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Zelthra Zelthra 4 March 2021

Sound room translation/guide

List mode is the default sound room mode. In this mode, all the songs are listed. Press Z to play the song your cursor is hovering over.

List mode X key menu:    

  • Leave sound room 
    • Return to pc
    • Go to old sound room
  • Change mode
    • Switch to memory mode
      • Z to accept, X to cancel
    • Automatic playback
      • Start automatic playback
      • Automatic playback options
        • Song ordering options
          • Set to ascending
          • Set to descending
          • Set to random
        • Song advancement condition type
          • Time
          • Number of loops
        • Song advancement condition number setting
          • If set to time, represents seconds (1 to 9999). If set to number of loops, represents number of loops (1 to 9)
    • Stop playback
  • Advanced options
    • Search undiscovered songs
      • Press Z to search ascending starting from cursor position, press X to search starting from trac…

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MynNewZero MynNewZero 10 January 2021

Hello Im Looking for Yume 2kki Debug mode I Really Need A Link of Debug Mode I Use EasyRPG 2000/2003 To Do It

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Lelbyson Lelbyson 13 November 2020



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~Star Child~ Lapis Lazuli ~Star Child~ Lapis Lazuli 27 June 2020

Permanently leaving the 2kki developer community

Hello, everyone.

Due to the toxic environment surround the Yume 2kki dev community, I wish to make a formal announcement that I am stepping down as a developer of Yume 2kki, and will be removing all of my content from the game. It would be an understatement to say that this game, and the toxic community surrounding it, has negatively affected my mental health.

I have a message for everyone who is likely to read this:

For those of you who supported me during these times: Thank you. I'm sorry your efforts were in vain, but that was never your fault. It's easy to say that there is nothing as useless as effort, but I know that's not true. Even if you couldn't get me back into the community, you saved my mental health, and all of the creative ener…

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GhostCaffeine GhostCaffeine 29 May 2020

Yume 2kki poster

Hey yall

I made this one poster for my design class thought id share it here

GhostCaffeine (talk) 15:23, May 29, 2020 (UTC)

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GhostCaffeine GhostCaffeine 18 May 2020

Yume 2kki Online?

alright, it may not have the same feeling as playing by yourself but it just came to me that it would be kinda sweet to have an online version of yume 2kki or something, idk if exists just thought it would be cool to point it out. it could also be not only of yume 2kki but the other major fangames in general and yume nikki per se, of course

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Xephonopedia Xephonopedia 21 April 2020

Hi guys!!

Hi guys, I created an account recently here, but I've been following this Wiki for a long time. I'm Brazilian so I'm using the Translator to speak here. I've been having an idea to create a map for Yume 2kki, with the help of a pixel art creator, and another APP to create a map similar to the RPG map (not a game) I managed to produce these two images. But currently I don't have the resources to be able to create a RPG maker 2000 map, so, maybe for now, just images. thanks for reading ★ Obrigado por ler 🇧🇷 ^-^

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Lysenthe Lysenthe 6 April 2020


Summary of Yume 2kki Revision #6, as I go along with development of the update:

R6 is the 710 update, and for it I have planned the following changes:
> Red Black World will be added and revamped > Onyx Tile World will be added and revamped > Purple Neon Maze will be added and revamped > White Black World (白黒世界) will be added > Rose World will have an enforced system graphic, as well as enforced system SE > Lezaxzasea Docks will be touched up slightly

In regards to [Into the] Fabric of Reality, I'll do it but in R7, which is the cleanup update. I'll be doing a bunch of things in that update to refine my areas, not others'. It will allow me to review all the work I've done so far as well, so that's why I simply put it off.

The WIP sign will…

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Lysenthe Lysenthe 8 March 2020

Yume 2kki 0.068+ Revision 5 + Patch 1

I had a hard time leaving this be, and I finally got around to finish it after months and months because of lots of problems, mainly the fact that I burnt myself and I was completely incapacitated for a month. Downloads in description as usual.

