Decrepit Dwellings
Decrepit dwellings
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Vintage Town


Lem_Lone (Entrance), n3-WeR (Main area), n3-NaT (Lower area), ループ「青光」By音師竹内 (Rooftops), Lem_Rio_Piano (Hidden Forest)

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0957, 0958



Decrepit Dwellings (集合住宅, Shūgō jūtaku, Housing Complex) is an area accessible from a large gate within a subsection of Ruined Garden, which can be found in a building at the end of Vintage Town.


From the aforementioned gate, you start off in a corridor with a vending machine, a door, and a witch whose presence is determined upon entry. The witch hides their face when the Chainsaw is equipped, shows its teeth when the Glasses is equipped, and goes invisible when Invisible is used.

Entering the door takes you to the main area, which starts off as a downward path of ladders and stairs, all the way to a room populated by humanoid ghosts similar in appearance to those in Vintage Town, where the exit is in the room's lower floor. Going downwards from there, you will come across the dwellings' ground level, where advancing to the left eventually ends in a branching path, where going south is a dead end, and going north is a path from the buildings.

Following the southern path from there, you will soon encounter a swing and a vending machine, where the north-western alley ends in a large concrete structure with a face. Backtracking as soon as you hit the end of that path will take you to a new section, which branches north and southwards. By taking the southern path, the BGM fades as you go forward, all the way until you reach a path to the Hidden Forest. The northern path, however leads to a passageway next to a small fountain. The room from this passageway is an intersection where the northern and western paths are barricaded, while the eastern path leads to an outdoor section that leads to a small bedroom with a door to the rooftops, where you can see a view of the sea and the buildings near it.

Hidden ForestEdit

In this small section, a peaceful melody emanating from the piano plays as the water flows. The main point of interest here is a gigantic statue of a woman, just above the piano.


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