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Blood World
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WP #101


Blood Sacrifice

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Intestines Maze NoEntry Chance🍀
Stone Maze


yume b2
yume a (After cutting the rooted creature)

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0233, 0234



Blood World is a somewhat small area accessible from the rainbow door in the Stone Maze, or by interacting with certain creature in the Intestines Maze.

Map of Blood World


Blood World is a dark scrolling area filled with pools of blood, scattered razor blades and white ghosts crying blood. Urotsuki can return to the Stone Maze by traveling northeast of the entrance and interacting with the red sign/hammer there. North of this is a pool of blood that may contain another red sign that leads to the Intestines Maze, but this is not guaranteed (There is a roughly 26% chance it will be present).

Blood Sacrifice Event

If Urotsuki enters the center of the largest pool of blood, she'll be teleported into a horizontally looped lake of blood with many crying ghosts, a bloody table surrounded by knives, and a towering white creature rooted into a darker pool of blood at the very north. Using the Chainsaw effect on the white creature will prompt it to let out a loud groan. The area darkens, the music changes, and the ghosts will swarm around Urotsuki in an attempt to inhibit her motion while Scary Faces pursue her. If they catch her, the screen fades to black and Urotsuki wakes up. Viewing this event will unlock wallpaper #101.

It is possible to escape from the Scary Faces and get away with the assault unharmed. The ghosts are slow enough that she can escape them using Motorbike effect. She should be able to find a razor blade at the south of the lake of blood that will teleport her back outside. Outside, there will be more Scary Faces that continue to pursue her, and the exit back to Stone Maze will be surrounded by more Scary Faces that constantly rotate around it. If you can time interacting with the hammer so that none of the Scary Faces surrounding it touch Urotsuki while she does it, all without getting caught by any of the other Scary Faces, she will be teleported back to the Stone Maze where it is safe.


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