuit and helmet. Found in the moonlit balcony in Flying Fish World, on a block in Square-Square World, and her apartment annexed in Flying Fish World. She transports Urotsuki between the two areas. Interacting with her in her apartment while under the Spacesuit effect will teleport Urotsuki to Square-Square World. Likewise, interacting with her in Square-Square World while under the Spacesuit effect will teleport Urotsuki to her apartment.

Megasuri.png Megusuri Uri (Eye Doctor)[]

Found in the Visine World, Megusuri Uri is a quite lonely eye doctor with four eyes covering his face, and two eyes on the back side of his head. Chainsawing both him and Hakoko can cause the shop to be locked upon leaving; they can be revived upon interacting with the boy NPC in the Bleak Future.

He is very similar to Midori Tokuro, considering the fact that they are both made by the same person and that there is a wallpaper featuring the two.

Zenmaigahara Charset 01box.png Hakoko (Box Child)[]

Found in the same area Megusuri Uri is found, she peers over the top of her box with her large blue eyes to stare at you before going back down. If you use the Fairy effect, she will reappear. Chainsawing both her and Megusuri Uri can cause the shop to be locked upon leaving; they can be revived upon interacting with the boy NPC in the Bleak Future.

Sachiko.png Sachiko[]

A ghostly woman wearing a torn red dress found at the end of the pier at the Dream Beach. She will appear if you interact with the lamppost next to the fisherman and wave her hand if you interact with her, as if to say goodbye. Her name is based on her visual similarity to Sachiko Shinozaki from the game Corpse Party.

Bokun Charset 01 (2).png Yukata[]

A fox-masked man in a colorful yukata that can be found in The Invisible Maze and The Baddies Bar (possibly implying that he's an enemy). If you move in the direction he's facing when you're in the black and white part of the maze it will lead you to the Invisible effect. If you try and chainsaw him, he'll leap behind you to avoid your slash. Sometimes, he'll attack you and send you to a closed off area, like a chaser, which could explain why he's in The Baddies Bar.

20 Charset 06.png Tako Otoko (Octoman)[]

An octopus man located in Atlantis' city area. If you use the Fairy effect on him, he will become frightened and reveal his tentacles and large eye. Doing so will also unlock wallpapers #28, #241, and #330, as well as Kura Puzzle #16. By interacting with him from a direction opposite to the one he's facing, he will turn and look at you, and stare at you for a moment before continuing to walk around.

Clowns.png Clown Triplets (Anastasia, Nikolai and Arina)[]

In the same style as the Clown Chasers, these three are located through the Underwater Amusement Park at the end of the area with black and teal tiles on the floor. When you reach them, the one playing the accordion (Anastasia) will take over the music and will play something similar to the popular VOCALOID song Dark Woods Circus. The one that is strutting about with their hair in a side ponytail has been fan-named Nikolai and the final one with pleated hair and balloons has been named Arina. Chainsawing one of them will not make them go insane like the Chasers, as they die as the same way other NPCs do.

20 Charset 11.png Mother[]

A pregnant woman found in Urotsuki's Dream Apartments. The only effect that works on her is the Insect effect that makes the baby enlarge when used. And if you chainsaw her, there will be two screams instead of one, despite the baby being a fetus (as clearly seen).

Encountering her will unlock both wallpaper #23 and wallpaper #309.

Zenmaigahara Charset 04.png Sweets Musume (Sweets Girl)[]

A green-haired girl found in Cutlery World. She reacts to the Cake effect quite strongly when equipped. She will also follow Urotsuki if she equips the Boy effect, and walk away if she equips the Wolf effect.

Book txt 893 1-3.png Surimuki/Surimuitako (Scraped Girl)[]

A book containing what appear to be her last words is in the Library. Enter and go left to the last book in the first bookcase. You will be greeted by lined paper. Press enter and words will appear, she will pop up and giggle/sob. This note she has written says "すりむいちゃった。" meaning, "I got scraped." Surimuki's half-buried head can be found in Broken Faces Area.

Surimuki as she appears in Broken Faces Area

710 Charset 03.png Desu-chan and Onee-chan[]

Can be found in the area to the far southeast of the Highway. The smaller one has been called Desu-chan due to her large eyes and hyperactivity. She will move away from you if you equip the Chainsaw, and look around if you use the Fairy effect. Her sister, Onee-chan, can be found either sitting on a bench on the pier or standing near Desu-chan. She will turn away from you if you interact with her and if you equip the Chainsaw. Interacting with one of them will unlock wallpaper #10. However, if Desu-chan is inside the TV Room you will not get the wallpaper by interacting with Onee-chan.