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Saikou The Lewd King Saikou The Lewd King 1 February 2020

2kki Character Master List

So in Yume Nikki, seems like every single entity that even remotely look like characters have been identified and named by the Fandom already. But it's not the case for 2kki, probably due to the ridiculous amount of characters present. Let's try that anyway, shall we? It might be used for a revamp of the minor characters page (and maybe making pages for individual characters, idk why we don't do that)


So what the fuck is a "layer"?

It's basically what I use to split characters further. It represents how "deep" a character is within the dream world. It relates to the minimum amount of worlds you have to go through in order to reach this world, with the Nexus being the center. 1st layer is Nexus Worlds, 2nd layer is worlds connected to …

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~Star Child~ Lapis Lazuli ~Star Child~ Lapis Lazuli 31 January 2020

Public apology


So I'd like to publicly apologize to qxy and to 2i9. I was impatient with qxy and pushed him to release an update earlier than he was able, and when I did this, i tried to just shoulder the burden onto 2i9. I hope you two can forgive me.

That will be all, I suppose.

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Papperboy3498 Papperboy3498 18 October 2019

Whatever happened to GALAXY Town?

I'm wondering what happened to GALAXY Town. Why did it get deleted?

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Papperboy3498 Papperboy3498 6 September 2019

Zalgo fanart mady by one of my friends

so basically, I entered a roleplay server with a bunch of cookie run fans, and one of my friends, Inara, made fanart of zalgo with their cookie run OCs.

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Papperboy3498 Papperboy3498 15 August 2019

I accidentally overwrote my save file:(

I accidentally overwrote my save file. I HAD 14 EFFECTS ON THAT DANG GAME! 14 EFFECTS! I WASTED MY LIFE! I WASTED MY LIFE!

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Leaving the community for at least a month

Heya. It's me, Lapis/Ruri.

I wanted to make an announcement that, for at least the rest of June, I will not be directly or actively participating in the community, leaving all discord servers associated with yume 2kki and completely halting all progress on any of my worlds. 

Over the last few days, the Japanese community has grown increasingly hostile, and it's reached the point where passive aggressive messages directed towards me on the official thread are commonplace (twice now the message "ルリざまぁ" has been posted in the thread. "ざまぁ" roughly translates to "Serves you right!", according to my dictionary). In addition, I learned that the recent rules for proxy implementation might take away my basic autonomy as my ability to edit my own map…

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GreenToxic GreenToxic 23 April 2019

Can any of you guys help me out?

Long story short, I have version .108c and for some reason it didn't come with Green Neon World, which is map number 360. Can one of you guys give me a Google Drive link with it so the game won't crash? ¡Muchas gracias por todo!

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TamayoMeri TamayoMeri 23 April 2019

I'm back part 3

Hi everyone! I'm back to torment you all. This is my formal "I am back into 2kki" post. 

How is everyone? I see a lot of yall are still in the game as well and also doing fairly good too. I'm glad to see so many of you still at it after all this time. The last time I remember being very active on the wiki was 6 years ago!! When I was about to graduate high school!!

There's a few points of interest I suppose are worth discussing - for one, I just finished the entire completionism round of .108i. All menus, all wallpapers, and all music....... oh christ all music. 

There's a lot that's different with me, too. I ended up dropping college because it turns out it's not very fulfilling in the art field if you're not interested in constant pseudoin…

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Red Spider Lily Red Spider Lily 15 November 2018

Ahhh, distractions

I keep meaning to do a lot of things, including seeing if I can submit a map for this game. But I keep getting distracted ^^;

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Touhou Shoujo Touhou Shoujo 19 May 2018

A new Ending?

The Ending #--- has two ways of doing it, but I never knew about that. I just leaved the room, because I was tired of always being forced to enter it whenever I listened to the soundtrack on Urotsuki's computer and the song changed (lol). Everything was normal, the room and the phonograph was the same. But when the credits ended, the room got all old and rusty, and the phonograph changed to a vinyl player. A ghostly-like Urotsuki came out of the bed, and leaved the room. Then a black bar slowly slided at the bottom of the screen, and the message "ED No.¨¨¨ and something in Japanese" appeared. On the Endings page, there's a explanation on the #--- part where it says about the song on the phonograph changing to a piano one instead of the mus…

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OniMusume OniMusume 23 April 2018

Black Screen in Bottom Garden (Minor Glitch?)

