Garden World
The entrance from the Nexus.
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WP #12



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Connecting Areas

The Nexus, Hospital, Snowy Apartments, Blue Forest, Purple World NoEntry, The Hand Hub NoReturn


bgm052, yumepo3 (The Monster Party)

Map ID

0081, 0082, 0083, 0084

Garden World (植物世界, Shokubutsu Sekai, Plant World) is one of the main areas accessible from The Nexus.


Map for both day & night


Garden World is a somewhat spartan area with a sort of day/night mechanic. When entered from the Nexus, the area is in 'night' mode and features a dark blue color scheme. Green plant buds and small flying insects decorate the landscape, and the Bike effect can be obtained. Numerous lavender brick structures can be found here and there; three of these have keyholes in them and can be entered. Near the series of brick towers is a door leading to the Snowy Apartments.

In addition, entering and exiting an oblong ring of plant buds near one of said keyhole structures will seamlessly teleport you to an area with a long diagonal chain-link-fenced path. At the bottom of the path is a hole that connects to the Blue Forest as well as a path leading from the Purple World, which is one-way and can only be accessed from behind. Also, equipping the Penguin effect and sliding near the hole to the Blue Forest will briefly call the attention of a shifty mole-looking thing.

In either version of the area, a dark spot in a second, smaller ring of plants will toggle between day and night. The basic layout of the area remains unchanged when this happens, but the interiors of the lavender brick buildings change, as well as a number of smaller things.

During the bright orange colored 'daytime,' the Nexus entrance is missing and the Bike effect is replaced by a table. The numerous flying insects seem to be dormant and the chain-link fence path is inaccessible, although the ring of plants is still there. The lavender buildings now contain little green creatures that bark when interacted with, as well as passageways to other places; the larger building contains a painting that leads to the Green Monster Party, a small, looping area filled with green barking creatures, while the two smaller buildings' interiors' doors will actually open when interacted with and lead to the Hospital.


Nexus → Garden World


  • Inside of the building leading to monster party.
  • The Monster Party
  • The chain-link path
  • The Purple World connection.
  • Door to the Snowy Apartments