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Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Mugen Toshokan
Dream Library




WP #9, #84, #96



Notable NPCs

Surimuki, Marginal Vivid Worker, Waku Waku-san, White Drooling Creature

Connecting Areas

The Nexus
Word World
Eyeball Archives Glasses
Apartments LockedCondition🔐NoReturn
Infinite Library Locked🔒
Broken Faces Area LockedCondition🔐MarginalNoReturn
Fountain World Chainsaw NoReturn
Snowy Pipe Organ Chainsaw NoReturn
Elvis Masada's Place Chainsaw NoReturn
Character Plains Chance🍀Return🚩
Tricolor Room Return🚩
Maiden Outlook Return🚩

Removed Connections

Fantasy Library


ym2-02_chii gensyou
x-air-Chukka (fast)

Map ID




The Library is one of the main areas accessible from The Nexus.

If text events are disabled, most of the area's books will be inaccessible, and the Character Plains, Word World, and the Maiden Outlook will become inaccessible (Though you can still visit the Apartments and the Eyeball Archives). Text events can be activated by going onto Urotsuki's computer, selecting the tools icon and selecting the TXT option, then choosing the first option.


The walls of the Library are covered in a nighttime cityscape and contain sixteen rows of bookshelves and two couches. From these bookshelves are 56 different books that repeatedly slide in and out. When you interact with them, you are able to read them. They contain various images and literature of different forms, such as recipes, poetry and a diary.

The 2nd book on the shelf to the left of the door will take you to the Maiden Outlook if you turn to the leftmost page, the fourth shelf in the second row on the left has a 1/34 chance (decided when you pick up the book) of taking you to the Character Plains, and the last book in the 2nd shelf down from the door on the right will take you to the Apartments. (This book will only appear after having visited the apartments at least once). The first book on the shelf at the right serves as a one-way connection with Broken Faces Area if text events are currently deactivated and the Marginal effect is equipped.

One of the lower bookshelves has a ladder leaning against it. If you interact with the back of this shelf directly across from the ladder, you will be transported to Word World.

Equipping the Glasses effect near the bottom of the first room will make a book appear in the bookshelf right of the door, which will transport you to the Eyeball Archives. The fourth book in the same bookshelf will connect with the Picture Book and, if the connection from the Cloud Floor to Chaos World is unlocked, using the Gakuran effect in the same book will show a coded message, which unlocks an angel NPC in Fruit Cake World. By equipping the Rainbow effect, a book will appear on the last column of this shelf, where this book will display something else if the Sound Room ending has been seen and the Trombone effect is equipped.

Lower Area[]

Green books are unlocked in the lower area as you do things in the dreamworld. Only the first row contains books, and on the right all of them are green- the third book from the right contains the page at the end of the False Shoal, the fourth book from the right is accessible if you interact with the red lips creature in Florist, and the fifth next to the ladder is accessible upon reading the same green book in the Infinite Library. The second row houses three books, as well as a white book which is accessible upon obtaining it in the Stomach Maze, along with a dark-red book that is accessible upon visiting all of the Dream Park's sections, containing vague-looking scribbles. If you have met any one of the Five Guardians, those scribbles will be revealed to be doodles of the Five Guardians. The fifth book in the row can be obtained by entering the Seaside Road.


Books can be read by interacting with the red or green books popping out of the different library shelves. Below is a list of translations for each text in the first section of the library, listed by shelf according to the map, to either side of the door.

Row 1[]

First Book on the Left, First Row:

  • book txt 1-1
He taps at the window.
Has it been already an hour?
And yet he does not quit.
The window reveals no change.
He taps at the window.
Has it already been a week?
And yet he does not quit,
The window reveals no change.
  • book txt 1-2
What are you?
are you a person?
are you a thing?
are you alive?
are you dead?
do you exist?
do you not exist?
can you prove you exist?
can you not prove you exist?
can someone prove you are here?
can someone not prove you are here?
are you
are you 
are you

are you not here?

so, you should not be here.
so, you should not exist.

you must leave leave leave leave leave leave
you must disappear disappear disappear disappear disappear
leave disappear leave disappear
  • book txt 1-3
I am the god of this world.
If I did not exist, this world would not be perceived.

I am the dust of this world.
Even if I did not exist, this world would be complete.

I am the most enlightened state of this world.
If my knowledge did not spread, this world would be blind.

I am the most foolish of this world.
Because of my knowledge, this world cannot be understood.

I am.

I am I am I am I am I am I am I am I am I am
I am I am I am I am I am I am I am I am I am
I am I am I am I am I am I am


Second Book on the Left, First Row:

  • book txt 20-1
1st page: 
The Elderly People of the Festival

The wall-climbing festival began.
The first to climb are
the elderly people whose feet are injured.
Getting help from someone else,
moving limply,
they are not climbing by themselves.
When they descended, they made a mistake
and were violently flung to the ground.
The earth was in an uproar.
The elderly people had
been carried away and disappeared somewhere.

