Yume 2kki Wiki

Debug Mode is a game mode accessible via running the game in RPG Maker, that allows you to take advantage of certain in-game exploits designed to aid authors in testing their worlds.

It can be accessed via Noclip Mode, a nickname for running the game in RPG Maker, that allows you to walk through solid, unwalkable tiles by holding down the Ctrl key (Or ⌘ on a Mac (needs confirmation)), and from there by stepping on a special tile somewhere outside the walls of Urotsuki's Room in the real world, that may change based on the version. It should currently be somewhere south of the door. You will hear a short jingle when you step on the right tile.

An alternate approach to running Noclip Mode can be done by creating a shortcut of RPG_RT.exe, then changing the the target location as follows, where "drive" is the drive where the game is installed, and "arbitrary location" is the game's RPG_RT.exe location, which is usually the "ゆめ2っき" folder.

Example: "<drive>:\<arbitrary location containing Yume 2kki's files>\RPG_RT.exe" "TestPlay" "ShowTitle" "Window"

"Window" is appended under the assumption that the game crashes if it is set to full screen.

Features of Debug Mode[]

When Debug Mode is activated, three buttons will appear on the lower-right area of Urotsuki's room, and a counter for the number of days will appear on the right side of the screen. The first button from the top increments the number of days by 1, the second by 10, and the third by 100. By setting the number of days to a value greater than 365, a dummy Game Over event will be triggered, thereby returning the player to the title screen. Pressing F9 in Debug Mode will open a menu that allows one to edit the game's variables and switches. Also, various areas will have speech bubbles and other elements that contain author commentary when interacted with.

Debug Mode provides an effect called ★Debug★, which contains the following options:

  • Modify speed (Cancelling will set the speed to default)
    • >>>>> Godspeed
    • >>>> Fast
    • >>>
    • > Slow
  • Toggle effects or change amount of money held
    • Get all effects
    • Remove all effects
    • Change money value (set to 900000 to cancel)
    • Disable debug mode
  • Change map location
    • Enter area based on Map ID
    • Enter Debug Room
    • Enter the Nexus
    • Return to previously-visited map
  • View system information

Accessing the Wallpaper List here will show an additional menu, with options as follows:

  • Proceed to the Wallpaper List
  • View succeeding wallpaper(s)
  • Unlock all wallpapers
    • Mark all thumbnails as viewed
    • Mark all thumbnails as new
  • Lock all wallpapers

The Soundtrack also has an additional menu, with the following options:

  • Unlock all soundtrack
  • Access the old sound test menu
  • Force alternate Music Room appearance
  • Force rainbow-colored soundtrack menu
Upon selecting any of these options, you will be given the option to view additional debug information in the Music Room, by pressing Z to confirm, and X to prevent displaying them.

By going through the door, regardless of having the Key, Urotsuki will enter the Debug Room.