Ecstasy World
Ecstasy World1
It's like someone murdered a rainbow
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Sky Kingdom, Pastel Blue House, Intestines Maze


2_45, 2_39 (Blue Platform)

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Ecstasy World (おうどんシティ, Oudon shitī, Oudn City) is an area accessible through the elevator in Sky Kingdom.


Map of the area.


Ecstasy World is a sizeable maze-like area comprised of shifting red & blue pathways, surrounded by short purple buildings covered in floral & eye-themed markings. The area is inhabited by purple oval-shaped creatures, who will always give out 100夢 if Urotsuki kills them with the Lantern effect, making this a good place to gain a lot of Money.

To right of the elevator from the Sky Kingdom, there is a small walled-in area with 3 benches, which will change the music to static sounds when you walk inside.

Heading down and to the left from the bench area leads to a large open area filled with NPCs, with another even larger area to the left of the first one.

From the open area, heading down and to the right leads to a small square area with an empty space in the middle of the platform, which will take you to the Intestines Maze if you walk onto it, and heading straight downwards leads to a Y-shaped building with a large door on the side, which will take you to the Pastel Blue House.

Heading to the right from either the platform or building leads to a path that loops back around to the left downwards, leading to a seemingly empty walled-in area, with two windows. Trying to interact with the window on the left side of the room has a 1/512 chance to take you to a small room, where there is a large statue of a skinless kneeling man holding his head.


Nexus → Graveyard WorldHospitalIntestines Maze → Ecstasy World


  • This world is one of only three to be named in Japanese after its creator. The others are Mosenite and Fabric World.
  • The NPCs in this area have a very high chance to give out money when they are killed, making this a good place to get alot of Money. They will always drop money if they are killed with the lantern, and have a 3/8 chance when killed with the chainsaw.