I don't know if this has been covered before, and I'm fairly certain this has been happening for as long as I can remember actually, but still, whenever I travel back through the doors in Bottom Garden, returning from the area with the big mansion (where you can find the Music Box Creature), I go through these black doors that connect the red path that leads to that place (before the downward stairs). Ordinarily, as I travel to the left through them where the player was mainly intended, no problem, but going back from the left to the right through one of the black doors, strangely, I am ALWAYS greeted with a black screen.

It's easy to fix, however. You just go to your menu, and back, and the screen is back again. It's just a very minor inco…

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OniMusume OniMusume 21 April 2018


This would be my first time as a user for a wiki. Not sure what all I can do to help or contribute to this wiki for one of my favorite games, but I'm here to (hopefully) be helpful I guess. By the way, you can find me in the Dark Room, which can be accessed from Marijuana Goddess World. I like sit on my couch and read books with my pet telephone all the night. Drop in if you want...Doesn't matter to me.

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Saikou The Lewd King Saikou The Lewd King 18 April 2018

Personal Yume 2kki Theories

Just a blog to put in words my theories regarding Yume 2kki. Despite the fact that I call them "theories", a lot of them rely on a lot of speculation and making-shit-up, so they're closer to mini-fanfics under the guise of theories.

Obviously, spoilers ahead.

  • 1 Yume Nikki, Yume 2kki and .flow are linked
  • 2 The Eyeball Bomb Effect is contagious
  • 3 The Red Streetlights are organic and parasitic
  • 4 Marijuana Goddess, the Dark Room, and Tapir-san
  • 5 All Wataru maps are Chronologically linked
  • 6 Urotsuki is a tomboy/suffers from gender dysphoria
  • 7 Urotsuki left her parents' home
  • 8 Mini-Theories compilation

Now, this one's probably gonna be the wildest. Like, a lot of making-shit-up will be involved, so it would be the closest to a fanfiction resume than anything. But…

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Cynamix1125New Cynamix1125New 5 April 2018

various things

IT's ANOTHER PoST uhh okay so I just had some random things I wanted to bring up 1. from my last post, my save file did get corrupted, but it was an old version so whatever 2. on japan town's page, it doesn't say anything about peeing on the wall. is this removed or what? 3. do chasers always bring you to the same place? like in one world it'll bring you here but in this world it'll bring you here. I want this info for Y2KKI 3d, which hopefully I will be able to work on soon!


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Cynamix1125New Cynamix1125New 31 March 2018

2kki acting strange

I first noticed that some wallpapers that I had already unlocked weren't there, and I decided I would try to re-unlock the one where you kill your reflection in the Mirror Room. After getting there, I opened up quickselect to grab the chainsaw effect, but the menu had no effects, and when I tried to scroll, it became Uro's sillhouette with a "?" on it.

Any suggestions?

I explored like everything there is on this save file I would rather not lose it

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Cynamix1125New Cynamix1125New 25 March 2018




okay sorry just

that would be really nice, and i've been thinking about possibly trying to at least create some worlds

i mean like i know next to nothing about creating VR things and whatnot but

still tho, even creating 3d models would be a nice start

thank you for reading my rambling nonsensical fever dream-esque ideas goodbye

(im going to immediatley regret publishing this arent i)

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Cynamix1125New Cynamix1125New 8 March 2018

flesh paths stuff

okay first off, sorry for making another post, i just really love this game uwu

i was looking through files/maps of flesh world and saw some stuff. i don't have rpg maker so i have no idea what this stuff is lol

1 - in the head hub there is a nun-looking head, but you can't go inside it. i think i tried all the effects but nothing happened. on the map near the bottom there's an empty loop where i'm guessing it leads to.

