Location Hospital
Role Grants wallpaper & Puzzle
Size Standard
Killable Yes

Cripple-tan, also known as Aojiru/Aoshiru (青汁, Green juice) by the Japanese fanbase, is a patient that can be found through a minor event in the middle room of the Hospital's last hallway.


Cripple-tan (or Aojiru/Aoshiru) is a patient in the Hospital, shown with bandages around his head, wearing a buttoned shirt, and hooked up to an IV. The green substance being fed through the IV seems to be the same one that oozes from the bed in the event that takes you to his room.

In the middle room in last hallway of the hospital, there is a bed with something lumpy moving underneath the sheets. If you interact with the bed, it will begin to ooze a green substance. When the bed stops oozing, Urotsuki will be transported to an inescapable room covered in a sickly, green wash with no windows.

Cripple-tan sits in this room beside the bed and reacts to nothing. Trying to interact with them will automatically make Urotsuki kill him with the Chainsaw, even if you haven't collected it.

Cripple-tan can also be seen sleeping in this room when Urotsuki equips the Chainsaw and looks out of The Monster's Jaw in Forest World.