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By using Urotsuki's computer, the player can choose between one of several different Menu Themes, which change the design of the menu frame. Menu themes can be selected through the tools menu on Urotsuki's Computer. There are currently 44 selectable menu themes in the game; at the start of the game, Urotsuki has 5 to choose from, and she can unlock more themes by interacting with special NPCs & objects throughout the dream world.

There are currently 38 unlockable menu themes in the game, as well as 3 temporary menu themes, which do not appear on the Menu Theme page.

Each Menu Theme is listed below in order according to the computer menu, along with a brief description of where they can be found.

Icon Location Condition(s) Image

Theme 0

None Obtained at the beginning of the game

Theme 1

Theme 2

Theme 3

Theme 4

Theme 5

Urotsuki's Room Default themes

Theme 6

Theme 7

Bleak Future By interacting with the boy twice, you will receive both of these themes.

Theme 8

Black Building Found by going upstairs 45 times in the stairs found at the left wing.

Theme 9

Cog Maze Found at the end of the maze as a bent screw.

Theme 10

Square-Square World Found on a red block.

Theme 11

Verdant Promenade Found inside the Antiquated Resthouse.

Theme 12

Urotsuki's Dream Apartments Found in the storage located downstairs.

Theme 13

Sofa Room Found by going northeast from the entrance, as a green gift box.

Theme 14

Theme 15

Unlocked by sleeping 34 times.

Theme 16

Guts World Going through the room with the clown in the grey building leads to a cramped storage room with a glowing pumpkin in it, which will give you a menu skin if you interact with it. After you have taken the theme, it will turn back into an ordinary orange pumpkin.

Theme 17

Maple Shrine At the end of the maze is a smiling orange head creature that will give you a theme. It does not disappear after obtaining the menu theme.

Theme 18

Pencil World After interacting with all four paintings, enter the rainbow tree picture. By using the Rainbow effect in the white scene to turn it colorful, a leaf will fall down from the tree, giving you a new theme.

Theme 19

Chocolate World By interacting with the chocolate fountain, the screen will be briefly covered with liquid chocolate and you will be given the theme. You must have the Cake effect before trying to get this menu theme.

Theme 20

Blue Cactus Islands By way of warping throughout the area's interior you can reach a remote two-floor dwelling (located at the narwhal's fin). Inside is an isolated room with the egg which unlocks this theme.
Blue cactus islands egg.png

Theme 21

Stone Towers Through navigation of the second stone tower, one can find a well. In said well is a stone egg that gives you this theme.
Stone towers well.png

Theme 22

Star Building Shortly right of the garden's exit is a golden egg that gives you this theme.
Star building egg.png

Theme 23

Blob Desert Inside the pyramid located by going left and slightly down from the entrance. Unlocked by interacting with the blue creature on the reception desk. It won't show an unlock message as with other menu themes.

Theme 24

Cipher Keyboard If you have obtained the Child and Stretch effects, near the upper-left face of the Enter key is a book that will give you this theme.
Matoran keyboard book.png

Theme 25

Viridian Wetlands Found inside the skeleton of an aquatic creature, as an egg.

Theme 26

Polluted Swamp Found in the bullet house with the aquatic creatures, as an egg.

Theme 27

Snowy Village Found inside a gray building at the right of a fountain, as an egg.

Theme 28

Decrepit Dwellings Found in the Hidden Forest by interacting with a Black Hole Girl with a blue outline.

Theme 29

Verdant Promenade Found at the entrance of the area from the Chainlink Lees by interacting with a Black Hole Girl with a yellow-red outline.

Theme 30

Black Ink World Found inside an inkpot in Black Ink World.

Theme 31

Forgotten Megalopolis Found in the Forgotten Garden by interacting with a Black Hole Girl with a green outline.

Theme 32

Tomb of Velleities Found in the Lunar Sanctuary by interacting with a Black Hole Girl with a purple outline.

Theme 33

Visine Spacecraft Found by interacting with the blue being in the crystal field. Entering the door when the windows display blue asteroids leads here.
Blue being.png

Theme 34

Data Stream Found by interacting with Urotsuki's outline in a room accessible from a secret staircase.
Data stream menu theme.png

Theme 35

Lavender Waters Found by interacting with a swan near the house.
Lavender waters swan.png

Theme 36

Originator Garden Found by interacting with a vaguely-humanoid creature below the blood puddle, present after falling from the balcony in the Second Nexus.

Theme 37

Fluorescent Halls Found by interacting with a smiling creature with triangles for legs.

Theme 38

City of Liars Found by chainsawing a monstrous creature in a house in the section accessible from False Shoal.
City of liars tail.png

Theme 39

Sleep at least 14 times.

Theme 40

Monochrome GB World Found by interacting with a malfunctioned security drone in an area accessible from the other side of the GB Tunnel.

Theme 41

Smiley Signs World Found by interacting with a knife southwest of the Second Nexus entrance.
Smiley signs world knife.png

Theme 42

Lovesick World or The Second Nexus Found by interacting with a love letter on the table of the house in Lovesick World, or in the trash bin in ???-tsuki's room.
Lovesick world love letter.png

Theme 43

Corrupted Love World Found by interacting with a set of toys within a circle of hearts in Corrupted Love World.
Corrupted love world menu theme.png

Temporary Menu Themes[]

These are menu themes that do not get added to the Tools menu in the Computer, which persist under certain conditions.

Icon Location Condition(s) Image

Theme -1

Saturated Eyeball Zone Killing this NPC will instantly replace your current menu theme with the eyeball theme, but it won't be added to the tools menu in the Computer. The NPC dies permanently, so you can only get it once, and it will be gone forever if you change your menu theme afterwards.
Temp icon 2.png
NES Glitch Tunnel This menu theme is only available when exploring the NES Glitch Tunnel.
Fc glitch tunnel cars.png
Temp icon 3.png
Shop Ruins Can be toggled by interacting with the heart-shaped NPC in the pink 8-bit area, accessible from the bottle in the left table of the hidden chemical storage in Shop Ruins. This menu theme lasts until you wake up, and can be re-obtained as much as you want.
Shop ruins pink room.png

Previous Methods[]

Here's a list of the previous methods you used to collect certain menu themes. This includes the removed Egg themes that were found in various places throughout wataru's worlds.

Icon Location Condition(s) Image

Theme 8

Hidden Shoal You can find one egg here.

Theme 9

Forest Pier You can find one egg here. This egg is in the Southern Area, around the giant half-buried sun statue.

Theme 10

Planetarium There's one egg in the scenery area. You can reach this place via Deserted Town.

Theme 11

Factory Garden There's one egg in the bottom to the map, you only need get off all the stairs in the Industrial Maze. You can reach this place via Arc De Pillar World
Factory garden.jpg

Theme 12

Rose Church You can find one egg here.
The elusive egg.jpg

Theme 13

Bioluminescent Cavern There's one egg in this place. This place can be reached by going to the Factory Garden, find the Aquarium building in the Overgrown City, pass the Victorian Drains, and finally, getting into the boat, find that egg in the Bioluminescent Cavern.

Theme 14

Theme 15

Depths You can find two eggs here. One can be found in the Aquarium and the other is in the deepest part of the Depths.

Theme 23

Blob Desert Inside the pyramid near the pharaoh-like figure is a black circle with a menu theme icon which gives you the theme.
Blob desert menu theme.png

Theme 25

Abandoned Factory Found in the hidden house accesible by chainsawing one of the culverts in the path to the Radiant Ruins, near some cones.