2nd page:

On the bus

My aunt decorates my hair
with ornaments.
With a frown,
I take them out.
The hair ornament rolls onto the floor
and breaks.

3rd page:

Augmenting Friends
From the back of the bus,
a woman with a beautiful voice
can be heard singing.
I saw my classmates
becoming taller and taller.

4th page:

Hina Doll

​When you get off the bus,
the countryside landscape
is spread before you.
In a field at the center of the village,
stands a Hina Doll,
towering over the houses.

Third Book on the Left, First Row:

  • book txt 145-1 
『Caring for your drought monkey ①』

• Although it has a mixed diet, too much moisture 
  can cause its stomach to rupture.
• Spread sawdust in its cage. 
  Finely shredded newspaper is also acceptable.
• After cleaning its cage, it’s also good to replenish its water supply.
• Never keep two drought monkeys.
• Drought monkeys mimic the actions of their owners. It's a sign of affection.
• If it somehow learns to speak, 
  poison your drought monkey immediately.

Fourth Book on the Left, First Row:

  • mudai (note: not 'book txt mudai') 
My hands are trembling. The scar on them burns painfully.
It became a keloid that keeps throbbing.
I can see it steadily getting worse.

Someone, anyone, I'm begging you. I want this to end already.
It hurts. It's so painful. Why. Why me?

I see my reflection in the window. I look horrible.
Every night I'm unable to sleep and then morning comes. It won't stop.

Mother.   Mother.      Mom.

Fifth Book on the Left, First Row:

  • book txt 893 1-1 to 1-3
When I fell
my "head"
got scraped.

+ A picture of Surimuki

First Book on the Right, First Row:

  • sababooks_1 and _2
Marginal Vivid Worker

+ A picture of Marginal Vivid Worker

Second Book on the Right, First Row:

  • book txt mudai
stop it.
stop it.
your heart, which I touched strains to stop.

show me inside your heart.
I'll paint it out with this green crayon.

if it calms down show it to me once again.

your heart will once again this time, 
be together with mine, become green.

Third Book on the Right, First Row:

  • book txt mudai2
Someone's shouting.
Greedy little me grabs as many voices as I can
and shoves them in a tin.

They might be useful.

My heart flutters when I chuck it in the fireplace.

The voices become thick, melting inside the tin
Some of them get burned
The scent is so delicious
It makes my greedy little voice come out.

Fourth Book on the Right, First Row:

  • book txt mudai3

In any case, I need a trashcan.
I have something to throw away.

With teary eyes I searched around,
and at last, I finally found one.

With a trashcan in hand,
now I just need something to throw away.

Fifth Book on the Right, First Row:

  • book txt yume
Have a nice dream

Row 2[]

First Book on the Left, Second Row:

  • wakuwakusan
A picture of waku-waku san

Second Book on the Left, Second Row:

  • book txt 20-5

Possibly referencing the Hina Doll in Maiden Outlook.

Observing Head

In this land
when nighttime falls,
The doll's head
flies around.

Third Book on the Left, Second Row:

  • book txt 145-2
「How To Play A Game By Yourself ③」

11. In case of deviation, you must not lose your head. 

12. Continue to play the game. 
13. Not everyone can be loved by someone. 



-->Continue to How To Play A Game By Yourself ④

Fourth Book on the Left, Second Row:

  • book txt sn-1 to 5
My body is overflowing with characters.
A strand of hair, the enamel on my teeth, it's all composed of characters.
Everything reflected in the eye is reproduced in the retina as characters.
All that can be tasted becomes characters that convulse the brain.
Even my dreams are constructed of characters.

Ah! My heart has stopped.
It's turned to characters and no longer pumps blood.
But, that's not what concerns me.
I noticed it in my fading consciousness;

The characters were losing meaning.

My decomposition was slow, just a little bit at a time, but for certain, I wasn't reading the characters.
'Illiteracy is death', I finally realised. Then, was this it? In death, are there still characters?
I can't read. I can't read. I can't read anything. Letters spew out. I fade, I disappear.
Interpretation disappears.
I can't see anything. I can't even move a finger.

Finally, I'm gone.

I saw a truth, a book.
I wish I had held them all a little closer, I've done something unforgivable.
That alone, I put into characters,
as I lowered my eyelids.
oysm mmn sst smn wg msm...

