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Taishō Yashiki
Taisho Mansion







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Arc de Pillar World
Deserted Pier
Industrial Maze


Bgm013 (exterior)
bgm039 (lobby)
bgm016 (Corridors)
bgm042 (Underground Storage)
dedp_63 To Blip (Terrace)

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The Mansion was an area accessible from Arc de Pillar World. It was removed from the game in version 0.113.

Map of Mansion

Features[edit | edit source]

This place is divided into an exterior area, a lobby, two corridors, an underground storage and a terrace, forming four floors. All parts of the mansion have a slightly dark tone (except the terrace, especially the storage) that can be countered with the Lantern effect.

Outside the Mansion (Flooded Ramparts)[edit | edit source]

Upon entering from Arc de Pillar World, you'll travel through this opening area (Formally known as the Flooded Ramparts) on a boat, similar to the one in the Forest Pier. Eventually, you will climb back up onto land, where you will pass between several ramparts built in the water, including a huge and elaborate gate. After you reach the end of the path, you'll encounter the door to the interior of the mansion (大正屋敷, Taishō Yashiki, Taisho Mansion), starting on the First Floor.

First Floor[edit | edit source]

The first floor of the Mansion is composed of a lobby and a corridor. In the center of the lobby, a huge chandelier hangs over a large chasm. The walls are adorned with candles, and a large double door in the main area is blocked off. To the right from the big door is another door which takes you to the corridor. The corridor only has windows, a flower in a white vase, and two staircases. Heading downwards leads to the Underground Storage, while heading upward leads to the Second Floor.

Underground Storage[edit | edit source]

A darker room with cones, stagnant water, one candle and many boxes. In the right part you can find a door which leads to the Industrial Maze.

Second Floor[edit | edit source]

The second floor consists only of a corridor with three windows. There you can find a NPC which takes you to the Deserted Pier, and a door leading to the Third Floor.

Third Floor (Terrace)[edit | edit source]

This floor consists of a small corridor with yellow squares similar to illuminated windows. At the other end of the corridor is a small darker room with white flowers, two chandeliers, one bookshelf, one illuminated door and a table with a book cup above. This last door takes you to a daytime terrace with a bench and a vending machine, with many more terraces nearby.

Directions[edit | edit source]

Nexus → Red Streetlight WorldGray RoadGrass WorldGreen Neon WorldConstruction Frame BuildingCog MazeForest PierAbandoned FactoryArc de Pillar World → Mansion

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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