Hiboushi.png Hiboushi[]

Located in the exterior of the Apartments, Hiboushi is a woman who appears to be sitting. If you interact with her, a close up picture of her face will flash up on the screen, before she vanishes. She is the Yume 2kki equivalent of Monoe. Also, she strikes a very similar appearence to Nichiyo-san.

In a previous version, Hiboushi was replaced by an NPC with identical function, nicknamed "Lamp Post Boy".

Hiboushi's face

Oudn-charset03.png Megane (Glasses Boy)[]

A boy found in the top right room of the main Apartments. No effects work on him except for the Glasses effect, which causes his body to disappear but his glasses remain floating. If the UFO is in the Apartments area, he and his bunny will be scared, and running.

Bokun Charset 01.png Kanashii-tan (Sad Girl)[]

A sobbing girl in a pink skirt and purple top, found in a tunnel in the Stone Maze. If you interact with her using any existing effect, she will sob into her hands. When interacting with her, there might be a random chance that it will cause her to act as if she were killed, and she will fade away.

Dedp face.png Koshukei-tan (Hanged Girl)[]

Found on the way to get the Stretch effect. She is not interactable and you cannot get near her. She simply swings there, bleeding onto the floor.

Ded space suitu.png Nichiyo-san (Sunhat Woman)[]

A lady in a large sun hat that is found in the Pastel Blue House standing under the red sun. If you try to chainsaw her out of the way, the sun's eye will glow and de-equip the effect.

She can also be found on the way to Urotsuki's Dream Scene, usually seen sitting on a bench in the background facing away from you. Rarely, she can be seen here in her sprite form, and will be much more noticeable. She seems unamused and doesn't react to anything, no matter what effect is used.

She bears a similar appearance to Hiboushi.

20 Charset 08.png Kanban Otoko (Sign Man)[]

Found at the Sewers' entrance to Japan Town, he is a man in a suit with a sign for a head. He does not respond to anything. On the sprite sheet there is a sprite of him facing the other direction, If you interact with him, he will play a honking sound, similar to that of a horn.

Blue.png Boy on the Bench[]

Found in the easternmost area of the Blue Forest. No matter which effect you use when interacting with him, he will only shake his head. If you sit next to him, he will keep looking at you.

Hebiko.png Hebiko (Snake Girl)[]

Found in the same area as the Boy on the Bench in the Blue Forest. If he is not on the bench, Hebiko can be found in a small clearing toward the lower right. If you interact with her, she will open her mouth wide, stick her tongue out, and make a loud giggling noise.

Farmer.png Farmer/Gardener[]

Can be found watering plants in the Farm World. When interacted, he tells you via a speech bubble what kind of plant he is caring for at the moment, which is always a picture of either a chili pepper, a slice of pizza, or a Japanese maple leaf.

Alleyrobot.png Radio-kun/Alley Robot[]

A robot found in a small room inside the Dark Alleys. He holds a monitor with a display that changes depending on what effect you are wearing. On the screen it's possible to see static, an eye that watches Urotsuki, a spinning triangle, a sine wave, and bubbles.

Note that sometimes there is nothing on the monitor (he will either be looking around or just holding it by his side). What's on his monitor also changes the sound he makes.

Blublob.png Apartment Amoeba[]

A violet amoeba located in Urotsuki's Dream Apartments. There is a 1/6 chance of a tree to appear in its home, which takes you to the Flight event. Apartment Amoeba reacts to the following effects:

  • Fairy (when pressing action) - Spins around;
  • Telephone (when pressing action) - Shatters like in the 3rd sprite;
  • Stretch - Becomes the 2nd state in the above picture;
  • Boy - Changes to look like Urotsuki;
  • Marginal - Becomes transparent and dramatically increases move speed of the blob.

Unnamed Character.png Pupula-Toru[]

A small one-eyed creature who sits on a couch in between the Gray Road and Grass World. He is usually awake but is sometimes seen sleeping. Equipping the Chainsaw effect while he's awake will cause him to look down nervously. He will occasionally blink if you use the Rainbow effect's flash, although it is very hard to see, considering that he blinks when the flash is just fading.