Fifth Book on the Left, Second Row:

  • book txt 145-3
​​Red Remedy

The Red Remedy is a cure which is currently illegal, aiming to
treat psychiatric disorders of all kinds.
First, multiple patients are made to live in the same room, and
each patient will be made to talk to each other, always
using the word “red” in some way.
Next, there will be a select day in which the patients
will be exposed to a red light for approximately 30 minutes.
Until an incident that resulted in 20 casualties at
the XX Medical Center was brought to light, this method was
used worldwide for about 30 years.

First Book on the Right, Second Row:

  • book txt syousou
(to be translated)

Second Book on the Right, Second Row:

  • book txt bekurotu
(to be translated)

Third Book on the Right, Second Row:

  • lxl 1
Once again I’m getting bullied at school
What’s the point of me even going there….
I didn’t have a particularly notable first day
But maybe something interesting will happen soon…

Those assholes are always messing around with me
Why do they look at me like that?
I don't want to see them again
Why is this happening to me?
Why me?
Why me?
Why me?
Why me?

Fourth Book on the Right, Second Row:

  • heart 256
I don't know if you'd want it, 
but I'm giving this heart to you.

Fifth Book on the Right, Second Row:

  • にっき 1-1
Suddenly, my mother hired a private teacher for my high school Exam.

She said he's going to come every day starting tomorrow.
Even though I'm also going to cram school, what a pain.
  • にっき AA
ASCII art representation of the White Drooling Creature.
  • にっき 1-2
My precious holiday was ruined because the private teacher stood by me all day.

Maybe because of that or something else, my body feels sluggish.
  • にっき 1-3
Today, the private teacher came over in the morning.

He didn't go back to his house for the day. And my parents said nothing.
  • にっき 1-4
I studied all night with him in the end.

My parents stop me from going to school, but it's Monday.

They keep me in my room.
  • にっき 1-5
Teacher  gaveme  a  strange dru g.

I  have a h eadac he.

Di d I
     ge t
           shor te r
  • にっき 1-6
B ody    fee ls    st ran  ge
Th ere  ' s  a ha nd   co ming  ou  t   of   my  stom ach
  • にっき 1-7
            LP       MOTH E
  • にっき 1-8
  • にっき 1-9
number yummy

Row 3[]

First Book on the Left, Third Row:

  • book txt 草 1
A: Is this (your) broken clock a clock?

B: No, it's not a clock. At a stopped point in time there are no clocks.

A: Well, then what is it?

B: A stopped clock, or something that looks like it has the shape of a clock, 
   Or something that has once been a clock.

A: Well, then where have the "clocks" gone?

B: That I do not know.

A: What will I become when I DIE?

B: That I do not know either.

Second Book on the Left, Third Row:

  • 710_txt01 to txt03
(to be translated)

Third Book on the Left, Third Row:

  • book txt yomihito shirazu-1 to 5
(to be translated)

Fourth Book on the Left, Third Row:

  • kura txt 10
​There are a lot of gears in this factory.
Naturally, they spin, those wonderful cogs.
However they never last for long, they're quite brittle.
I see them turning, and I feel a little somber.

Nobody else seemed to, but I noticed one of them.
I watched it turn carefully, 
it's been spinning with vigor for 2 or 3 years.

As a result,
I started naming them one by one.
Initially, the other employees found it bizarre,
but before I knew it, they too started addressing the cogs by name.

I'm sure they are doing it with pride.
I know that I’m proud of the work I’ve done.

Fifth Book on the Left, Third Row:

  • Walking into this shelf from behind will take you to Word World.

First Book on the Right, Third Row:

  • kura map
Map of the Red Brick Maze

Second Book on the Right, Third Row:

  • kura_GBlike_03
  • kura_GBlike_01

The correct way to walk in the Konami Room in the Dark Room.

  • kura_GBlike_02

Hint which may either be related to the whereabouts of Child effect or the puppet theater in the Ocean Floor.

  • kura_GBlike_05

A hint related to the Book Return event in the Eyeball Archives.

  • kura_GBlike_04

Solution to obtaining the Bat effect.


The content of this book has been deciphered from kura_GBlike_00.

Third Book on the Right, Third Row:

  • kura_txt5
Tempura with boiled eggs

1111 green onions
3756 grams of Mikaso
65535 grains of bean
2828 cases of prawn
4274 medaka fish
5382 ringlets of squid
5326 centimeters of boiled eggs (?)


Text posted on the second line of page 58

Fourth Book on the Right, Third Row:

  • kura_txt11
When I was young, I had a friend who said, "I don't know, I don't know."
He said he didn't know about his dreams for the future,
He said he didn't even know tomorrow ’s schedule,
He was a friend who didn't even know what to do.
Around the time he turned 60, he unexpectedly passed away.
There was an accident. But he was conscious, and there was a cure too.
But he just passed away.
A few days before he passed, I visited him and talked to him.
"Is it hard for you? Is there anything you want?"
He looked at my face as usual and looked away, answering,
"I don't know."
He passed away. Not knowing.

