Elvis Masada's Place
Elvis Masadas Place
Basic Info



WP #53



Notable NPCs

Elvis Masada

Connecting Areas

Mushroom World, Valentine Land, Apartments, Pastel Blue House, Power Plant, Butterfly Forest NoEntry


7-9, piano1 and piano2 (When you interact with Elvis Masada), trom-piano (The Duet), bgm-m (Bubble Man)

Map ID

0213, 0301

Elvis Masada's Place (青黒の部屋, Aoguro No Heya, Blue-Black Rooms) is an area accessible from the purple portal in Mushroom World.


Map of Elvis Masada's Place


The most notable feature in this area is, of course, Elvis Masada themselves. To find them, simply go through the door on the left from the portal entrance. Interacting with Elvis normally will prompt them to play a pleasant melody on the piano. If you equip the Trombone effect and interact with them, an event will occur where Urotsuki and Elvis play a duet. If you equip the Chainsaw effect and interact with them, they'll play a collection of random notes out of fright. When you interact with their cat, it waves its tail. If you enter from the Butterfly Forest, you will find yourself near this piano.

If you take the door at the top of the room with the portal, you'll go into an image gallery of sorts, which eventually leads to a room with a large tank of water with the Bubble Man Hitogata suspended in it, which leads a small path to the Power Plant if you have the Fairy or the Spacesuit effect equipped. If you take the door on the left wall in Elvis's room, you'll end up in another room with four chairs. Going down from here will take you to a room with a snake-like creature. Going right from here takes you to a room with a picture in it that's a portal to the UFO landing area between the Apartments and the Pastel Blue House. Interacting with the flower pot will take you to Valentine Land.


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