G Akama Tileset.png Akama (Red Witch)[]

Akama is a witch located in Jigsaw Puzzle World, who blocks Urotsuki's progress with a small minigame. She is shown to be blonde with purple skin, and wears dark red robes with a large witch hat with a depressed-looking face on it.

In order to get past her you need to walk around the area and make blocks appear, and then collect the large colored orbs that also appear. After collecting enough orbs Akama will fade away and you can enter the area behind her, which houses a large mirror. Interacting with it shows you a more detailed picture of her, then a picture of Urotsuki.

Interacting with the mirror while the Marginal or Polygon effects are equipped triggers two different events and unlocks wallpapers #154 and #156, respectively.

Appururi.png Appururi[]

A blonde-haired bat girl that resides in the Apple House of the Fairy Tale Woods. She is normally seen walking around in her house, sometimes sitting on the chair. She reacts to a few effects, equipping the Bat effect will make her follow you and she will spin once interacted. If Komorin has been killed, she will be seen crying.

Ddddd.png Huyure-chan[]

Huyure-chan is found in the underwater area between the School and the Dream Beach. She lacks limbs, arms and hands and wears a jacket and goggles. She appears to be somewhat transparent, and if the Glasses effect is used, she will suddenly appear more clearly and will frantically walk around. If the Invisible effect is used, her face and body will become completely clear.

A large, detailed picture of her can also be found in her sprite sheet.


Dogboa3.png Dogboa[]

A dog-faced creature that appears to be based on Yume Nikki's Uboa. Located in the Sky Kingdom, there is a ledge with a small sign with Dogboa's face on it. Moving to the far right of the ledge will show a small platform with Dogboa frantically moving on it, in and out of view. It does not react to any effects.

Dogboa's face appears to be based on the Japanese kanji for sky, "空" (sora).

Uwonozoki char2.png Faucet-Head[]

A strange creature with a faucet for a head found in the far left room in the Boogie Street. He can either be seen sitting in the inaccessible pool at the end of the room or standing next to the fountain. He doesn't react to any effects, not even the Chainsaw, and when interacted with he only makes a water dripping sound. He bears a slight resemblance to the NASU character from the original game.

Angel priest.png Angel Priest[]

An angel that lives in the room of Fountain World. They react to a few effects, such as Glasses, Chainsaw, Marginal, Plaster Cast and Child. The Glasses effect will reveal that the priest is some type of angel. Doing this unlocks wallpaper #167. Killing the priest will unlock Kura Puzzle #48.

GBNPC.png Gameboy NPC[]

An NPC found in the Monochrome GB World, he rests aside in a house with a patio. The only effect he reacts to is the Glasses effect, you can't kill him either. He bears a striking resemblance to The Batter from OFF.

Kankoshi.png Kankoshi[]

A nurse found in the Underground TV Complex, she sits in front of a table looking around. When you equip the Plaster Cast effect she will follow you and "heal" you when she touches you.

Kataomoi BoyGirl.png Kataomoi Children[]

A boy and a girl sitting on a couch in the Underground TV Complex, if you interact with them they look down at you. They appear to be blushing. Equipping the Chainsaw effect will make them shut their eyes. Killing one with the Chainsaw will make the others face cloud and they will begin to cry.

Masukuredi.png Mask Shop Owner[]

The owner of the Mask Shop, she is either napping or doing something behind her desk, she comes up to serve you when you interact with her. You can annoy her by ringing the bell constantly and leaving without even buying anything. But beware, consequences will be put in place.

White maiden.png White Maiden[]

The white maiden is a black-haired woman in a white dress, found inside the house at the Dream Beach. If the Child effect is equipped near her, she will run out of the house and down to the end of the beach, disappearing with a laugh.

CFBMaid.png Mysterious Maid[]

A mysterious silver-haired maid who appears in various locations throughout the dream world (after wallpaper #107 has been unlocked).

When interacted with for the first time, she will give Urotsuki 500, and reveals her "true" face if the Glasses or the Eyeball Bomb effects are equipped nearby.

Equipping the Stretch effect will make her turn invisible, and she will turn away from Urotsuki upon interaction while the Boy, Cake or Gakuran effects are equipped. Additionally, she will refuse to look at Urotsuki at all if the Marginal, Grave or Polygon effects are equipped.