2 - on the map there is an isolated piece in the middle. i'm guessing you get there from a chaser or something

3 - right above the entrance to nostalgic house you can see another urotsuki head that leads to a sideways arch. (most likely an area only accesible in older versions)

4 - in the chipset folder i noticed a tiny head tha…

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Cynamix1125New Cynamix1125New 7 March 2018

weird stuff in marigod world

i dunno if somebody already mentioned this, but at least 3 tiles in marigod world (i found the three right next to the nexus entrance) flash and make a different sound than the other ones. i tried some effects but nothing happened. Any ideas?

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Cynamix1125New Cynamix1125New 19 February 2018

about the cyber bar

this is probably unimportant, but i feel like the cyber bar doesn't have the right info

the drinks have official names, listed below, and we should also list all the drinks possible (i got them from the files)

i might be overreacting, so im not editing anything, just posting this :)

beer - OIL819

brown beer - OILbyQ

galactic drink - mini planetarium

lime glasses soda - true eyes

rainbow drink - rainbow shot

gummy worm drink - neon psycho

iceberg drink - sherbet

static drink - bug mix

strawberry flan - pretty love (?)

milk - log log milk

umbrella drink - parasol cocktail

bloody eyeball drink - MVWine

toxic waste - energy drum

haunted drink - soul eater

sparkler soda - sky bomb (dawn, night, noon, sunset)

sodas - electric juice (blue, green, pink, red, yellow…

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WavyUp WavyUp 14 February 2018

Yume 2kki English translation

I'm making a patch of Yume 2kki English version, based on 0.106a one.

  1. You don't have to install RPG Maker 2000 RTP at all.
  2. You can execute the game without using Locale Emulator or Applocale, however, you have to use those program in order to proceed the game.
  3. (I forgot to change pc_back.png to default image. I'm really sorry for that.
  4. Only effect descriptions were finished.
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Zsofiaag Zsofiaag 5 February 2018

Can someone help me out?

So I was playing Yume 2kki and when I woke up once this happened:

At the second waking up:

Can someone tell me what is this?

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Lemniscatious Lemniscatious 3 January 2018

Missing things

As of the latest current version, 0.106, Mare Tranquillitatis doesn't seem to be accessable anymore. At least, not from the same place it was before. Interacting with the pedestal (with any effect) does absolutely nothing.

Furthermore, the staircase next to The Ark seems to be gone as well. 

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GreenToxic GreenToxic 18 November 2017

New minigame??

So yea I have version .105i and just got ending 4, the one you need all the 170 wallpapers. Why is no one talking about this? Is this new? What?? It's glitchy. Here's a screenshot:

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Bullet731108 Bullet731108 15 September 2017

I'm baaaack

Hello all. I've been on a long hiatus to basically sort my life out, but now I feel like I can contribute again to my dear-adopted wiki. So...what's been going on lately? Is the site layout and Urotsuki theme still working for everyone, or does it need a drastic change? Any articles that majorly need updating or making? Fill me in with your issues and I'll try to get them sorted.

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Menderman Menderman 20 August 2017

A clown in Marijuana Goddess World

So as soon as I got into the Marijuana Goddess World (right after waking up) I was heading for the dark room when a Clown started chased me faster than the Motorcycle and starting bumping into me, stealing 100 of my money. He kept doing this until I ran out of money, so he sent me to an enclosed space with looping stairs. I checked the page for the Marijuana Goddess World and the only thing that even hints to this happening is the map where you can see the clown.

I reloaded my save (since I didn't save) and recorded it happening here:


My game version is 0.104g, just in-case anyone asks.

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Otamot Otamot 1 July 2017

I think I discovered a new event

Make your way to the space map and open up the shift menu. Press down to equip the bike and you will wake up in your room, but your bike will be equipped. (Usually if you were to unequip your space suit while in space, you would just wake up.) After around two to three seconds of riding around your room Urotsuki starts rotating around at an insane speed, and the tiles in your room will be changed into a very glitchy mess, with a background that reminds me of the toy world's background. The screen will also be flashing different colors, and you will wake up after a few seconds. I have not seen this event (or glitch) recorded on the wiki, so please tell me if this is nothing new. Thanks!

WARNING: after performing this glitch, the arrow keys w…

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Touhou Shoujo Touhou Shoujo 22 October 2016

Uncrashable Yume 2kki!

