Graveyard World
This is the world you live in after you die
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The Graveyard's Sculpture

Notable NPCs

Walking Grave

Connecting Areas

The Nexus, Hospital, Red Lily Lake


ym2-19_kuruwa, pipoq (Graveyard Sculpture)

Map ID

0021, 0022, 0023, 0363

Graveyard World (墓の世界, Haka no Sekai, Grave World) is one of the main areas accessible directly from The Nexus.


A full map of Graveyard World


Graveyard world is a large scrolling world containing many tombstones and red, blue and purple monsters dancing around in various formations, along with a number of large colorful suits (hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades) with googly eyes that follow your movements. The background music in this area has a "wonky" melody that keeps changing pitch.

To the northeast of the entrance from the Nexus there is a blue lotus that will take you to the Red Lily Lake if you interact with it, and further northeast is a large vomiting heart which will take you to the entrance to the Hospital if you go through its mouth.

Heading southeast from the entrance past some of the red monsters, there is a small walking gravestone that will give you the Grave effect if you interact with it, and further east of it, a small gray building which is home to the Sculpture Room.

Sculpture RoomEdit

The Sculpture Room (ぐるぐるさんの部屋, Guruguru-san no Heya, Round & Round Room) is a simple gray room with green and turquoise splatters on the floor and a strange sculpture of the same color scheme, surrounded by 15 purple monsters. If you chainsaw the sculpture, the background music will become much higher pitched and ominous. The monsters will begin to chase Urotsuki, and if they catch her she will wake up.

If you manage to leave the room after chainsawing the sculpture before being caught by one of the monsters inside, a bunch of the purple monsters will surround you outside in a square and one will catch Urotsuki. After a transition, Urotsuki will wake up on the floor back inside the room. Both the monsters and the sculpture will be gone and the door is locked, so you can't leave. If you try to open the locked door the sculpture reappears, but is now partially molten. This time you're unable to kill it with your chainsaw.

Near the sculpture room there is a smiling green blob that moves across the map at very high speeds when you equip the chainsaw effect. Killing it has a 1/3 chance of giving you 5000, in contrast to the standard 1/8 chance for most other NPCs.


  • In older versions of the game, this area used to be littered with eyeballs and many more tombstones, but these were probably removed because it made the world too cluttered.
  • Using the Crossing effect here will stop all of the NPCs in the entire area.


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