Her location is determined randomly at the beginning of a dream sequence: she can appear at the Construction Frame Building, the Hospital, Sky Kingdom or the Train Tracks.

ChainsawMurderer.png Chainsaw Murderer[]

An NPC encountered in GALAXY Town. Normally, she just wanders around the area, but she can be considered a chaser in a very similar way that Yukata can; if Urotsuki attempts to take her life, she will pull out a chainsaw of her own (in stylish hot pink!) and attack back, banishing Urotsuki to an empty black void. Doing this will unlock Kura Puzzle #49.

She will follow around Urotsuki if the Boy effect is equipped.

Midori tokuro.png Midori Tokuro[]

A black and green lady with an eye that appears in each room of the Dressing Room. She reacts to a number of effects, such as the Wolf, Boy, Telephone and more. She will prevent you from leaving if one is attempting to go through the back curtains that leads to Fabric World, unless she is killed. Her death is permanent.

She is very similar to Megusuri Uri, considering the fact that they are both made by the same person and that there is a wallpaper featuring the two.

Noah1.png Noah[]

Found in the Tesla Garden's Industrial Waterfront, Noah is a cyborg boy sitting in a bench in one of the area's platforms. He will also appear in the Spaceship if the Industrial Waterfront has been visited before.

Marina.png Marina[]

A girl that lives in the house of the Neon Sea. She will take the player to the Blue Cactus Islands upon interaction.

Merlot1.png Merlot[]

A one-eyed lady wandering the outskirts of the Cat Cemetery. Her name is French for blackbird, and is also the name of a variety of grapes.

Samhain1.png Samhain[]

A female zombie standing near the fenced-off area in the Halloween Forest. She is named after the Celtic festival from which Halloween originates.

Axion1.png Axion[]

A dancing girl in the park section of the Graffiti City. She will dance quicker if the Chainsaw effect is equipped.

Vanta1.png Vanta[]

A rainbow-marked creature found in one of the Graffiti City's dead ends.

Flo.png Flo[]

A tall pink creature who resides in the pink clothes shop of Graffiti City, and offers beverages when interacted with. She gives out a joyful expression if the Maiko, Twintails, Red Riding Hood, or Bunny Ears effect is equipped.

She can also be found a prison cell in the castle interior of Fantasy Isle only if Urotsuki has been caught by the guards when the Chainsaw is equipped.

Tokage.png Tokage[]

Tokage (from Japanese とかげ, "lizard") are the main NPCs found within the Evergreen Woods. There are six of them scattered throughout the forest, each with distinct color schemes. They are likely designed to be references to the Namekuji of the original Yume Nikki's Forest World.

Victim2x.png Victim[]

A young man found in Snowy Forest, near what appears to be his own tent and car. He is only alive while the forest is still in nighttime, as he will be found hanging if the player arrives at dawn.

Victim reacts to two effects; Telephone and Chainsaw. Using the Telephone effect will have him use Urotsuki's phone and then be rescued. Using the Chainsaw effect will have him fall over, and bleed over the snow.

Snowfairy.png Snowy Fairy[]

An elusive NPC found on the cliffs in Snowy Forest. She only appears when no effects are equipped, and disappears if you try to interact with her. Interacting with her will cause the sun to rise and flowers on the cliff to bloom.

Moai bro.png Moai Bro[]

An NPC who dwells in one of the houses of the Sea of Clouds. He normally dons a sad expression. However, using the Wolf or Fairy effects will turn his frown upside-down. Interacting with him unlocks wallpaper #213.

Anubisnpc.png Anubis[]

A character resembling the Egyptian god Anubis, who wanders around the Hourglass Desert. Using the Wolf effect will cause him to change his posture.

Kitsune.png Ninetails[]

A humanoid nine-tailed fox NPC found in the Fantasy Library and Red Lily Lake. Cutting off all their tails while in the Red Lily Lake will cause them to take Urotsuki to the Red Sky Cliff. If the Chainsaw effect is equipped near them in the Fantasy Library, it will be unequipped.

Candyhead.png Candyhead[]

A cutesy character found in both Sugar World and Cutlery World. She can't be killed with the Chainsaw, but she can still bleed (perhaps it's jam?). Equipping the Child effect near her will cause one of her eyes to focus on Urotsuki while the other looks at the ground.

