Intestines Maze
The portal to Guts World
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Original Name(s)

Niku Meikyū no Tsūro
Flesh Labyrinth Path







Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Simple Street NoEntry
Magnet Room NoEntry
Geometry World NoEntry
Guts World
Red City
Ecstasy World
Soldier Row
Flesh Paths World
Hand Fields
DNA Room
Erythrocyte Maze Locked🔒
Blood World NoReturn


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The Intestines Maze is a large area accessible from a number of locations, the fastest being through blue Smokin' HAL's mouth in Geometry World.

Map of the Intestines Maze

Features[edit | edit source]

The Intestines Maze is a huge maze with pulsating pink walls, which houses a variety of portals between far-off areas. A mixture of eyeballs and flesh can be found scattered throughout the area, and it is also home to a number of Chasers. This area seems to be the equivalent of Hell from Yume Nikki.

You can enter the maze from a number of locations, but the fastest are the portals from the Hospital and Geometry World.

Through its variety of portals, the maze can serve as a travel hub between the Hospital, the Red City, Blood World, Guts World, Ecstasy World, Soldier Row, the Netherworld, the Hand Fields, Flesh Paths World, the DNA Room, and the Erythrocyte Maze, provided that you have entered through the opposite side. Directions are included in the map below.

  • There is a purple intestine-like NPC on the top-left row of the map which will take you to Red City.
  • Next to it is a white NPC crying blood giving you a one way route to Blood World if interacted with.
  • On the lower-left of the map is a purplish-hopbush colored portal which will take you to the Hospital.
  • On the further upper-right there is a mutant-like NPC with a huge gaping hole and arms and blood that will take you to Flesh Paths World.
  • Right next to it is a brain which will take you to the Hand Fields.
  • There is a monster-like NPC with no eyes and a mouth on it's stomach located in the top-right of the map. Going to it will take you to Guts World.
  • There is a huge smiling blob of flesh seen on the lower-right of the map, and interacting with it will take you to the Netherworld.
  • All the way to the right side of the map is a hopbush colored portal which will take you to Ecstasy World.
  • There is another dark-colored portal which will take you to the Soldier Row.
  • There is a rotating DNA strand located in the map which will take you to the DNA Room.
  • Last is a purple circle located on the right-side of the map which takes you to the Erythrocyte Maze.

Directions[edit | edit source]

Nexus → Geometry World → Intestines Maze

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