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sound4d (corridor), RIMA-bgm-Chip002 (Bathing area), rnt_furo (Bathing area, with Boy or Gakuran equipped), VANEGI_twilight (Dining Hall)

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0148, 0194, 0824, 0828

The Bathhouse (銭湯, Sentō) is a small area accessible from the Mini-Maze.


The entrance to the Bathhouse consists of a green-grey alley with brick walls. In this area Urotsuki can find many stones similar to the ones in Floating Stones World, some seats, and an unstocked Vending Machine.

Immediately left of the entrance is a door with a sign next to it, leading to a corridor to the Dining Hall (食堂, Shokudō), a small Japanese-style family restaurant. In here, equipping the Gakuran effect will make the owner and their daughter notice Urotsuki's presence. After your first visit here, there is a chance determined upon sleeping, that the hall will be tinted in red, with all the seats facing front occupied by customers and the owner's daughter found dead.

Next to the vending machine is a door that leads Urotsuki to the bathhouse. Urotsuki will refuse to enter if she has either the Boy or Gakuran effect equipped, until you get her to enter for the seventh time.

Inside, Urotsuki will change into her swimsuit (there is also a small chance that she will wear a towel instead), if she does not have the Boy or Gakuran effect equipped. The bathhouse is filled with rows of showers, and has a large bath at the end of the room that Urotsuki can use. The menu screen may not be accessed while inside (and therefore, no effects may be used while inside the bathhouse). Although Urotsuki cannot use most effects in the bathhouse, the Stretch and Child effects can be used, allowing Urotsuki to put on her swimsuit, while still using one of the two. They do not seem to have any interesting differences, however.

Upon exiting the bathhouse, the vending machine will be restocked, and is the only vending machine in the game that sells milk. Milk is available in chocolate, plain and full cream (whole). All milk bought from this vending machine costs the usual 100夢.


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