Kigaru.png Kīgāru (Key Girl)[]

A doll-looking girl with a key on her head that perpetually rotates, found in Cotton Candy Haven. Using the Boy or Chainsaw effects, Urotsuki can take the key from her. This is necessary to access the Infinite Library.

Taking off the key will unlock wallpaper #270.

Zodiacs.png The Zodiacs[]

The Zodiacs are twelve different NPCs who all take residence in Constellation World. Aquarius, Libra, and Sagittarius cannot be killed, Aries, Capricorn, Gemini, Pisces, and Virgo can be killed, Scorpio and Cancer will hurt you when trying to kill them, and Leo will roar while Urotsuki backs away.

Hagure uzasu.png Hagure-Uzasu[]

A conical green creature that wanders around near the sculpture room of Graveyard World. It slowly moves about with a dopey expression on its face. Wielding the Chainsaw effect will cause it to freak out, zipping about at high speeds. Chainsawing Hagure-Uzasu has a 1/3 chance of giving you 5000夢.

Bloody baby.png Bloody Babies[]

Red, bloody babies who crawl around the Train Tracks and the Closet Pinwheel Path. Interacting with them causes them to cry and make a face of disgust.

Parasite.png The Parasite[]

The titular inhabitant of the Parasite Laboratory. It can do nothing to Urotsuki. However, if she uses the Chainsaw on its container, it escapes and converts the whole facility into a living organism.

Monkey marquis.png Monkey Marquis[]

The presumed owner of the Monkey Mansion. He lounges on his throne. Interestingly, as the rest of the mansion has parallels to Urotsuki's Dream Apartments, the Marquis' room is directly where Urotsuki's room would be.

Cyberlings.png The Cyberlings[]

These creatures roam around the Cyber Maze. Each one takes the player to a different world. The angel takes Urotsuki to GALAXY Town, the bat to the Exhibition, the bear to Smiling Trees World, the flower to an extended path that takes you to either Dream Mexico or the Cocktail Lounge, the heart to Valentine Land, the sea lily to Sea Lily World and the purple-pink geometric figure to the Oriental Pub. There are also 2 currently unused NPCs. One is a hexagonal NPC that would take Urotsuki to the Dark Museum, and another that would take you to the Dream Bank.

Geisha doll.png Hina Doll[]

The main event of the Maiden Outlook area. She will react differently depending on what time it is when Urotsuki visits. If it is daytime, sunset, or evening, her head will shoot off her body, landing near the cliffside Urotsuki is standing on. If it is nighttime, however, her head will already have left her body, and will be flying around like a hot air balloon above the town below.

Bowling npcs.png Bōringu Otoko and Pingai[]

The ever-running inhabitants of the Bowling Zone. The Bōringu Otoko are running bowling balls, while the Pingai are the running bowling pins. The Bōringu Otoko in The Lanes portion of Bowling Zone will send Urotsuki back to the start to the lanes if she comes into contact with them. The Bōringu Otoko and Pingai of Bowling Pin World are harmless, and won't even run from the Chainsaw effect.

Tshirt-kun.png T-Shirt-kun[]

A blue t-shirt creature with red eyes that can be found at the end of the Arrow Maze. They grant Kura Puzzle #43 and wallpaper #124 upon interaction.

Monmon.png Monmon[]

The cute, fluffy inhabitants (whose name translates to "worrying endlessly") of Marijuana Goddess World. They jump when interacted with. They are unique in the fact that they can be set on fire by the Lantern effect.

Seanut.png Seanut[]

The tall sea sponge of Atlantis. He blushes when Urotsuki wears the Wolf or Penguin effects around him, which unlocks wallpaper #195, and has a scared expression when the Chainsaw is equipped near him. If attacked with the Chainsaw, his eyes will turn white, and his mouth will leak blood. The Seanut will also react to other effects, such as Gakuran, Boy, Marginal, and Bunny Ears. Like Painter-kun, Seanut will not come back after he is killed.

Namakubi.png Namakubi Boy[]

A humongous head with a spaced-out expression visible in the Namakubi Path area of the Shinto Shrine. On occasion, while on the Namakubi Path, both the boy and the area will turn red, and the boy's face will be riddled with holes, and he will now bear a creepy grin. This is necessary to unlock wallpaper #143.

Green prince.png The Green Prince[]

A googly-eyed fellow found in the City Limits. He will appear on the side of the road opposite to Urotsuki. Hence, he cannot be interacted with. However, should one want to interact with him, the Bat effect can be used to achieve this.

