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Cyber Maze
The diagonal paths' connection
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Saibā no tsūro
Cyber Passage




WP #207



Notable NPCs

The Cyberlings

Connecting Areas

Valentine Land
Cocktail Lounge
Dream Mexico
Sea Lily World
Oriental Pub
Smiling Trees World NoReturn
Simple Street NoEntry

Removed Connections

Dream Bank
Dark Museum


水族館@ネコノハ 50% (Extended Path)

Map ID

0652, 0701

Primary Author


Contributing Author(s)

2i9, 710, natl, Yasakoten

The Cyber Maze is a small area accessible from various zones, the quickest way being Valentine Land by interacting with the walking heart.

Map of the area


This area is an 8-directional looping hub. Each path has a particular color and takes you to a path of another color and, sometimes, has an NPC that can be interacted with to go to another zone.

If you take the pink path, you will find the walking heart mentioned before, taking you to Valentine Land. This path connects to the purple, green, yellow, and multicolored paths. The purple path contains a purple bat-like NPC, which will take you to the Exhibition upon interaction. The green path contains a flower NPC which leads to an extended area, containing portals to Dream Mexico and the Cocktail Lounge, the yellow path contains a green sea lily which will take you to Sea Lily World.

The red path has no NPC, and it connects to the blue path, where the Angel taking you to GALAXY Town can be found. The two multi-colored paths are connected to each other, where the eastern path has a bear which will take you to Smiling Trees World, and the western path has a geometric figure that will take you to the Oriental Pub.


  • There used to be a seventh NPC, a flashing hexagonal prism. It would appear in the 8-way junction at the center of the world, and would lead the player to the Dark Museum if interacted. As of 0.102g, this connection has been severed. There also used to be a eighth NPC, on the multicolored path, that would take Urotsuki to the Dream Bank.
  • This world used to have a different background, most NPCS here (The Heart, the purple bat, and the teal angel) used to be fully colored, and a different, now removed music.


Nexus → Heart WorldValentine Land → Cyber Maze

Nexus → Garden WorldBlue ForestExhibition → Cyber Maze