Deserted Pier
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 Kiri no shicchi
Foggy Swamp







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Wind Tunnel
Deserted Town



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The Deserted Pier was an area accesible from the Mansion. It was removed from the game in version 0.113.

Map of Deserted Pier

Features[edit | edit source]

When entering this area, you will be greeted by intense fog and many swamps. Going through to the east you will find a bench and a creature laying in the water. Going a bit south then following the pier to the east and north again will lead you to another bench and a house that leads to Deserted Town.

On the southern end of the area, there's a man sitting on the edge of a pier that will teleport the player to the Wind Tunnel. In addition, another NPC, a creature shaped like an ampersand, can be found on the south end of the map. Finally, at the very south end of the map is a "broken" little building blocked by a billboard. You can find a vending machine and a bench somewhere in this area, a "moon" floating in the middle of a big swamp and a couple of floating creatures that stop moving when the Marginal effect is equipped.

There is a separate section of the map where you enter back from the deserted town bridge area. This area is just a simple pathway going bottom to top with several pillars on either side dotting the way up. When you go up the pathway you eventually reach a small building with a doorway . When you enter the small building, you will end up in the upper portion of the deserted town.

Directions[edit | edit source]

Nexus → Red Streetlight WorldGray RoadGrass WorldGreen Neon WorldConstruction Frame BuildingCog MazeForest PierAbandoned FactoryArc de Pillar WorldMansion → Deserted Pier

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