Shibomu.png Shibomu[]

A rather deflated looking snake with two mouths and a cut on his side. He is found lying on the ground in the Highway under the tunnel to the Upper Highway and can only be seen if you use the Glasses effect. He does not react to any other effects. In older versions, he was found lying on the ground at the end of the tunnel and was visible without the use of the Glasses effect. He was also orange colored.

Petriphant.png Petriphant[]

A green, petrified, elephant looking creature that can be found at a short path in the Bleeding Heads Garden. Its appearance highly resembles the Seahorse from Yume Nikki.

Kutourufu.png Kutourufu[]

A green cephalopod-like creature found in the Oriental Lake.

Greyblob.png Burobu[]

A strange, gray slimy creature found in Gray Relic World. Interacting with it will bring you back to Theatre World.

2kki-killercrab.png Okina Robusuta[]

A lobster located in the Flooded Baths, found near the broken shell in the passage to Atlantis. It is identical to the Killer Lobster chasers, but harmless.

Dusk snake.png Yugure[]

A dark blue sea snake found in the Wastewater Treatment Plant. It reacts to the Trombone effect by gazing at the sky.

Mercury chips.png Suigin[]

A group of grey disfigured characters found in Gray Relic World. When interacted with, they change shape temporarily before changing back.

Flashing snake.png Furasshu[]

Multiple neon sea snakes found in the Industrial Waterfront in Tesla Garden. When the Marginal effect is equipped, their appearance change drastically.


A group of severed heads located all across Flesh Paths World. They are used to navigate through the area, the most notable is a severed head of Urotsuki herself.

They may be a reference to Severed Blue Head from Yume Nikki.

A map of Flesh Paths World, showcasing all the Atama.

Onsenchan.png Onsen's Cousin[]

An Onsen-san lookalike found in the Streetlight Garden. Unlike the original Onsen-san, Onsen's Cousin is unaffected by the Chainsaw effect.

Sad rainbow jellyfish.png Sad Jellyfish[]

Found in Doll House and the Overgrown Condominium. Appears only when the Chainsaw effect is equipped.

Glitchman.png Glitchman[]

The sole living inhabitant of the Industrial Towers. Interacting with him with the Bunny Ears effect equipped will change the time of day. He also reacts to a number of effects.

BLGirl.png Black Hole Girls[]

Found in various places throughout Río's worlds. Interacting with these NPCs will unlock a menu theme when interacted with. They are each different colors.

SeaCreatures.png Subsurface Creatures[]

A variety of creatures found around the Ocean Subsurface. Most of them are neon colored and play sounds when interacted with. The creature that does not appear to be neon colored appears like this initially, but then changes colors when interacted with. The blue ring creatures in this area can also be found in lines within the Aquatic Cube City, as presented in the picture, but much longer.

Hanako.png Hanako[]

A sleeping girl who has a 48% chance of appearing beside the lamp in the Lotus Lamp Room.

Rio SnowyNPC.png Wintry Attendant[]

A person who sits behind what appears to be a bar in the Wintry Cliffs. They will react to various effects, taking another form with each one.

Ronsutoka.png Ronsutoka[]

The lone and silent inhabitant who lives in the hidden room of the Silent Sewers, who is revealed to be a cyclops if either the Eyeball Bomb or Glasses effect are equipped.

Visiting their room for the first time unlocks wallpaper #249.

Puni.png Puni[]

The inhabitants of the Dream Park. They change in appearance by equipping effects that they favor, and let off a squeak of denial upon interacting with them with effects that they dislike. They can also be found in the Shadowy Caves, Guardians' Temple, Birthday Tower, Dice World and Abyss of Farewells.

Shirubechan.png Shirube-chan[]

An NPC that only appears if Urotsuki has slept 100 times and has visited the Dream Park's sections at least twice. Shirube-chan will teleport you across sections of the Park upon interaction.

01-kun.png 01-kun[]

Green outlined blob creatures that serve as the inhabitants of the Digital Forest, they have ears shaped 0 and 1. They can also be found in Fluorescent Halls, Rainbow Ruins and Winter Valley. A doll of one can be found in the house of Lovesick World.