Well, I don't know if this just happens to me, but when I download Yume 2kki (doesn't matter the version), some maps simply makes the game crash. So I had an idea! I have Yume 2kki 0.100a and this version have all the parallaxes, 'cause it's really old and stuff... So I copied all the parallaxes and pasted in the Panorama folder on the 0.104g version. Now everything works!

I've made a video to help people with the same problem, and I've made a link to download this "uncrashable" version:

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Mike309 ULTIMATE Mike309 ULTIMATE 19 May 2016

Almost all pc yumegamen xx.png/xyz are missing

so i wanted to switch the gui, so i got to the pc and tada an error great!

i went to the "Pictures" folder and seached "yumegamen sys20" and even nothing starting with 2 was there, any help?

(i downloaded from the unnoficial links)

sure, Mike309 ULTIMATE (talk) 18:46, May 19, 2016 (UTC)Mike309_ULTIMATE

also i forgot to put sys befor the xx XD

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TamayoMeri TamayoMeri 30 January 2016

what's up I've been dead for a long time/catching up

So my super exciting lifestyle of being IRL Urotsuki and also being internet Urotsuki has failed to entwine within itself and basically I haven't played Y2kki in MONTHS

I'm trying to think what the last release I played was. Might've been .101a or something. That's the best I can remember. 

My question to others is - is there a comprehensive list of changes available anywhere (i.e. per version)? I noticed there's a lot of new content but I doubt I'll be able to go through it all & to help out if I can't even figure out where the new stuff is. I heard that the library with the books went through another phase of being added/unadded so if there's translation that's needed to be done I can do that. 

Otherwise what's up. College is kicking my ass a…

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Shimofuri Shimofuri 12 June 2015


There is someone on this wiki that doesn't like funny captions ww

Too much seriousness in pages makes it boring just sayin'

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LainIwakura LainIwakura 2 March 2015

So I made a Wordmark.

Yep. Things happened and now theres a wordmark we could potentially replace the plain yume 2kki wiki text next to the navbar with.

I'd like to see what people think of it before just sticking it up there, so go ahead and say if you think it's better/worse than the plain arial the navbar is currently rocking. :)

(I'd hope the design looks ok :x)

Edit: and it looks like bullet's put it up before I could, I guess it wasnt too bad then ;P

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TamayoMeri TamayoMeri 28 February 2015

Big bar on top of the YN wiki probably should be updated

Like it's-- it's hard to navigate. Let's just start with that. 

The front page does a lot, but we should do a little bit of organization in terms of... like, locations - 

The dropdown menu, I mean. Hold on. Give me a minute to organize my thoughts. 

It should be more than just "On the Wiki" "Popular Pages" "Community". Let's make our wiki more navigable even if the game we write for is... hell to navigate. 

For instance, I'm more than happy to make a category hub page for locations and then have that be a dropdown -- i.e. "Gameplay"

In the "Gameplay" dropdown there'd be something like this: 

  • Effects
  • Locations/Dream Worlds (expand the page, probably)
  • Maps
  • Events
  • Endings
  • Wallpaper Guide
  • Kura Puzzle Guide

And that could be an example of like, the second d…

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TamayoMeri TamayoMeri 2 February 2015

GALAXY maps update

Okay, we really need to get a move on with the articles for the new GALAXY maps. 

Deciding on a name, etc. ... My guess is just "Galaxy town" or something. It's an average town. 

Second, I'm currently trying to work out how to get the アイドル/Idol effect, because it's listed in the item database and has a switch. So far I'm having 0 luck actually finding where you get the idol effect, since it doesn't seem like the actual area with the idols give it to you. 

The other thing is it might not even be accessible in this version, even if it's almost entirely in the files right now. If you have all the effects from the previous versions minus idol, your PC will say "Effect: 100%". 

Anyways, we need to make a page soon. There's too much stuff in the GAL…

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TamayoMeri TamayoMeri 26 January 2015

YNFG wiki is on to us

I didn't notice this until today but if you hover over the buttons at the top of the YNFG wiki, you get messages about each of the main 3 wikis. 

Here's ours. 


