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Hourglass Desert
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Sunadokei Sabaku




WP #45 & #133



Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Window Room NoEntry
Dark Room Unlock🔑
Ocean Floor NoEntry


camellia_hysar2 (Pyramid Maze Room)
twen20ty-7 (Child Effect Room)

Map ID

0277, 0295, 0296



The Hourglass Desert is an area accessible from the Wilderness, as well as one of the two areas accessible from the Window Room.

Map of the Pyramid Maze


The area is simply a desert with sand dunes and broken hourglasses sticking out of the ground. There are some moving hourglasses similar to those in Chocolate World and strange oddly-shaped striped creatures standing around. There is also an Anubis walking around. The Anubis stands differently when one uses the wolf effect's howl near it.

There is a streetlamp surrounded by jagged poles somewhere in this area. Interacting with it transports you to the Dark Room, enabling access to this area from there.

Pyramid Maze[]

When entering the pyramid located in this area, you will be transported to an underground maze with various creatures in it. Interacting with a gray hand with blue symbols on it somewhere in the maze will change the arrangement of the maze. Essentially the maze is divided into two looping parts, which you can cross between via this gray hand. A door leading to the Wilderness is on one side and the exit to Sand Desert Land is on the other.

There are two kinds of monsters here which play cheerful beeps when approached. One is rather square shaped and the other resembles a horn. Both are blue, with a single eye.

The room in which you find the Child Effect is in this maze too, but it is one way and you can only get to it by entering the Pyramid Maze from the Ocean Floor.


Nexus → Red Streetlight WorldRed CityHead WastelandWilderness → Hourglass Desert

After entering the Dark Room from here at least once:

Nexus → Marijuana Goddess WorldDark Room → Hourglass Desert

To reach the Child effect:

Nexus → Red Streetlight WorldMonochrome StreetThe DocksOcean Floor → Hourglass Desert


  • The stairs of the pyramid maze resemble a similar labyrinthine location in the fangame Dream Graffiti.
  • The secret room containing the Child effect contains a rug over the stone floor which depicts the window pattern worn on Madotsuki's shirt. The same area plays a cover of the menu theme of Yume Nikki and has a character that vaguely looks like Madotsuki herself on the wall.