Straw sister.png Warane-san[]

An NPC found in Broken Faces Area and Vase World. Equipping the Insect effect will make her transform into a green creature with tentacles for legs and chainsawing her will make her transform permanently into a blue squid-like creature.

Ahogeko.png Ahogeko[]

A brown-haired girl that lives in Ahogeko's House. She and the area itself is a reference to Poniko from the original Yume Nikki.

Notuboa.png Aooh[]

A red blob-creature that has a 1/64 chance of occuring in the cylindrical building of False Shoal. It is a reference to Uboa from the original Yume Nikki.

Firehead.png Firehead[]

A dancing girl that lives in the Aquatic Cube City. She wears a japanese high school uniform, and has a fire for a head. Firehead can only be spawned if the player has visited any part of her house, and then standing on a specific spot of the city. There is a random chance that she can be found sleeping in her bedroom.

Encountering her in the city will unlock wallpaper #304.

Akako.png Akako[]

A red and white girl who has a 1/64 chance of appearing in the White Scarlet Exhibition. She bears a similar resemblance to Monoko from Yume Nikki. Equipping either the Cake, Fairy, Penguin or Rainbow effects will show a happy expression on her face, while equipping the Gakuran, Stretch and Grave effect makes her transparent.

Meko.png Meko[]

A cyclops girl that serves as a portal between Teddy Bear Land and the School.

Twintails girl.png Twintail-chan[]

A twintails girl who resides in her own room of the Hand Fields. Equipping the Twintails effect makes her follow you around, while the Telephone and Chainsaw will cause her to run away from Urotsuki. Interestingly, equipping the Marginal effect will make her eyes become crossed, grows arms in the back of her head and she will start to walk backwards. She will disappear if you use the Invisible effect.

Entering her room for the first time, with the Twintails effect equipped will unlock wallpaper #273.

White drooling creature.png White Drooling Creature[]

A creature that appears in one of the books in the Library and in a room inside of the Apartments. Its appearance is similar to Monoko from Yume Nikki. Interacting with them in the Apartments will show up a screen of unknown words, after that they will be running around the room quickly.

Chalkboard girl.png Chalkboard Girl[]

A girl who walks around in the Chalkboard Playground.

Mushroom witch.png Mushroom Witch[]

A witch who lives in the house of the Halloween Forest. She will disappear entirely if the Chainsaw effect is equipped.

Black dove.png Black Dove[]

An NPC that wanders around Snowy Village. She has a slightly similar appearance to the Toriningen from Yume Nikki. When the Chainsaw or Glasses effect are equipped, she will be slightly transparent. If the Marginal effect is equipped, her colors will turn black and white. Using the torch will change her colors into orange for a few seconds. She will spin around if the Fairy effect is used. The Black Dove will also follow around Urotsuki if the Penguin effect is equipped.

Candle girl.png Candle Girl[]

A girl who lives in a house of Snowy Village. She becomes invisible with only the candles on her head showing when the Chainsaw effect is equipped and is petrified when the Marginal effect is equipped. Her outfit will change without the candles when the Red Riding Hood effect is equipped.

Equipping the Red Riding Hood effect near her for the first time will unlock wallpaper #300.

Piano girl.png The Piano Girl[]

A white-haired woman who plays a piano in the Storybook of Tricolor Room. Interacting with her will make her play a tune. Chainsawing her will change the music of the room and it will turn darker.

Lavender.png Lavender[]

A girl who sits on top of the monoliths in the Mirror Lake.

Key fox.png Key Fox[]

A fox who lives near a building south-east of Ruined Garden. Interacting with the fox for the first time will unlock every gate of the garden, and the fox will turn transparent after.

Mask twins.png The Mask Twins[]

The Mask Twins are two NPCs that are found at the theatre of Snowy Village. The twin wearing the sad mask has been nicknamed 'Tragedy' while the twin wearing the happy mask has been nicknamed 'Comedy'. The twins react to numerous effects, such as the Fairy, Marginal, Rainbow, Graveyard, and Invisible.

Unknown girl large.png ???-tsuki[]

An NPC that can be occasionally found in the bedroom of The Second Nexus. She resembles the typical main character that can be found in several Yume Nikki fangames, and is featured in a few events.

The liar.png The Liar[]

A boy who lives in the house of Lovesick World. He is featured in a few events, mostly involving within ???-tsuki, and appears to have some sort of connection with her.

