Cat Cemetery
Catcemetery fenced
A resting place for bygone feline friends.
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Kura Puzzle #53



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Merlot, Samhain

Connecting Areas

Doll House


PLin_loop02, soto-C8

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The Cat Cemetery (猫墓地, Neko bochi) is an area accessible from the eastern exit of the Doll House.


The Cat Cemetery is a rather saddening environment, filled with variously-shaped tombstones and mausolea of cat-people.

Within the cemetery proper is a solitary gray cat sitting on a bench, where his beloved, a white cat in a dress, is shown comforting him if the Glasses are equipped.

The broken fence north of the cemetery leads to the cemetery's outskirts. A red-haired cycloptic lady named Merlot wanders the area, having the usual reactions to the Chainsaw and Crossing effects. There is also an opening north of the dense cluster of trees, leading to a small corridor ending with a purple cat sitting on a bench. Interacting with the cat will take you to the Halloween Forest upon exiting the corridor.

Halloween ForestEdit

The Halloween Forest (紅葉, Kōyō, Autumn Leaves), true to its names, is a forest that takes on an autumn-colored appearance, with lanterns and trees that bear scary faces.

Interacting with the glowing pumpkin will give Urotsuki a Halloween costume, which can be unequipped by interacting with the pumpkin.

The western area houses a harmless Shadow Bird inside a fenced area, who gets agitated upon equipping the Chainsaw, along with Samhain, a female zombie, above the fenced area, as well as a decrepit-looking Vending Machine near a bench. In the eastern wing, some points of interest include tree-like creature in one of the dead ends, and a house whose entrance is blocked off.


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  • He seems lonely...
  • Grief and fear
  • A heartwarming sight.
  • The wandering lady, Merlot.
  • Next stop: Halloween Forest.
  • All set for trick-or-treat.
  • What are you doing here?
  • Don't worry, it won't bite.
  • Looks like it hasn't been maintained for some time now.
  • A haunted house under construction.
  • Obtained by interacting with the pumpkin at the entrance.
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