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Dream Park
Dream park.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Musō Kōen




WP #288



Notable NPCs

Puni, The Five Guardians, Shirube-chan

Connecting Areas

Art Gallery
Shadowy Caves
Haniwa Temple Haniwa
Jigsaw Puzzle World BatUnlock🔑
Boogie Street Fairy
Broken Faces Area MarginalUnlock🔑
Theatre World BatNoReturn
Guts World MarginalNoReturn
Dizzy Spirals World Chance🍀NoReturn
Apartments Locked🔒
Tribe Settlement Locked🔒
Guardians' Temple ChildLockedCondition🔐
Scrambled Egg Zone ChildLockedCondition🔐NoReturn
Birthday Tower Cake
Dice World Tissue
Guardians' Realm LockedCondition🔐
Underground Passage LockedCondition🔐NoReturn
Graveyard World NoEntry
Abyss of Farewells NoEntry


2_19 (Gray house)
ねおん@ネコノハ (Gray house trap)
風化 (Five Guardians' shrines)
spelude-40 (Inside the egg)
RIMA-bgm-recorder-001 (Puni settlements)
yukihi-1 (Eastern section towers)

Map ID

1061, 1062, 1063, 1064, 1065, 1066, 1067, 1069, 1070



The Dream Park is a large and expansive area accessible from several worlds, including Graveyard World, the Apartments, the Art Gallery, the Tribe Settlement, and others.

Map of the Full Area


The Dream Park is split up into five main sections, the center, and four sub-areas accessible from the cardinal directions of the center. Inhabiting the park are creatures named Puni, which change in appearance by equipping effects that they favor, and let off a squeak of denial upon interacting with them with effects that they dislike, as well as creatures that resemble arrows, which serve as hints to certain secrets. Also, if Urotsuki has slept at least 100 times, visiting the park's sections at least twice, an NPC named Shirube-chan will be able to teleport you across the park's sections, as there will be stone tiles with enciphered letters symbolizing the area that you're in.

As you explore the park, there is a random chance that you would encounter certain creatures, such as one resembling a helicopter with flapping wings, a pair of eyestalks which appear to be sticking out of water, and a creature that somewhat resembles a nautilus head on a long neck, among several others.

Northern Section[]

In this section, you will encounter some stone buildings, where the left is a Puni house, and the right is a room with some patterns drawn on the floor, and below these buildings is a small yellow building surrounded by three red arrow creatures. Going to the center behind the building will trigger different sound effects, depending on the direction approached.

The western route leads to another settlement, where the lower house leads to a corridor to Boogie Street, where the gap can be crossed with the Fairy or Spacesuit effects, and at the left there is a blue panel surrounded by four white structures, and trampling on its center will eventually break the panel, revealing a pit to Shadowy Caves which Urotsuki will fall into. Just above this panel there is a house with a labyrinthine complex. Within the complex is a room with a chaser, where the key to escaping it is by interacting with the door five times. A door blocked with horizontal iron bars can also be found somewhere inside the house. This door leads to the dream park terminal room.

Going further north from the entrance, there are two rocky platforms bordered by fences, where the second one has a suspicious-looking gate, where interacting with it with the Haniwa effect will take you to Haniwa Temple. Taking the eastern route from here, you will encounter a large tree, as well as a fenced point with two white arrow creatures next to it. Using the Bat or Spring here will take you to the treetops, where there are Puni with distinct eye colors inhabiting the area. Within the skies of the treetops is a puzzle piece, and flying towards it with the Bat will take you to Jigsaw Puzzle World. There's also a chance that a moon will appear in the sky, leading to Theatre World.

In the bottom left of the upper treetops is a smaller platform which you can fly to, with a ladder going down. Entering leads to a room with one pink Puni, whom when interacted with, the three Puni from the main platform will appear and flash with their respective eye colors, then Urotsuki will become a shadow with Puni-like eyes, which will then lead to her transformation as one of the Puni.

