Dark Museum
Hey now, who turned the lights off?
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WP #191



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Japan Town, Geometry World, Flying Fish World, Museum NoReturn



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The Dark Museum (博物館リベンジ, Hakubutsukan Ribenji, Revenge Museum) is an area accessible from Geometry World through the door on the last block in a row of blocks.


Annotated map


This area is much like the ordinary Museum with a similar layout, however it has maroon carpets, almost rustic-looking walls that sometimes have images on them, larger doorways and chains of purple rope stanchions, like those seen in parts of the Underwater Amusement Park . On display are various upright shrubs in niches in the walls; in front of them are tables and chairs.

The Museum is dark and it is possible to navigate without the lantern however, Urotsuki's lantern effect will make it easier to see. Pressing the action key creates a temporary circle of light to grant greater field of vision. Additionally, dequipping all effects and then equipping the lantern will give an entire lighted view of the room. If the player waits and walks in the same direction Urotsuki was facing, the light will stay there - this is likely a bug. Interacting with the switch in the statue room without the lantern will also light up the Dark Museum with or without the purple filter; interacting with the switch again will toggle the filter on or off but will not turn off the lights, to turn off the lights use the Urotsuki's lantern effect or leave.

  • You can enter this area from Japan Town through the red mailbox, however you will be stuck on a pedestal with no way to get off again aside from teleporting back to Japan Town.
  • The yellow ticket booth in the main area will take you to Flying Fish World. To get back, you can walk to the left and interact with the ticket booth there.
  • The room north of the main area houses a bloody, animated face on the wall that makes sounds.
  • Interacting with the switch in the statue room will change one of the plants in the table room. Using the Glasses effect, you can interact with the potted plant that changed (you will have to do it in the dark if your version of the game is older than 0.104g), which will teleport you to a sectioned off room of the ordinary Museum. It still will be dark and you won't be able to illuminate it with the Lantern Effect. The only way to turn on the lights is to interact with the plant again to be taken to the main area of the ordinary Museum (not sectioned off this time), and turn on the lights using one of the switches in the exhibition rooms.


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