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Chocolate World
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Chokorēto no Tsūro
Chocolate Passage




WP #39

Menu themes

Menu Theme #19



Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Forest World
Dark Room
Stone Maze
Green Tea Graveyard
Highway Bunny EarsNoReturn
Flying Fish World Bunny EarsNoReturn
Day & Night Towers Bunny EarsNoReturn
Jigsaw Puzzle World Bunny EarsNoReturn
Simple Street NoEntry
High-rise Building NoEntry



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Chocolate World is an area that can be accessed by interacting with the white (or sometimes mixed or dark) chocolate bar found in the Forest World or in the back room of the Theatre in the Dark Room.

Annotated map of Chocolate World


As its name suggests, Chocolate World's floor consists of squares of dark or white chocolate. It is a relatively small, looping area and blocks of chocolate also float around in the background and foreground. Sometimes Shadow Women appear in this world.

There is a chocolate fountain in the middle of the mixed area, though you must have the Cake effect first. When you interact with it, the screen floods with liquid chocolate and you will get a new Menu Theme.

There are a few portals here as well. Interacting with the white chocolate bar will transport you to Forest World, the mixed chocolate bar will transport you to the Theatre in the Dark Room, the purple and yellow tree (which can also be found in the The Invisible Maze) transports you to the Stone Maze, and the bowl of green tea will transport you to Green Tea Graveyard.

There are also a number of moving red hour glasses, a pink cone-headed creature and a small pink rabbit NPC who hops around. Equipping the Bunny Ears effect will attract it to you, and interacting with it will teleport you to one of four areas, determined by your current position on the map's x and y axes.

These areas include the western entrance of the Highway tunnel, the moonlit balcony in Flying Fish World, the apex of the western tower in the Day & Night Towers, and the mermaid lake in Jigsaw Puzzle World. All four of these areas feature moons.

Peeing on the wall with the Boy effect in Japan Town triggers an event here where the all the doors will disappear and the world will become filled with flat, purple shadow ladies, which will chase you until they catch you or you wake up.

If they catch you, you will be sent to a sectioned off staircase in the Sewers, with very dark, foreboding music.


Nexus → Forest World → Chocolate World


  • In previous versions, this area also could be accessed via The Hand Hub.
  • The pink cone-headed creature in this area used to be the portal to the Stone Maze here, but was replaced by the more relevant tree object.
  • Next to the dark sectioned-off staircase that the flat shadow ladies send you to, "see you" is written into the wall tiles, but is only viewable in RPG Maker.