Fifth Book on the Right, Third Row:

  • kura_txt8

There is a 1/16 chance, determined upon interacting with this book, that kura_txt9 will be shown instead.

Row 4[]

Fourth Book on the Left, Fourth Row:

  • book txt 遺書1
How much time has passed
since you went away?
I have spent an immeasurable time
in that cramped, pitch-black husk.
No one's voice or hand or warmth 
or coldness or consciousness or light or gaze
reach where I am.

All the things you gave me
have turned into colorless ash.
Someday, I too will become that.
Someday, I will become that.

But I am not afraid
if I can go to where you are.
I am not afraid.
Soon I can I go to where you are.

Third Book on the Right, Fourth Row:

  • book txt Ori
Bird cage. Jail cell.
However, one does not say "birdcell".

A birdcage's walls are almost entirely latticed.
A jail cell. I try to put it into words myself, and it comes to mind.
With those, a portion of the walls are formed of lattice.
However, even though these walls are completely latticed,
I say this is certainly a jail cell.

If I were placed in a bird cage,
I would certainly be "kept as a pet".
If I were placed in a jail cell,
I would certainly be "imprisoned".

Supposing I were to put something in a cage
without caring if I were keeping as a pet or imprisoning,
then the one who judged would be the "something" inside.

Am I being kept as a pet?
Or am I being imprisoned?

Row 5[]

  • kuro9 book
The blood won't stop.
I stopped it with a tissue and threw it away.
It still won't stop.
I stopped it with a handkerchief and threw it away.
It still, it still won't stop.
I stopped it with a hand and threw it away.
  • kappa_book
August 3, 1996 (Friday)
Below is reference material of the homicide site in a private house in Iida City,
○○ Prefecture. As a result, I wrote down the site's situation to clarify.
Although the victim was not able to distinguish their face, their name is HAHAHAHA 
Seagulls, Seagulls, Seagulls, Seagulls, Seagulls, Seagulls (garbled text follows)
  • light-1
Harm myself
Or Annoy
Or Reason with
Or Be patient
Or Cry
Or Shout
What should I do


Nexus → Library


  • The book 'にっき(Diary)' is a reference to the infamous 'Itchy, tasty' diary from Resident Evil.
  • There used to be a book on the same shelf as the book to the Eyeball Archives that would transport you to the Fantasy Library, but it got removed on 0.105f. In version Ver 0.110f, it got replaced with a connection to the Picture Book and the event found in the book got relocated to the Innocent Library.


Below is a map of the library and a gallery featuring the contents of all the different books that can be found. They are listed by shelf according to the map, to either side of the door.

book txt 893
Surimuki's book
Book txt 145-1.png
book txt 145-1
Book txt 20-1.png
book txt 20-1
takes you to the Maiden Outlook
book txt 1-1 to 1-3
sababooks 1 & 2
Marginal Vivid Worker's book
Book txt mudai.png
book txt mudai
Book txt mudai2.png
book txt mudai2
Book txt mudai3.png
book txt mudai3
Book txt yume.png
book txt yume
Book txt 145-3.png
book txt 145-3
Book txt sn2.PNG
book txt sn 1 - 5
Book txt 145-2.png
book txt 145-2
Book txt 20-5.png
book txt 20-5
waku-waku san
Book txt syousou.png
book txt syousou
Book txt bekurotu.png
book txt bekurotu
Lxl 1.png
01 heart256.png
heart 256
Unlocks a wallpaper of this image
にっき 1-1.PNG
にっき 1-1 to 1-9
Takes you to the Apartments
Word World
Kura txt10.png
Book txt yomihito-shirazu-1-5.png
book txt yomihito shirazu 1 - 5
Appears after visiting Soldier Row
710 txt01 - 03.png
710_txt01 to txt03
Book txt 草 1.png
book txt 草 1
Map of the Red Brick Maze
Kura GBlike.png
kura_GBlike 01-05
Kura txt5.png
Kura txt11.png
Kura txt8.png
Book txt 遺書1.png
book txt 遺書1
Book txt 01 - 05.png
book txt 01 - 05
Book txt 2011y03m08d 224107891.png
book txt
Book txt BuBunBun.png
book txt BuBunBun
Book txt 自我喪失自我偏執狂1.png
book txt 自我喪失自我偏執狂1
Eyeball Archives
(only visible with glasses equipped)
Yeris Book Dictionary LR.png
Book txt Ori.png
book txt Ori
Fantasy Library
Book txt gotyagotya.png
book txt gotyagotya