Pancake girl.png Pancake Girl[]

A girl with pancakes stacked on the top of her head, who is found in Pancake World. She reacts angrily to the Cake effect when it is equipped.

Noraneko.png Noraneko-kun[]

A heterochromatic cat-person that has a 1/8 chance of appearing in the Sofa Room. They meow when interacted with. There is also a black cat in the same area whose appearance is similar to them.

Kidoairakukun.png Kidoairaku-kun[]

A coated person who appears randomly in the Underground TV Complex. Meeting them will unlock wallpaper #334.

Operator cyborg.png Operator Cyborg[]

A cyborg that is seen operating in a control room of the Rusty Urban Complex.

Aiko.png Aiko[]

A cyclops girl with a bathing suit in a room from Dream Pool.

Xy twins.png The XY Twins[]

Two twins that are located in the first floor, third room from the left in the main building of the Apartments. They flinch when the Telephone effect is used, and freak out when the zero and infinity signs around them are chainsawed. Interacting with them will unlock wallpaper #117.

Removed NPCs[]

Oudn-charset07.png Lamp Post Boy[]

A boy who used to be found in an old version of the Apartments. When interacted with, a picture of his face would appear on the screen for about a second, causing him to vanish from the area, similar to Monoe from Yume Nikki. In later versions of the game, Lamp Post Boy was replaced with Hiboushi.

V.png Mushroom Vendor[]

A tall man who used to stand next to a vending machine in Mushroom World. In his normal state (middle) he appeared to be wearing a backpack and eating something. This might've been prompting Urotsuki or the player that the vending machine works. However, this machine steals your money and doesn't give a drink. Said vending machine is still present in game.

Onsen-san.PNG Onsen-san[]

A large NPC that was found deep within Pillars World. It appeared to be a reference to Onsen-san from the original Yume Nikki, and it drank the water found below the floor in the area. If Urotsuki attacked it with the Chainsaw effect and walked away, upon walking back over it would have recolored itself in a very bright color scheme. This could not be undone, even after waking up and returning to the area.

Interacting with it would unlock wallpaper #166. Said wallpaper is still present in game, but with a different unlocking method.

Itcamefrombehind.png It Came from Behind[]

A gargantuan creature who resided in the Neon City. While wandering about, It Came from Behind had a 1/2500 chance of showing up per second. When it appeared, it would be accompanied by a sort of "do-do-dook" sound. Seeing it would've unlocked Kura Puzzle #50 (the puzzle is still present in game, now unlocked from the start).

There are two similar creatures in the game, those being the sea monster in the Neon Sea, and the flying creature in the Monochromatic Abyss.

It Came from Behind was a reference to Yume Nikki's Takofuusen.

Tulip lamp couple.png Couple under the Shelter[]

A pair of humanoid figures who used to reside in Tulip Lamp World. They had general responses to effects. If both were killed, the player would receive wallpaper #199. Said wallpaper is still present in game, but with a different unlocking method.

Music box creature.png Music Box Creature[]

A bizarrely shaped creature who sat in a house within the Bottom Garden. When Urotsuki entered its house, it would play one of three music box songs from its head. It played the next song in its lineup when interacted with. If attacked with the Chainsaw, the music would stop. Leaving the house would bring it back to continue its songs.

Forest guardian.png Forest Guardian and Bugger[]

A large stone statue that was within the Forest Pier area. When first discovered, Bugger (the red creature) would be wriggling around the statue. Using the Chainsaw would cause Bugger to die, freeing the Forest Guardian. In exchange, the Forest Guardian gave Urotsuki 1000夢, opened up the path to the Hidden Shoal, and unlocked wallpaper #197. Said wallpaper is still present in game, but with a different unlocking method.

Neon creatures.png The Neon Creatures[]

A vast variety of characters that were found in the Neon City. They reacted to multiple effects, most notably the Marginal effect.

Factory uboa.png The Factory Uboa[]

An unusual blob creature that was found in the Abandoned Factory's sewers on the way to the Wind Tunnel. It is a reference to Yume Nikki's Alley Demon all the way up to the fact that it was found in the passage to an event similar to Big Red.

Yume2kkig uljp00007.png The Entity of the Void[]

A strange creature that was found in the tunnel between the Chaotic Buildings and the White Void. It also had a flame in its eye.

Neon pier creatures.png The Neon Pier Creatures[]

A group of creatures that were found swimming in the water in the Forest Pier.