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Cotton Candy Haven
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WP #237, WP #270



Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Infinite Library Boy

Wooden Polycube Ruins Teru Teru Bozu
Techno Condominium NoEntry
Flooded Dungeon NoEntry


e26_b (Music box)

Map ID

0915, 0916, 0917, 0919



Cotton Candy Haven is an area accessible from Techno Condominium.


Cotton Candy Haven is a large, looping environment, surrounded by clouds and filled with pink, candy-like trees, as well as houses which resemble cupcakes. Inside these houses are kitchens with varying arrangements.

The central section of this world comprises of an interconnected network of houses, where its center houses a pool with a hole, which is where Urotsuki will appear if she enters from the Flooded Dungeon. Left of the pool is an entrance to a distinctive, well-furnished bedroom, where Urotsuki can switch the lamp on or off. The room includes a mirror that will reflect default Urotsuki regardless of what effects are equipped. Equipping the Bug effect will make the flowers next to the lamp blue. The double-decked bed has a passage going back outside, where you can see door to an empty room, along with a winding doll, whose key can be detached by Urotsuki as a boy, by using the Chainsaw on the doll or by using the Crossing effect. Interacting with the doll with the key detached will un-equip whatever effect is active, letting Urotsuki take the key, which will give you Wallpaper #270 upon doing so for the first time. Returning to the bedroom and putting the key on the music box on the table will make the room dark as night and the sky behind the window scroll, as the music box plays its tune. Going to bed here at this state will take Urotsuki to a pitch-black area, which can be lit up with the Lantern effect, revealing that she has woken up in the Infinite Library.

Located one screen north and a few second's travel west is a house partially buried in the clouds. It contains a kitchen and a refrigerator which, when opened, reveals a passage leading to an icy platform, where using the Teru Teru Bōzu to make it snow here will reveal a long set of stairs to the Wooden Polycube Ruins. You can also slide down the stairs with the Penguin effect.


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