Bowling Zone
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Kura Puzzle #5



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Stone Maze, The Invisible Maze, Never-Ending Hallway, The Baddies Bar NoEntry


bgm-c bass (The Lanes), bgm-c (Bowling Pin World)

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0235, 0236

The Bowling Zone (ボーリング場, Bōringujō, Bowling Alley) is an area accessible from the Stone Maze.


The LanesEdit

This is the first area you see after coming from the Stone Maze. It looks just like a regular bowling alley with lanes, pins and red, yellow, green and blue bowling balls lying around. From the Stone Maze entrance, purple bowling balls will run in your direction in various formations. If you touch one of them, you go back to the Stone Maze by the bowling ball. In order to get to Bowling Pin World, you need to dodge every single bowling ball.

After touching the four bowling pins in Bowling Pin World you are brought to two more bowling lanes. If you go to the end of the lane you were teleported to, you will be transported to The Invisible Maze. If you decide to go through the hole into the next lane and go to the end of it and touch the bowling pins, you will come to a sectioned off area of Bowling Pin World with a pink pin with you. If you interact with the pin, you will be sent to the Never-Ending Hallway.

Bowling Pin WorldEdit


Map of Bowling Pin World (Without Background)

In this area, there are multiple pink and white pins and bowling balls lying around. The area is inhabited by more moving bowling balls and pins, only this time they do nothing to you if you touch them. Somewhere in this area are four white pins surrounding a triangle of dots in a bowling pin formation. Interacting with them sends you back to the lanes.


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