Haunted Forest Town
Haunted forest town
Halloween comes early.
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Forest Town







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Connecting Areas

Candy Cane Fields
Extraterrestrial Cliffside
Celestial Garden


Color (Spirit Mansion exterior)
spelude-16 (Spirit Mansion)

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0907, 0925



Haunted Forest Town is an area accessible from a staircase inside a building in Candy Cane Fields.


Haunted Forest Town is an eerie settlement situated between the seaside and the deep woods.

Urotsuki starts off from a portal with blinking lights in a section of the forest, where exiting the area leads to the town proper. From here, heading left leads to some pathways that are blocked by traffic cones, while heading right is a bridge to a branching path, where the path on the right is a bridge to another section of the town, as well as a fisher attempting to catch a large crab, while the left-hand path leads to another junction, where traffic cones block the path further west. Just near the junction is a creature in the river that flashes with different colors, where using the Rainbow effect will make it flash its colors quickly.

The lower district is populated by orbs, where equipping the Lantern effect will cause them to run from Urotsuki, while equipping the Glasses will make them solid, and using the Crossing effect will stop them in their tracks. The narrow path here leads to a detour to the upper district, where there is a path branching south, leading to a dark, straightforward path, which eventually leads to the Spirit Mansion, a relatively small area inhabited by green orbs and spirits of varying shapes, where the floors glimmer periodically. The top floor leads to a narrow path with a long ladder leading to Celestial Garden. On the other hand, the southern path from the lower district leads to the outskirts, also shrouded in darkness, where the path can also be lighted up with the Lantern effect.

Going east of the entrance of the outskirts is an intersection covered by foliage. From this intersection, going south will lead what looks like a dead end. By taking the hidden passage from the left side here, assuming that you have gone back and forth once from the northern passage, you will find a hidden maze, which eventually ends in a stone-like structure with eyes. Returning from the passage will reveal that the route to the entrance has been closed off, where taking the path east from there is a secret passage that ends with a strange-looking object that takes Urotsuki to Extraterrestrial Cliffside when interacted with. Exiting this section will take Urotsuki back to the town proper, without the need to go through the forest.


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