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Downfall Garden A
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Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Ōto Niwa
Vomiting Garden




WP #306



Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Clawtree Forest
Flesh Paths World Locked🔒
RGB Passage



Map ID

0489, 0496

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Downfall Garden A is an area accessible from the Prismatic Tent in Clawtree Forest.


Map of the Downfall Garden A

Downfall Garden A is a large area, featuring a light blush-lavender tinge and many white flowers growing around the shoreline, each of which looks to play a flute. Using the Fairy effect makes the flowers glow. A handful of NPCs can be found sitting on the shoreline throughout the area. Sadly, none of them react to any effects except the Chainsaw.

When you first enter the area from Clawtree Forest, you will exit out onto an eclectic red and blue platform with a long path to the left, that leads to a stairwell area. Going right on the stairway leads to a large creature blocking the path as it rubs Urotsuki's head, whose colors change when the Fairy or Crossing effects are used. It can be killed by chainsawing its hand, which leads to a locked door. Going left takes you to a door to the RGB Passage.

Over on the southeast side of the lake is another red and blue doorway that will take you to a room filled with white flowers. Interacting with one and walking back outside will take you to the Highway.

In the northwest corner of the lake there is a small area where a blue creature can be found sleeping on the shore. A large yellow frog with its mouth open can be found here that will take Urotsuki to Flesh Paths World if she walks into its mouth, but it will only appear if she has already been through the mouth of the corresponding blue frog in Flesh Paths World.


Nexus → Shield Owl WorldClawtree Forest → Downfall Garden A


  • In previous versions of the game the water in Downfall Garden A (which, at the time, was the entire Downfall Garden) was bright pink; as of 0.102i it has been changed to a blueish-purple color.
  • This area shares map with the Downfall Garden B.
  • The map of this world is shaped like the Sirenomelia Syndrome.