Western Section[]

The first part of this section is a waterway, which becomes a stream of blood with the Marginal effect equipped, revealing a path of rocks in the leftmost lake, which Urotsuki can cross, leading to a red eye to Broken Faces Area. Going south from here is a playground and a building, where equipping the Marginal effect will reveal that the building is haunted, and interacting with it from the back area with the effect equipped will lead to a one-way trip to Guts World. The entrance from Graveyard World is also around here, but trying to return by using the Child effect will lead to a passage, which has a 1/10 chance to be unblocked and connect with Dizzy Spirals World. At the West of the lake, you can find seven pillars and a faucet. Using the Rainbow effect will give the pillars color, and the faucet can be opened if you have came here from the Apartments entrance. North of this area are six red dice sculptures surrounding a smaller die sculpture in the center. Filling in the missing white marks on the six sculptures with the Tissue Effect will cause the smaller sculpture to split in half. Walking in between the two halves will lead to Dice World.

Southern Section[]

This area serves as a starting point from the Art Gallery. In here, there are some statues that give off bell sounds when interacted with. One of them can be chainsawed, as part of a way to enter Nie's shrine. Left of the entrance is a purple building and five peeping stones between two red pillars next to stone tablets, whose purposes are explained in Entering the Guardians' Realm. On the other hand, going north is a river, where further north leads to the central section, and east is a maze of fences, as well as some cakes, where entering the lower right from the back leads to a room inhabited by Puni. Solving the maze will net you 100, and the ropes within the maze can be chainsawed. The logs blocking off the path beyond the ropes can be removed by entering the Shadowy Caves at least once, and traversing those paths has a chance of a wireframe hand popping out of the ground here, taking you to an isolated section of the Shadowy Caves.

If Urotsuki enters the cake in the lower-right corner with a visible entrance, she will find a room with four Puni, two of whom will move toward her if she equips the Cake effect. There is also a back door leading outside again. However, if Urotsuki equips the Cake effect and enters the cake from the back door, she will instead find a room with four pieces of cake on plates and one empty plate in the middle. Interacting with the middle plate with the Cake effect will cause the piece of cake on Urotsuki's head to fall onto the plate. Leaving through the front door will take Urotsuki to a beach by a pink sea with several Puni wandering around and a few cake-shaped structures. The orange cake will take Urotsuki back to Dream Park, and the brown one contains a room of Puni. Urotsuki can also find a cake-shaped tower much taller than the other two structures. Entering it will lead to the Birthday Tower.

Eastern Section[]

This area is a starting point from the Tribe Settlement, beginning in a large sandbox. South of this sandbox is a field of fenced-off pits, where the largest one, which is a one-way path to Underground Passage, accessible if you have already obtained Menu Theme #21. West of the sandbox is the section's main hub, where the lower portion is a fenced-off set of pits to the Shadowy Caves, which you can enter if you have used the beam of light at the south of the Shadowy Caves, and three of these pits lead to inescapable dead ends, with Chasers out to get you. Further west is the exit, and going north leads to a seemingly-infinite path. North of the hub is a seemingly-endless path, which can be broken throught with the Penguin effect. This leads to a small section with towers and a black giraffe behind some pillars. These towers hold a puzzle to Risa's temple. There's also a hole with white dots at the top-left corner of this section, which leads to a small room after interacting with it while using the Child effect or the Fairy effect.

Central Section[]

At the center of the park is a large egg patterned after Urotsuki's clothing. If you have broken the egg in the Guardians' Temple, a note will be placed on the map, which can be read with the Glasses equipped. Ending -1 must be done to enter the egg. By getting all of the orbs on each of the pillars to show up by burning some of the wooden poles of the area's fence with the Lantern, the door can be opened, assuming that the conditions to having the door appear have been met. The exact poles to be burned can be found by using the Lantern in the purple temple's location, as some of the Puni there will face those poles, with fins on their heads. Inside the egg is a small room with a frame showing Urotsuki as a child, as well as a symbol right in front of it. Interacting with the symbol with the Child effect will change the portrait into an egg, and exiting the room will now lead to Scrambled Egg Zone.

Terminal Room[]

The terminal room is accessed through the door in the room which leads to Boogie Street or through the door in the big house in the northern section. To unlock the doors to this area, you must perform the following:

After doing all of this, the lights above the two doors will begin to blink and the doors will be unlocked, and going through them will lead to the terminal room. Each corner of the room has a Shirube-chan with a different eye color. Items collected from the Park's vending machines will appear on the blue display board. In the center of the room is a large interface. The top section consists of three screens connected by wires, where each screen contains a Puni. If a normal effect is equipped, then the Puni in the center will take on an appearance related to that effect, and the two on the side will be deflated. A mixed effect will result in the two Puni on the sides taking on appearances based on the effects that make up the effect in question, with the Puni on the center deflated.