Here's the .flow wiki's:


...and here's their commentary for the YN Wiki: 


If I could say something like that about the YNFG Wiki... "Where bad fangames sit down and have a drink together". 

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TamayoMeri TamayoMeri 16 January 2015

Wishful thinking

You heard me!! Stuff you'd like to see in updates, or in one big update. 

To be honest, my favorite part of any fangame is collecting effects. I don't event-hunt as much as I effect-hunt, and I love the effect-mixing aspect of Y2kki. 

So if I was to ask the production team for one thing to be released in another version, like, .103 nonbugfix-y type ... stuff... I'd ask for a whole load of new effects to hunt down. Like, especially some from the original planned set. Oh, and twintails punch to be included. Maybe more outfits in the Dressing Room (get on it Zenmaigahara!!!).

What would you ask for if you could have one thing? 

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FukoSan FukoSan 7 November 2014

Featured Article

I don't know if somebody will read it, but I wanna hear suggestions of articles that deserve the "Featured Article".

I suggest the article of Overgrown City

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TamayoMeri TamayoMeri 5 October 2014

Missing Files page?

Okay, so it seems like every single update there is I'm missing files. 空、闇空、... okay that last one really is just "dark sky" because I can't read the kanji in the actual file, but it seems like since this is such a prevalent problem we ought to make a page for the missing files, if no documentation actually exists. I know I had to go on uboachan the first time I got Y2kki running to get the files because I was so confused. 

update because it's 2:20 AM when I'm writing this: I looked at the Installation Instructions page and even still it doesn't specify which files you're missing or what they look like. Should we include those in a gallery on the page, perhaps? Maybe a 'General Installation Errors' page/subhead too since majority of error-fi…

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TamayoMeri TamayoMeri 23 February 2014

Question about navigation & organizing it

Okay so it's 12:32 AM and hopefully I don't misspell anything. 

So I've been thinking about the navigational ability in 2kki- which is really vital, because you can get lost and end up lost so easily and we have maps upon maps upon maps to help people (which reminds me, I really need to get on making more maps because of this) navigate the worlds within 2kki for the optimal experience (i.e. being able to experience events, etc.) 

On the wiki itself while trying to memorize literally every connection I can think of (hey I take pride in it) from world-to-world I notice that the "(one way)" parenthesis is a little... vague, somewhat. I've learned that it means you can only get to an area from that one linked area one-way (i.e. there's no return)…

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LainIwakura LainIwakura 18 December 2013

Is the wiki suddenly offcenter now or..

Is it just me or is the wiki wider than it should be / used to be?

It looks like the main page has been changed to a 3-column style instead of a 2-column one for some reason, making the navigation buttons all move offcenter and out-of-place. :s

Or maybe it was just stretched out, it looks the same on all the other wikis ive looked at though, so it probably happened to all of wikia

The main page looks super weird now.


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TamayoMeri TamayoMeri 29 May 2013

Y2kki resource blog?

I was just thinking it would be a good idea to have a cohesive and reliable place for people to ask things about Y2kki, like a resource blog on tumblr or wordpress or something. Mostly tumblr because of its ask system though. I found that with my higurashi analysis blog it's easier to handle questions from people with asks/fanmail than it would be through wordpress... since I really don't know how wordpress would handle that kind of thing. 

Anybody up for it? It'd be a kind of multi-moderated blog and it'd answer those basic questions that we see pop up on the wikia every so often (like "how do I get to X" or "how do I get Y working"). Things like how to get Wavy Up working, which files that need replacing, etc. Just a suggestion for any fu…

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Bullet731108 Bullet731108 9 February 2013

Adopting the Wiki

I have applied to adopt the Yume 2kki Wiki, since Haruhi appears to be gone for good, and some drastic alterations need to be made from a higher up position. I'd like to ask everyone what it is they'd like changing if I do get an admin position. This can range from pages you'd like to see, wikia theme ideas and pages you don't think we need anymore.

So, everybody; what do you think should happen?

Major Update: My request followed through and I am now officially an admin! I'll get to work right away, and remember that if you have any suggestions for the wiki or contributions to the theme, just let me know.

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