The lower section consists of a map of Dream Park. Depending on what effect is equipped, different parts of the map will have a red dot on them. Some effects also create a dot with a red circle around it, whose purpose is currently unknown.

Entering the Guardians' Realm[]

The gates to the Guardians' Realm are the Dream Park's most well-kept secret, where the Five Guardians, Koro, Kuta, Nie, Nome, and Risa, are situated in that area. Locating these gates may entail certain conditions, in which a hint to their whereabouts is given by red poles. Common to each entrance are peeping stones, where the left shows full-screen illustrations of the respective Guardians' appearances, and the right shows adages written in the cipher used in one of the books of the Library. Deciphered versions of these messages are shown in the photo captions of the succeeding sections.

In each part of the Guardians' Realm, you will encounter a straight path of pillars, ending in the temple of each Guardian. Entering these temples, Urotsuki will then unequip any effect in use, with the menu disabled. Taking the exit to the right in these areas leads back to the respective realm's gate. This will also place two poles connected horizontally across the poles between each respective Guardian's peeping stone in the park's southern section, forming a Torii gate. This indicates that the Guardian in question has been encountered.

Furthermore, with the Child or Glasses effects equipped, their shadows will be visible in the park's central section, as well as in the locations of their respective symbols.

Upon locating all five of the Guardians in their respective realms, heading over to the back of the building in the park's southern section with the Child effect will lead to the Guardians' Temple.


If you cannot beat them, join them.

In the northwestern part of the Shadowy Caves, there is a platform connected by two ladders, ending in a seemingly-unreachable ladder accessible with the Fairy effect. Going through the door from there leads to a small room with a traffic cone, which transforms into a creature resembling the rest of the cave's chasers when the Chainsaw is equipped. Chainsawing it will clear the way to the door to a passageway filled with Puni, where the upper-right corner has two red poles. Equipping the Glasses will reveal a staircase to Koro's realm: the Dull Dream.


If you run after two hares, you will catch neither.

In the the park's northern section, there is a gray house with three doors. Taking the third door will lead to a labyrinthine complex. Going through the left door will lead to a branching path of five exits, where the northern and southern exits are locked. Here, equipping the Child effect will give a hint as to the right door to enter, which is shown by the red eyes on the wall. Knocking on any of the locked doors for a total of at least 16 times (a clue to this puzzle is shown by the number of statues present in one of the rooms here), then exiting through the door right beside the red eyes will take you to a room with two red poles that will lead to Kuta's realm, the Fleeting Dream.


Out of the mouth comes evil.

Provided that you have accrued 141 kills or more, you can find Nie's realm, known as the Hellish Dream in the statue right of the Art Gallery entrance in the park's southern section by chainsawing the statue twice and interacting with it. A hint to its whereabouts can be revealed with the Glasses effect.


It is no use crying over spilt milk.

From the Apartments entrance, instead of taking the stairs to the Dream Park proper, interacting with the rightmost wall will lead to a small room with an opening accessible with the Child effect. From here, entering the second, first, and second passages consecutively, then taking the rightmost wall takes you to a staircase with two red poles, leading to Nome's realm, the Pestilent Dream.


Let sleeping dogs lie.

From the pathway accessible with the Penguin effect in the eastern section, you will encounter some towers, where entering the lone tower will lead to the barricaded section on the right, where the passages of the neighboring, interconnected towers can be entered with the Stretch and Child effects, respectively. Here, shedding a tear at the end of the left tower using the Stretch effect will make toxic water flow into the chamber, and jumping on the floating block on the right tower with the Child effect will raise the block. By doing these and entering the outer tower from the back, you will enter a straightforward corridor, where the obstacles have already been removed. Taking the rightmost exit here will then lead to the Escherian building, and if Urotsuki has slept for at least 92 times, the building's entrance will lead to Risa's shrine, which is the Boundless Dream. Otherwise, the entrance will just loop back.


With Twintails:

With Child:

With Chainsaw, Child, and Spring: